Top 10 Outsourced Customer Service Solutions

What is an Outsourced Customer Service Solution?

Outsourced customer services allows for your daily customer service enquiries and tasks to be handled elsewhere, helping you to run more efficiently and often save money in the process. By taking this approach, you do not require any advisors or staff specifically in-house, since everything is managed by a company at another location who are taking calls and responding to enquiries on your behalf – offering a smooth and seamless experience for the customer

An outsourced customer service solution will use their agents to handle inbound and outbound calls and non-verbal communication with customers. This includes answering calls, live chat, social media responses, letters, complaints handling and more. You may pay a daily rate or fee for every agent you require – but providers in this space are very affordable and can be a strong addition for any business.

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TechRound has curated a list of the Top 10 Outsourced Customer Service Solutions available for your business in 2021.


1. Confero



About: Confero is a leading UK call centre that helps you to service, acquire, and retain customers. Confero is open 24/7 and offers bespoke inbound and outbound call centre services.




Confero was established in 2001, with an aim to differentiate as a mid size outsourced bureau service, and deliver first time customer resolution. With FCA authorised status, DMA membership and comprehensive GDPR compliance in line with ICO standards, Confero ensures that client’s data and financial information can be safely processed.

By outsourcing your call handling and customer service strategy, Confero takes care of your brand 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Whether you’re a fast growing SME, or an established blue-chip, Confero’s teams will design a customer journey that strives for first time resolution on every interaction.



2. All Day PA



About: All Day PA answers calls for all types of businesses to give them the time to focus on what they do best. They have over 600 dedicated staff members that handle over 250 million calls, for over 24,000 clients, 24/7.




All Day PA offers a complete call handling service, with unsurpassed experience. All Day PA has over 20 years of experience that is backed by a £15m investment in state-of-the-art call handling technology, spread across three separate contact centres to ensure a fail-safe service, even in the event of power cuts.

All Day PA is a family business, where more than 400 highly trained and motivated people ensure that users get a high quality service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


3. The SaaSy People



About: The SaaSy People partners with growing businesses that want to ensure that they continue to provide a consistently high level of support for existing customers, whilst continuing to attract new customers.


saasy people


Founded by Reece Couchman, The SaaSy People handle all of your customer support enquiries via the channels you choose, at the hours that suit you. Their teams are online 24/7. The SaaSy People ensure that your existing customers retain a positive impression of your business and become your own brand advocates.

They handle your customer support enquiries and share their industry knowledge and best practice, becoming your trusted adviser about supporting your customers. The SaaSy People can implement additional channels for your customers to contact you via, and also implement processes like customer satisfaction surveys to ensure the service they provide is always up to standard.

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4. CallCare



About: CallCare is a UK-based, multichannel support, contact centre solution. Acting as a seamless extension of your own internal team, they ensure complete customer satisfaction, allowing you to focus on doing your job to the best of your ability.




CallCare can be as involved in your customer journey as you’d like. Whether you want to outsource your calls to CallCare out of hours or need extra cover when the volume is unmanageable, they always serve as an extension of your company, providing the same quality, professional service. You can choose between benefiting from our hundreds of highly-skilled operators or choosing a smaller, dedicated team who will quickly become an integral addition to your own internal team.

CallCare works in close collaboration with you to create effective processes and efficient systems, in order to ensure maximum success and growth for your business.  They offer their own specialities, skill sets, and vast industry expertise, to guide and help you to become the best you can be. CallCare looks to free up your time to focus on core operations and provide a competitive advantage for your business through an unparalleled customer experience.


Why Should I Get Outsourced Customer Services for My Business?

If you have the headache of managing several calls and complaints everyday, it can be draining important resources from your business and taking time away from the important things that you and your team do best.

Whilst you may have a team of customer service agents in-house, it can be more cost-effective to use an outsourced team – especially if they have expertise in this field and know how to handle customer calls professionally.

An outsourced team can answer all your calls, emails and complaints on your behalf and because they are well trained and up-to-speed, your customers won’t even know the difference. Plus, you benefit from having a team that is available at all hours, including evenings and weekends. Any engagement with customers is integrated with your technology such as Zoho, Google or Amazon – so you can keep a full track of any queries and stay on top of everything.



What Can Outsourced Customer Service Centres Do For Me?

Helping with inbound and outbound queries, a specialist customer service team can help you with:

  • Phone call queries
  • Telephone answering service
  • Phone receptionist service
  • Complaints handling
  • Refunds management
  • Debt recovery and collection
  • Telesales and marketing
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Dialer management
  • Claims handling
  • Social media responses
  • SMS responses
  • Email responses
  • Direct marketing including letters
  • Automated test results

and more!


How Much Does Outsourced Customer Services Cost?

