Improving your Office Space Productivity

Offices and places of work can sometime seem dreary, dull and monotonous. There are offices such as those owned and used by the likes of tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Apple that are often seen as the ‘perfect offices’ and the best there can be when it comes to workplaces and work space. In recent times, companies like We Work have sprung up and have capitalised on the desire to work in stylish ‘Google-type’ offices.
Employees at companies offering the highly sought after office spaces of Google and the like are often cited as examples of companies where those working there are made more comfortable and welcome than anywhere else leading to better productivity and improved satisfaction with their place of work.
Whilst coffee, numerous cups of cold water and constantly getting up to get fresh air may give you a little kick and a boost for an hour or so, there are other ways and methods; often very easily achieved that can go much further in increasing productivity, reducing stress and making your workplace so much more enjoyable.
There are a fair few easy and often not too expensive additions that we can all make to our places of work to increase our productivity and generally improve the environment in which we spend so much of our time each day, no matter the office type you spend your days in (for more on the different office types available, see here).
These include things like furniture, standing desks to help those who don’t wish to sit down all day and clear and clean windows; both internal and external to separate rooms and not obscure the view of outside.

Natural Light and its Effects

Letting in natural light is another quick fix to little dips in productivity amongst others in your office, making floor to ceiling windows a potentially productivity boosting addition (Source: Vitrocsa).
In recent times, more and more companies are embracing the simplicity of allowing more natural light into their offices. They have found that this simple practise increases the productivity of staff and reduces burnout of staff over time, as has been the case in the Edge Tower in the busy business district of Amsterdam, which recently won a Global Award for Excellence.

Natural light can make a world of difference

This modern and stylish office in Holland has seen its office’s concept, known as the ‘healing office’ work towards reducing sick leave by up to 30%, increasing staff productivity by up to 20% and even helping employees live longer as a result of the reduced stress and increased comfort on offer.
Most offices today will have what many would call ‘essential facilities and provisions.’ These include things like a kitchen or kitchen area to cook and prepare food, a break-out area offering a more informal setting and a place to mix with colleagues and dedicated conference and meeting rooms for larger gatherings and meetings and to offer a degree of privacy.
So next time you are looking for a way to boost your productivity or that of others that work with and around you, there may not be a need to splash out thousands of pounds on things like fancy coffee machines and a brand new relaxation area, complete with games consoles, new chairs and beer on tap. You may just need to give the windows a clean and embrace the sunshine.