How To Write a Crypto Press Release

Every industry under the sun has a continual flow of new press releases posted to major news websites. Whether a brand comes out with a new product, a company is getting ready to launch, or new features are on the horizon for an organisation, there’s a press release for almost everything.

Even in the world of blockchain, this remains true. However, there’s one major difference – the speed with which news turnover. Many industries will digest a piece of information for days, if not weeks, before moving on to the next news story. Blockchain, on the other hand, has become used to everything changing at the drop of a hat.

From day to night, major projects can go up in flames, new cryptocurrencies can skyrocket, and new projects can change or reshape the industry as we know it. In 2022, we saw world-leading cryptos like TERRA disappear, FTX implode, and a crypto winter that will impact the industry long into the future.

When writing press releases in this industry, we cannot approach each piece from a traditional perspective. We need to write for a crypto audience, reflecting the speed of the industry in our writing. In this guide, we’ll dive into everything you need to know when writing a crypto press release, making sure you’ve got all angles covered going into 2023.

How to Structure a Crypto Press Release

In essence, a crypto press release captures a range of information about a specific news event and presents it in an easy-to-understand way. Instead of diving into the expansive details of your most recent feature update, you would skim over them and present the general story to your audience.

Most people that read press releases are going to skim them. Skim reading is the most common form of consuming media on the internet, with only very few people needing or wanting to slowly work through everything they read. In our age of information, people don’t want essays – so, get to the point.

Structuring your crypto press release should facilitate easy movement through the piece. You don’t want long blocks of information. Instead, stick to short paragraphs, bullet point lists, and visual information if you can. 

Under your title and date, you want to make sure that your first sentence summarises the entire story. If someone was going to read only one sentence, they should be able to get the whole story from this line. It’s vital to have this at the top, as it will hook your readers in.

Remember, this is short-form and to-the-point writing. A long story introduction won’t get many clicks, and won’t lead to people finishing the press release. Instead, start with a short summary that hits all of the main story points.

From there, you want to move into the main story beats, designating a few paragraphs to explore your main topics. If you can, keep your press release under one page long. Around 300-600 words is a good place to be.

What To Include in a Crypto Press Release

When writing a crypto press release, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Here’s a full list of what you should consider including:

  1. Title – Summarise your news into a title. Try to make it catchy and succinct. 
  2. Date and Time – Include the date and time that the news is being released. This helps to reflect a sense of urgency that people in blockchain love. Many companies will also include a location, although this is quickly becoming less common in the era of remote working.
  3. Company Name – Include your company name in the title and within the first sentence, after the date and time.
  4. Summary Sentence – One short sentence that tells the readers the entire story.
  5. Body – Next, write a few paragraphs that explain your story. Remember to give details about what impact this news will have on the investors or your community. Place yourself in your audience’s shoes – what do they want to know about this news, and why does it matter to them?
  6. Company Information – At the end of your piece, you should have a quick summary of your company, condensing what you do and what you are into one short paragraph. This will give readers any extra context that they need.
  7. Contact Information – Email, contact name, and website; these are the holy grail of contact information that you should include in a press release. 

If you’ve got all these core elements in your release, you’re ready to publish! Congratulations, you’re tapping into one of the best PR methods that blockchain companies have available to them.

Where to Distribute a Crypto Press Release

Even if you write a world-class release, if you can’t find websites to post it on, you’ll be in a sticky situation. An easy way to find sites that accept press releases is to search on Google using quotation marks. Doing this ensures that the results are only directly related to your search terms. Here’s three examples you could try:

  • “Crypto” + “Press Release”
  • “Blockchain News” + “Submit Press Release”
  • “Crypto News” + “Submit News”

These will bring up a range of related searches to Google, helping you to find sites to post on. Alternatively, you can save yourself a great deal of time by working with a crypto press release distribution service. These networks will have a range of connections to leading blockchain news sites, helping to get your press releases exactly where they need to be.

While both are possible methods, the latter is much more effective if you’re looking for fast results. 

Crypto press releases can be a wonderful PR tool, helping to bring attention and familiarity to your project. However, if you stick to traditional formats and standard digital marketing templates, you’re going to bore your blockchain audience.

The world of blockchain is fast-moving, direct, and rapidly changing. To capture the attention of this community, you need to emulate this pace in your writing, passing from point to point in succinct releases. From there, get your releases on leading websites, and the rest will be history.