Increasing Productivity For Creative Teams

Leading a creative team is no easy task. As Albert Einstein has said, “creativity is intelligence having fun.” This is why, providing enough space to your creative team will reflect in their quality outputs like fantastic designs, catchy headlines and mind-blowing solutions.

People aren’t machines, so expecting the same rapport every day is impractical. The energy levels fluctuate frequently. However, the truth is the productivity renders growth of the business. Then, how to bring productivity along with creative ideas?

A simple way is to use time tracking software to track the progress of each employee without micromanaging. This article provides you with valuable insights on increasing the productivity of your creative team without them burning out.

Identify Skills Gaps

Each one of your team members has unique talents that could be creatively used for the projects. Understanding their skills will help in allocating tasks. For instance, if one of the creative team members comes up with ground-breaking ideas, then you should provide an opportunity for him to present his skills to the client.

Similarly, the weakness of one person in the team can be tackled by another person who is an expert in that field. In hindsight, working as a team saves time and improves productivity. To accomplish it better, ask each one of the team members personally or conduct surveys and analyse it.

Incorporate Time Tracking Software

Okay, this one is major. Measuring the time utilised on each project will make your employees accountable. It may seem intimidating. But, instigating the importance of time tracking software to your employees would certainly maximise their productivity. Instead of monitoring the team members like a big brother, using a time tracking software cuts down unnecessary wastage of time on filling timesheets every day.

Encourage To Collaborate

Connecting different mindset, people mingle with each other might be challenging. Indeed, it is essential to get the best outcome out of teamwork. To beat the hostility within team members, you can embody team-building exercises like mannequin challenge, a penny for a question and sneak a peek. It adds up fun while dissolving the misperceptions among the team members. As a result, you will witness creative ideas from your team that impels productivity and involvement towards work.

Use Project Management Tools

Using a project management tool would save an unimaginable amount of time as well as assist in organising the project effectively. Following up with daily tasks seems un-trackable. However, with the use of the right project management tool, you don’t need to underline too much. Everyone in the team will get to know about the status of the project without a hitch.

Provide Thoughtful Feedback

To come up with a perfect idea, it takes time to think. So, allocate time in advance for finding inspiration, framing new concepts. You can spice up this time through engaging sessions like brainstorming and conducting creative workshops.

While doing all this, many ideas pop up. Ask for feedback from each team member. Make sure to compliment the creative team members through public appreciation and incentives for their work. It motivates the credibility of fellow teammates.

Likewise, implementing productivity strategies like five-minute meetings will brief about tasks for five minutes. Moreover, spending less time on meetings will reduce chaos and enable the employees to occupy their tasks for the rest of the day.

Update Break Routines

Everyone needs adequate breaks to refresh their mind. You can provide refreshing break room ambience for your employees like framing the infrastructure to allow natural light into the room.

From 10-minute coffee breaks to long lunch hour discussions, create a friendly environment to refill their creative well. Even, offering a work from home option would bring up productivity as there is no necessity to commute. Building a creative team takes time, yet following these strategies, you can get the desired upshot in practical terms.