How to add bigger business presence without investing in more space

When it comes to your building, you want to make sure that it looks professional without going overboard. You want it to give yourself enough space for natural growth, but don’t want so much that it looks empty. The type of space you develop will depend on how big it is in terms of staff and global presence. However, if you’re aiming to give your office a bigger business presence, there are ways of achieving it without having to invest in any more space. Here are some examples.

Partner with other businesses

If you think that your business is ready to expand, one of the potentially fruitful things you can consider is actually partnering with other businesses. This is a great way of increasing your consumer pool without having to actually invest in more space. Not only will this give you a fantastic opportunity to enjoy new collaborations, but it may also give you the chance to visit your partners’ office and learn about their business’ practices. It’s a great opportunity to build up your business presence and may actually encourage others to collaborate with you in the future.

Virtual Offices

Another way to give your company the appearance of having expanded, without incurring any additional costs, is to invest in a virtual office. A virtual office from Be Offices is a flexible workspace that provide a combination of different services, technology and space capabilities. This means that whilst you may not own the office, you can get your work done by just paying a fee. You can work remotely but still get a business number that relates to the office. This can show your customers that your business is expanding as it is now available in several cities

Find a Commercialised Area

Whilst you may not have the funds to actually expand your business, you might consider moving to a more commercialised area (such as a shopping centre or street full of shops.) Whilst this may increase your competition, it will also help you get noticed by more customers, especially if you sell a unique e-commerce product. Just remember that whilst this may seem like you are “sizing down,” you are actually putting yourself more into the public eye. So, it should help you expand faster.

Divide the space you have

Take a look at the space you already have, or, if you are moving offices, consider what your new space will look like. If you want to make it look more professional, don’t be afraid to try and divide it into different purposed areas. You may want to divide meeting rooms with glass walls, a reception, break rooms or even a computer lab. This depends on how big your office is and the type of staff you need to keep your business up to speed. Either way, it will give your company’s office a finished look, and is bound to impress anyone who comes to visit you – especially potential investors or partners.