The rates for an external customer service team are very reasonable – since it is just a few pounds if the company is answering a few phone calls here and there, and this can be good if you are using the product as a receptionist service or if you are looking at hiring a virtual assisstant. With someone like TieTa, you can acquire staff members on a day rate, from around the £130-£150 rate per day or a little higher, depending on their expertise. So you can confirm how many staff members you require per day or per week and scale up or down according.

A lot of plans are tailored based on the needs and requirements of your company, so be sure to request a quote according to your needs.


Can You Get Outsourced Customer Services in the UK?

Yes, there are now plenty of professional customer service teams based in the UK, whereas traditionally this was associated with the Far East such as India, Philippines or even in South Africa.

Our list shows a number of superb companies based across the UK, Wales and Scotland, so you can have peace of mind that the advisors are native english speakers and working on the same timezone too.

This makes the transition very seamless from taking your customer services in-house to outsourcing it – and you have the option to go and meet the team of advisors too if you would like!


What Industries Can I Use Outsourced Customer Agents For?

The best sectors for outsourced customer advisors are certainly for dealing with high volume calls, queries, complaints or refunds. This includes retail, communications, financial products, insurance, eCommerce or even health testing. Especially with the use automated SMS messages, emails and calls, using outsourced centres for medical screening, covid-testing and other clinical work is certainly useful!



5. MoneyPenny



About: MoneyPenny is the leading outsourced provider of brilliant customer conversations to over 21,000 businesses of all sizes. They have perfected the art of providing businesses with amazing, detail-oriented people super-powered by their own market-leading software.




MoneyPenny recruits for attitude and matches you with individuals who complement your business, so you can be sure they’ll truly reflect how you want to interact with customers. They provide world-class training ensuring that the team brings a smile to every interaction in order to enhance your service provision and ensure customers returning.

MoneyPenny gives your business the optimum amount of technology, blended together perfectly with the very best people. From instant caller recognition, volume-reducing intelligent speech technology, CRM integrations and more; all of MoneyPenny’s systems are built in-house and maintained so they function seamlessly in your environment for the ultimate customer experience.


6. Remote CoWorker



About: Remote CoWorker is an experienced team of experts that have established roots while working with Filipino VA’s. It was a response to seeing both the proliferation of jobs that do not get filled with the correctly skilled VA people and, virtual professionals that apply for projects solely because they are available.


remote coworker


Remote CoWorker aims to leverage their experience and contacts to ensure that you and your business are able to keep up with the daily challenges that any business faces. Offloading your tasks to  Remote CoWorkers allows you to delegate tasks that consume a lot of your time, enabling you to focus on what is important to the operation of your business.

Every task and every interaction with you is an opportunity to add value to your business and increase your business potential. The Remote CoWorker team will ensure that all of your processes are followed and your Remote CoWorker will always deliver on what is expected of them.


7. Unity Communications



About: Unity Communications aims to consistently help clients grow and be successful, while providing superior leadership and customer service. They serve startup clients to fortune 500 accounts and have proven results to help them grow.


unity communications


Whether it’s customer service, operational efficiency, back office work or sales, Unity Communications’ innovative team tackles each new challenge with creativity and insight. Founder and CEO, Patrick Brown, led Unity Communications from startup to an international organisation that works with clients globally.


8. SupportYourApp



About: SupportYourApp is an outsourced customer service company that was originally founded in Kyiv, Ukraine but now operates all over the world. They have a decade of expertise in delivering an excellent 24/7/365 third-party customer service in 55 languages to over 250 businesses all over the world.




SupportYourApp offers the coverage of all of your preferred means of communication — such as phones, chats, emails. They can integrate with the most popular chat and phone systems, which makes their services smooth and flexible to suit all of your business needs.

SupportYourApp hires, on-boards and takes care of training the support consultants that are the most suited for your particular needs. Their customers are as involved in this process as they want to be. There is no SupportYourApp without customer focus, which guarantees a superb customer care outsourcing solution.


9. The Contact Company



About: The Contact Company adds value for clients by working as trusted partners to manage and develop their customer contact processes. They remove unnecessary obstacles, avoid needless jargon, and save businesses time and money.




CEO Asif Hamid MBE launched The Contact Company in 2006. The company was formed to provide exceptional service and drive cost efficiencies for businesses seeking a UK-based outsource customer service facility. The Contact Company delivers economies of scale for their clients, whilst sharing best practice, to ensure it, and its clients, remain at the forefront of the customer service industry.

The business has grown exponentially in its first ten years: from a small start-up employing just six people, to a large, private sector employer. The quality of service and value delivered by The Contact Company has been a driving force behind the growing number of organisations bringing their outsourced business to the UK from overseas.