Luxury Eyewear Alert: Auerbach & Steele

Here on TechRound, we love companies which display innovation and creativity, which is why we are very interested in Auerbach & Steele. They are a leading optical and eyewear store based in London and online, established in 1996. Situated only a few minutes walk from the luxurious area that in Sloane Square, they have private consulting rooms, a technical workshop on site and an impressive array of spectacles and sunglasses for your viewing and buying pleasure.
Auerbach & Steele provide state of the art equipment for eye examinations as well as beautifully crafted designer eyewear. Their aim is not only to make you look and feel great in your eyewear but also promote the healthiness of your eyes. Their website states:

Our aim has always been to combine the highest standards of clinical care with some of the best spectacles in the world. We care about the way you see and the way you are seen”.

What do they offer?


We all know how important the health of our eyes is, and Auerbach & Steele make sure this is a priority so their eye examinations are always conducted by fully qualified optometrists and the most up to date and advanced equipment is used.
With their technology, they are able to scan the anatomy of the eye and store these images in your personal record which can be viewed upon each visit.


Contact lenses

The optometrists at Auerbach & Steele have over 60 years of experience with fitting contact lenses and are fully qualified to give advice about lens care. Furthermore, they only support and supply contact lenses from branded manufacturers.



The collections at Auerbach & Steele are one of the really defining features. They offer a Children’s Range, a Handmade Collection and a Bespoke Collection.

The children’s eyewear range is designed to be stylish, safe and comfortable. As it may be daunting sorting your child out with glasses, their opticians will provide all the technical and fashion expertise you could need to find the perfect pair.


From the Handmade Collection


The handmade and bespoke collections are exactly what they say on the tin. Both collections offer a wide range of styles and colours to choose from which are all beautifully crafted upon request.