How to ensure your office is properly protected

There are numerous different ways in which to ensure your office is properly protected, from installing CCTV to keeping all valuable documents in a safe, secured location. An office is an extremely important part to your business; not only being the hub of its work productivity, but also an access point into many different important documents and other valuable associated assets of the company.

This therefore makes an office one of the most vulnerable parts to a business, as it provides an access point for potential intruders to cause damage to the company, whether this be important information on business transactions and other sorts of sensitive information or costly damage to the physical property of the business within the space.

Ensuring that your office is properly protected is very important in the protection and further success of your business. Through this piece, TechRound will be exploring some of the steps you can take to properly protect your office.

Great ways to protect your office

Of course, the way in which you protect your office will vary drastically dependent on the nature of your business, and therefore what your office space is like. However, there are some general methods in securing your office that can be applied to all manners of organisations. Below is a list naming some of the top ways in which to protect your office:

  • Installing intruder alarms.
  • CCTV and lighting.
  • Have a secure place to lock away all valuables.
  • Laptop/computer locks
  • End-of-day lock-up routine.

Ensuring that all of these measures are applied around your office can go a long way in protecting your office. Although seemingly simple, all of these methods are quick and effective ways to help improve security measures in your business.

Installing intruder alarms


Installing alarms is an extremely effective way of discouraging intruders such as thieves from entering your office’s premises. There are many different types of alarms you can get for your office, all with different additional features. It’s best to have a browse of the different options available to your business and pick one accordingly to ensure you get the best system for your office.

If at all possible, making sure that some of the alarms are visible from outside the office can also act as a deterrent for potential intruders, ensuring minimal chance of people attempting to break into your business’s working office space.

CCTV and lighting


Alongside intruder alarms, other effective ways of deterring people from breaking into an office are installing visible CCTV and having lighting on throughout periods where the office is empty. This will not only act as a deterrent for potential burglars and vandals, but can also help to identify and catch any intruders who do end up breaking into the office.

Have a secure place to lock away all valuables


Whether virtual or physical, having a secured area in which to put all sensitive data, documents and valuables of the business can greatly help in protecting your office, and furthermore your business. Whether you use a physical safe or a secured, online platform, ensuring that there is sufficient security surrounding the most valuable and sensitive aspects of your work is of the utmost importance when it comes to protecting your business.

Laptop/computer locks


Technology is often a vital, yet expensive, component to any business. Installing both virtual and physical locks on all pieces of technology around the office can help to ensure that such a valuable part to your business is hard to steal during in the event of a break in.

Virtual locks include the likes of passcodes to access the laptops and computers. Physical locks include those similar to bike locks; attaching the computers to secure, immovable object in the office such as a desk that has been bolted to the floor. Both forms of locks are incredibly effective methods to help properly protect your office.

 End-of-day lock-up routine 


Although a seemingly simple tactic, ensuring that office is correctly locked up at the end of the day is a basic yet effective way of increasing the security of the office overall. Implementing a closing checklist for those shutting the office at the end of the day can help to ensure that the work space is always locked up properly, thereby reducing the risk of any potential break-ins, and subsequent damage to the office space and furthermore to the business.

Integrating these simple yet effective methods into your office’s security can go a long way in protecting your business from harm. For more information on all things business, click here.