Best Mobile Forms Automation Software

What is Mobile Forms Automation Software?


Mobile forms automation software digitises data capture by automating the creation and management of digital forms. This enables the creation of a variety of forms, often using a drag-and-drop form builder, such as checklists, work orders, surveys, contracts, client-facing documents, and internal company records.

Mobile forms automation software helps you to streamline the workflows used by your teams. The software enables companies to efficiently and accurately collect data that can be integrated into existing databases.


To qualify as a mobile forms automation software, a product needs to:

  • Allow for the creation and distribution of digital forms using customisable templates and a form editor
  • Offer integration capabilities with existing applications and databases
  • Set up rules and permissions to assign creation, editing, and approval rights to various users
  • Store forms in a searchable, centralised repository


Compare Top 5 Mobile Forms Automation Software:

TechRound has curated a list of the top mobile forms automation software available for your business in 2021.


1. Forms On Fire



Forms On Fire allows you to digitise your forms and workflows using its cloud software. It has an advanced, rich mobile data collection and workflow system which allows you to work offline and get the latest versions of your most important things – like forms, data sources, documents and tasks – on whatever device you’re using.


2. Fulcrum




Starting at $22/$28 per month billed annually/monthly respectively, Fulcrum makes mobile data collection and forms automation easy. The leading cloud-based no-code SaaS platform digitises mobile data collection, provides data-driven insights, and automates workflows. Fulcrum provides for more than 2,000 organisations and 30,000 users.

3. iAuditor




At no cost for up to 10 users, iAuditor is used by over 25,000 businesses worldwide. The software captures inspection data in real-time.


4. ProcessMaker





ProcessMaker is a low-code workflow automation platform that empowers users to quickly design and deploy solutions to complex workflow problems. Starting at $2,479 per month, the software enables users to automate process, reduce bottlenecks, deliver digital agility, and connect and extend third party systems.


5. GoFormz



GoFormz allows you to easily and quickly digitise your forms and processes. The software enables you to convert existing forms/documents into identical digital versions.


Why Does My Business Need Mobile Forms Automation Software?


Mobile forms automation software creates and transfers your documents remotely, both online and offline. Other benefits of this software include: improved productivity, team collaboration, and a time reduction in data collection.


How Much Does Mobile Forms Automation Software Cost?


As visible from our Top 5 list, the cost of mobile forms automation software varies drastically from free (iAuditor) to $2,479 monthly (ProcessMaker).


Can I Get a Free Trial of Mobile Forms Automation Software?


Many software companies offer free trials. This allows you to test out the functionality of that specific mobile forms automation software before committing to payment.