Most anticipated trends for online casinos in 2023

We’re past Halloween, and analysts turn to the upcoming year. The casino industry has grown immensely in the last few years, and the most extensive expansion was in the online casino business. New online iGaming platforms pop up daily and help shape the latest trends. 

Online casinos’ ability to adapt to fast-growing markets and new trends can mean the difference between success and being left behind. Here are some of the most anticipated trends in the online casino industry in 2023. 

Fintech options broaden no registration casino business

Like mobile tech and broadband internet contributed to online casino expansion, various fintech products open up the plain field for no account casinos. Users can come to the platform and play without registration. Instant casinos are possible because of the banking platforms like Trustly that are connected to your bank account. Casinos don’t need your personal information because credentials are stored within the payment platform so that you can jump to your favorite slot machine in no registration casinos instantly.

More live games

The online casino industry is relying heavily on new tech. Casinos are often first on the bandwagon and use technology to drive growth. Games with live dealers are a great example. Mobile broadband and smartphone devices are now powerful enough to facilitate live streaming from traditional or no account casinos. Games with live dealers combine the convenience of the online casino and interactions and social components from traditional brick’ n mortar casinos. Games with a real live dealer are a trend that will expand in 2023, and we will see more in this famous game category. 



More people on mobile and wearable tech

Mobile phones will continue to overtake other platforms like laptops, tablets, and desktop PCs as the primary device. However, at this point, there is no drawback to playing on a smartphone because developers often design games with a mobile-first mentality, and there is no actual difference between desktop and mobile gaming experience.

Along with smartphones, online casinos are coming to wearable tech like a smartwatch, and we could see more smartwatch casino apps.

Is this the year for AR and VR

We already have some Virtual Reality games, but it is still not a prevailing trend. The biggest obstacle is client devices. People don’t have VR headsets. That said, there is a growing demand for VR online casino games because they elevate the experience and can transform the industry by creating immersive gameplay. VR could be the next milestone for live dealer games.

AR gaming is a trendy topic with less traction so far. Augmented reality mixes the real world with the virtual, so we can see real players communicating in a virtual casino. In 2023 we could expect more development for AR, but it will not yet become mainstream.

Crypto casinos

As cryptocurrencies become more regulated worldwide, we will see the crypto casino business expand. Already a significant niche within the iGaming industry, casinos that accept Bitcoin and other digital tokens as payment methods will expand. Essential advantages of crypto casinos are anonymous play, low fees, and fast transactions. On the other hand, the volatility of cryptocurrencies is the main drawback.