How to Create SEO Reports the Right Way

SEO reports are used when analysing a website to see its performance in search engines. Usually, the report should include keyword rankings, backlinks, and other SEO metrics. When creating such a report, the client should be the focus, and they should be able to understand it. It is, therefore, your duty to create a report that is easy to understand and that your client finds useful. Have a look below at some tips to help you create a stellar report.


Determine Client Objectives

Business owners have different SEO goals, such as increasing traffic, increasing overall sales, or perhaps improving their engagement. Consequently, it is crucial to sit down with your client and outline what their goals are. By doing so, you can help them understand how their goals will affect their business overall. This way, your client will know what to expect and give direction for the SEO report to take.

Build SEO Strategies to Reach Your Goals

An SEO report created the right way, will feature a plan on how to achieve the goals using SEO strategies such as improving the keyword rankings to increase a client’s website overall search traffic. It is also essential to add the strategies you have used and how effective they have been. When conducting any SEO reporting, ensure you highlight a set plan of action to match the onsite metrics.

Establish KPIs to Include in the Report

There are different key performance indicators (KPIs) that can be used to evaluate and analyse the success of a website. KPIs must be measurable; therefore, show the results in numbers that are measured and tracked over time. Examples of KPIs include:

Traffic – Clients will want to know where their traffic is coming from, whether it is direct traffic from the search engines or through referrals.

Engagement – Include the bounce rate in the report, and time spent by users on the website.

Conversion Rates – This will show your clients the effectiveness of your SEO strategies, and whether it has led to increased sales, downloads, etc. on their website.

Keyword Performance – Clients will want to know the keywords that are performing well and boosting the success of their website

Page Speed and Site Performance – These KPIs are essential to include in the report as they will help to understand whether your client’s website’s SEO ranking is high due to fast page speed, or low due to slower page speed.

Build and Share Your Report

Building SEO reports can be done automatically, using a software, or manually, which may take a longer time. It is essential to also include a conclusion at the end of the report, that wraps up all that is in the report. Once the report is done, ensure it is comprehensible, especially to your client. It should also be in the right format and structure. Once this is all done, the final step is to send the SEO reports to your client.

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