The Importance of Comfortable Seating When Gaming

There is endless research to show that poor seating when gaming can lead to short-term pain and discomfort as well as giving way to long-term physical health problems. Poor posture can also lead to feelings of tiredness, low energy and fatigue, all of which gives rise to poor focus, low concentration, and worse cognitive performance. This means that your gaming performance can also be negatively affected by bad seating.

Investing in good seating when gaming can make a hugely positive impact. There are many different companies out there offering all nature of seating options from gamers. These range from standard gaming chairs to more innovative and unique seating options for gamers like gamers beanbags, specifically for those who play on console (such as those offered by Luxi Gaming). With so many different options out there for so many different gamers, it is important to understand the merits and potential pitfalls of all options.

More Comfortable

When gaming, you are usually seated for long periods of time. For this reason, it is important to be as comfortable as possible. Specialised gaming chairs are often designed ergonomically meaning that they are designed with your body in mind. This could mean being adjustable, arm-rests, and back support, all to keep you as comfy as possible during your gaming.

Gaming chairs are typically more padded than regular chairs allowing you to cushion different parts of your body. Unlike office chairs, this design facilitates long hours of sitting without straining the body.

Better Posture

It can be very easy to adopt a slouched position when gaming, but this has hugely negative effects on your posture, both short-term and in the long run. If your back is subjected to high amounts of pressure from a bad sitting position, it can cause curving of the back and also has the potential to weaken important muscles which support your posture. Gaming chairs typically have a high backrest and a bucket-style seat for spinal support. This design means that the weight of your back is being fully supported by the chair and those with ergonomic armrests also help to take stress out of your back.

Increased Focus & Better Game Performance

It is largely known that sitting is bad for you and that the human body was not designed for long periods of time spent sitting down. Not only does this lead to potential pain or discomfort at a physical level, it can also impact your mental activity. It has been shown that sitting for several hours a day in a poor position can lead to lethargy, feelings of sluggishness and slower cognitive performance. When gaming, this can be detrimental and can negatively impact your performance.

With gaming chairs, you can adjust the chair to make your body upright and increase blood flow to particular areas. This will result in being more awake and engaged with the game and, subsequently, lead to better game performance.

Support of Overall Health

Gaming chairs contribute positively to your overall health. In younger children, evidence suggests that ergonomically designed gaming chairs foster healthy growth and they will grow up with a better posture. For adults, their long-term postural health will be better and good posture has countless positive effects. The adjustable nature of a gaming chair allows you to sit comfortably, breathe properly, and improve blood flow to different parts of your body. All of this can help combat feelings of dizziness, nausea or light-headedness after long stints of gaming. It also means that your blood will be correctly circulating across your body, from your brain to your neck, arms and legs.