How to Find the Most Secure Password Manager

Every business in the modern world uses passwords for something. Your employees might have a specific username and password that they use to log onto your collaboration system every day. They may also have passwords to remember for their corporate email addresses, the software they use for work, and countless other tools. 

Unfortunately, with so many credentials to remember, it’s easy for some employees to get a little lazy with their security strategy. Many team members end up using the same password for everything they do online, which significantly harms your business security. A secure password manager can make life easier for team members by ensuring they just need to remember a single word to unlock all of the technology they need. So, how do you find a manager that’s suitable for you?


Consider Specific Needs

First, you’ll need to think about the kind of regulations and guidelines that are particularly crucial in your industry. Password management is all about security, so checking on the level of safety provided by your system is a must-have. Most enterprise-level systems come with advanced end-to-end encryption, to ensure the absolute safety of your business. However, it’s also important to check for roles-based permissions and administrator controls. The best technology will give you the freedom to adjust what your team members can do based on their role in your organization. For instance, you might allow members of your IT team to change the email security credentials for other team members. 



In today’s fast-paced and digitally evolving landscape, most companies use a cloud based solution for password management. A flexible environment in the cloud often means that you can provide complete password protection to your employees across multiple platforms and on various tools. You can also continue to protect your employees whether they’re working in the office or operating remotely. When assessing the flexibility of your password manager, be careful to ensure that anything you want to invest in will work properly with your existing infrastructure. For instance, the best systems could auto-fill credentials on web browsers and desktop applications if your employee is logged into their master account. 



Customer Support

The passwords your company uses every day are essential to your success. Whether they’re giving your employees access to valuable tools, or protecting your data storage systems, you need to feel confident that everything is working perfectly at all times. If something goes wrong with your manager, then there needs to be some sort of support available to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. 

Look into the kind of help you can expect from your provider. This could include dedicated case managers who keep an eye on your operations 24/7. The best solutions will at the very least offer a range of ways to get in touch if something does go wrong, including phone calls during business hours, instant messaging, and emails. You might even find a knowledgebase or help center offered by your provider that makes it easier to answer questions and resolve problems on your own.