Am I Eligible For a Mis-Sold PCP Finance Claim?

The FCA’s recent investigation has found that over 500,000 British consumers had been mis-sold Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), and could be eligible for a PCP claim or compensation worth up to £10,000. If you were charged more than 4.9% APR, you may be eligible for a claim and you can check your eligibility with TechRound below for free!


Could I Have Been Mis-Sold PCP Finance?


Mis-selling does not come in one form, nor does it mean you’ve been charged excessive interest. There are various ways that PCP providers swindle consumers. If any of these seem to align with your experience of PCP, then you could have been mis-sold to:


  • The fees, total cost, and interest rates attached to your PCP contract were not clearly explained to you. 
  • Your seller offered you less competitive rates than you should have been offered.
  • The seller failed to explain how vehicle ownership operates during your PCP agreement.
  • You were not told about the mileage limit tied to your contract.
  • You were sold a loan when your seller knew it was unaffordable for you.
  • Your lender neglected to tell you about alternative financial products.
  • You were pushed to buy add-on insurance, which you did not need.
  • You were not told that if you damage the vehicle, you will incur high charges.



How Does the PCP Claims Process Work?


  1. 1.Submit your claim online with TechRound for free
  2. 2. We will come back to you and request further information about your claim
  3. 3. We will process your claims application with our legal partner who will professionally package up your claim for a refund
  4. 4. You will receive a decision in 2 to 8 weeks and you will receive one large lump sum in compensation is successful


Key Points of a PCP Claim: 


  • Over 560,000 consumers have been victims of PCP mis-selling and could be eligible for up to £10,000 in compensation. 
  • The average claimant receives around £3,000 in compensation. 
  • Mis-selling takes shape in many forms, such as being charged inflated interest for the personal gain of the PCP provider. 
  • If you think you have been mis-sold PCP in the last ten years, you are eligible to make a claim. 


What is Mis-Sold PCP Finance? 


Over 90% of car purchases in the UK in March 2022 were made using PCP, but what is it? 

Personal Contract Purchase or “PCP” is a form of credit which allows consumers to purchase vehicles without having the funds to buy it outright – hence its popularity. Borrowers usually make a deposit of around 10% or 20% of the car’s on the road value and then pay a monthly fee for a period of around 36 to 48 months (3 to 4 years)

While the borrower is paying off their PCP loan, the vehicle they are paying off is not theirs. However, once they reach the end of their repayments, they are presented with the option to make a ‘balloon payment.’ This payment is usually the value of two months’ worth of debt, and if made, it will transfers the ownership of the car to you and you will be the 100% owner.

Mis-sold PCP finance occurs when you commit to a PCP deal from the car dealership or broker but the fees were not clear, too expensive, there are hidden fees or if additional products such as insurance was pressure sold to you. In fact, a lot of people fall under this category as dealerships aim to yield the most value from customers – and this lack of transparency in the market means that you could be eligible for compensation.


What is The Eligibility For a Mis-Sold PCP Finance Claim?


  • You were charged more than 4.9% APR
  • You find the rates or fees charged were unaffordable
  • It was within the last 10 years
  • You were charged hidden fees or fees that you were not aware of
  • You were pressured with add-on insurance
  • First hand and second hand vehicles accepted
  • Being in arrears on your payments is accepted
  • Have correspondence or paperwork and records of your PCP finance agreement
If any of the above indications of mis-selling apply to your situation you could be entitled to up to £10,000 in compensation and you can submit your claim for free with TechRound today.
If you have correspondence that clearly demonstrates that you were pushed into a certain contract, or pressured to buy add-on insurance, then this evidence that will certainly be helpful.

However, plenty of victims of mis-selling simply explain what happened to them. They outline the terms they were offered, what they were told by their PCP provider, and what they feel they were not – but should have been – informed of during the process. 


How Much Can I Get From a Mis-sold PCP Finance Claim?


Whilst the average motorist can claim around £3,000 in compensation, some people have been able to claim £10,000 or higher.

This consists of any payments that were mis-sold or overcharged and 8% interest compensation on top to the customer.

The amount you can claim will vary on numerous factors including the age and value of the vehicle, the price presented by the broker or dealer and the fees and amounts you have paid up to this point.


Looking for PCP Finance Compensation? What is The Scandal About? 


The FCA noticed that there was misconduct and breaches of integrity in the PCP market. As a result, they launched an investigation into PCP firms, sending mystery shoppers into over 120 retailers to find out more. 


Some Key Findings Include:


  • Only 31% of retailers explained how car ownership works within a PCP arrangement. 
  • Only 28% of retails outlined the total cost of PCP for the borrower, and failed to explain how missed payments are dealt with. 
  • Between 560,000 victims, around £300 million was paid in unnecessary interest payments. 



mis-sold PCP claims
The FCA is now working to curb this misconduct, and investigations are being made by the Financial Ombudsman Service to provide compensation for consumers who were mis-sold PCP.


How Can I Make a Claim For Mis-sold PCP Finance?


Start your claims journey using the TechRound form provided above. Enter some basic details about your vehicle, when you purchased the car and any information about your Personal Contract Purchase agreement. The more information you can provide, the better. Our legal partner will be in touch shortly to discuss further with you.


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