Home Security: How to make your house secure with your cellphone

In today’s world, we seem to use our smart phones for everything from making calls, socializing, gaming research shopping and even home security. Combining use of your mobile phone with the correct products, means that you can put together a functional and affordable home security system.
Home automation is being increasingly used around the world. You can now control your lights or even your coffee machine from your smart phone. One of the first things that you need to do is to ensure that you have a good signal. If you don’t then it is important to install a mobile phone signal booster.
A good signal strength is important so that it reaches every part of your house to make sure that your security alert system is always functioning. Here are a few ways that you can use your smart phone for home security.

Live streaming digital CCTV cameras

In days gone by the CCTV cameras of old used to record tapes or hard drives. With technological advances, they are now able to record straight to Cloud. This makes them even more secure and gives almost unlimited storage spaces for recording. It is also possible to live stream from your home straight to your mobile phone.
This will allow you to check your home any time you wish. A signal booster will also ensure that your home security systems will always be able to communicate with your mobile phone.

Set up a Cameras using your old smart phones

Many of us have old smart phones in the drawer at home. It is possible now to use your old phone as a sensor and your current phone as a monitor. It works so that if your old phone detects motion it then sends a video of what triggered the sensor to your current phone. You can even set up an old phone in a specific place to just send a view of say your front door entrance.

Smart phone Security Apps

Some of the apps that are available to download are Salient Eye and Canary. These will help set up your security system. You can receive alerts on your mobile phone even if you are in another country. These apps will also allow you to notify someone else if assistance is required. Canary even has a built in Siren which you can through your mobile phone set off at your house.

Other advantages of controlling home security through your Smart phone

When you are away on holiday you can use your mobile phone to arrange for lights and music to be switched on and off making it appear someone is at home. If need be install a signal booster to ensure that all parts of your house are able to receive a strong signal.
Automatic garage doors and gates can be opened or closed and can also disarm the system at the same time. The motion sensors in certain areas of your home can trigger the alarms and lighting to be turned on and off when motion is no longer detected. Best of all once you have set up a home automation system linked to your phone you can wake up and ensure that the coffee machine will switch on automatically!
Remember that the best monitoring equipment for your home is the one that you have access to. You always have access to your mobile phone.