A Guide To Manchester Venture Capital Firms

Manchester, a city famous for its friendly people, world-famous football team and bustling centre is also home to nearly two thousand high-growth companies.

In fact, according to Beauhurst, Manchester is the country’s biggest tech ecosystem outside of London, with over 500 technology businesses operating in the region.

Because of this density of innovative companies, it’s no surprise that Venture Capital firms are looking to Manchester to find the next big thing, with many setting up business there.


What Do VCs Look For In Companies?


Venture capitalists (VCs) look for a number of key things before deciding to invest. These include:


Scalability and Market Potential

VCs are particularly interested in companies that have the to grow quickly at scale. They look for big markets that a startup can disrupt and innovate in.


Strong Management Team

Another key factor is the strength of the company’s management team. VCs look to invest in teams with strong track records, good industry knowledge and high resilience. The team’s ability to drive the company is often times more important than the business idea itself.


Manchester’s Famous Startups


Manchester is home to a number of well-known startups. Some of the most well-known startups from Manchester include:

  • Evergreen Life – A healthtech company that allows people to manage their personal health records.
  • Push Doctor – A healthtech startup that helps people access online consultations with doctors, allowing for more quick and efficient medical care.
  • Prevayl – A sportswear company that combines biometric data collection with its clothing, to give people more accurate health insights when exercising.
  • Peak – A company that uses AI to help business optimise their operations across multiple business areas.

5 Manchester Based VC Firms To Watch


Praetura Ventures


Praetura Ventures launches first evergreen fund - IFA Magazine


Praetura Ventures looks to support entrepreneurs with strategy, development, and funding, typically investing between £1 million and £15 million per venture.


DSW Ventures


Venture Capital from Smart Entrepreneurs - Early-Stage Venture Capital


Specialising in seed and scaling startups, DSW Ventures typically invests from £300,000 to over £2 million in startups across the UK.


GC Angels


GC Angels | GC Angels


Part of the Growth Company, GC Angels invests in early-stage founders across the UK, offering to provide guidance and network as well as capital.


B7 Ventures




Focused on the FMCG supply chain and agrochemical industries, B7 Ventures began in 2012​ and combines its knowledge of the industry with capital, to give its startups the best chance of success.


KM Capital


KM Capital | Investments and Ventures


KM Capital operates in Manchester and London and looks to invest in early-stage companies across various sectors​.




Manchester has become a centre for ambitious entrepreneurs across the UK. The city’s strong tech ecosystem provides a great environment for growth, backed by venture capitalists in the city.

As these companies and firms continue to innovate and invest, Manchester is sure to have a bright future in the startup world.