Opinion: Why Marketing on Social Media is So Important

Social media now days is the most interactive form of technology to market your business on, with 4.48 billion social media users around the world which is 57% of the world’s population. Using social media to grow your business is essential, the audience you will be opening yourself up to is crazy. There are many different elements to look at when marketing on social media in order to get the most out of your campaign’s, for example knowing your audience, who you are wanting to purchase your product/service. Below we will talk about why it is important to market your business on social media.


Grow Affordably 

Social media platforms allow you to grow in a cost-effective way whether you’re a small or larger scale business. You can create paid campaigns for as little as £3 a day which still provides return on investment. By investing little money to start off with is a great way to see what works for your business and what doesn’t, you can then alter your campaigns to see which ones provide the highest levels of engagement without spending silly amounts of money, it’s all a learning process.

Facebook Ads are a great way to help you reach the right people and to meet your goals. People go to Facebook to explore and share their interests; your potential customers are out there on the app it’s just a matter of finding them and these ads will allow you to do that. Ads will result in increased traffic to your website as people who are interested in the products featured on the social media post will click through to your website to indulge deeper into the products and to find out more information, therefore could possibly search the wider website to see other similar products they are interested in as well.

Also, Facebook have a page feature called ‘Facebook shop’ where customers can view and purchase products directly from a specific post, making it more accessible for customers to convert, hassle free. For companies with a more flexible budget you have the option to engage with a range of agencies such as Mr Seo who can provide insight into where your marketing spend should be spent to ensure this is efficient. 


A chance to tell your brand story 

Storytelling is the most captivating technique to engage your followers and customers, allowing you to convey your story in a way you want your brand to be perceived. Authenticity builds trust and this brings new business and loyal customers who make repeat purchases and then recommend to a friend, the possibilities are endless. This can be a trigger of conversation around your business, customers will feel a personal connection with your business which therefore creates value to your services/products, giving your potential customers a reason to purchase. This also sparks interaction on your social media accounts, allowing you to understand your customers and creating a relationship based on trust, this can be achieved by a simple Q&A on your Instagram stories. 



Showcase your products effectively 

Instagram is the best platform to achieve this. Allowing you to post aesthetically pleasing content, catching the attention of your potential customers and showcasing your products in the best way possible. Think of it as if you’re a model presenting your portfolio at a casting. Also, as part of your Instagram feed you can post customers photos which works like a review, potential customers can see that other users are purchasing, and it builds engagement within the community.


Collaborate with influencers

Social media influencers are so big right now. The best way to market your business on Instagram in order to build awareness around your brand, key to drive word of mouth. Reviews are everything, every potential customer will look at reviews before deciding whether to purchase, this could be the deal breaker, having popular high engaged influencers sharing your products allows you to reach a wider audience. Influencers have the power to affect their followers’ buying habits because of their authority in a specific area such as fashion or technology. You would expect to see an increase in sales once an influencer has posted on their feed, providing they have a substantial number of followers.

55% of consumers learn about brands through social media, if your business is not using social media to market or not using it effectively, the most likely outcome is that those consumers are likely to find your competitors first, I hope the above advantages have inspired you or given you some tips to get started with social media.