How to Make a Plevin Claim – Am I Eligible For Compensation?

Following the PPI scandal, you can now claim for something called Plevin. This is the commission that was added to every PPI claim and if this exceeded 50% in commission, you could be eligible for several hundred or thousands of pounds.

In fact, the FCA reported that there are more than 1.2 million potential Plevin cases in the UK, with typical commissions being around 67% or even as much as 80%. So you can claim for the additional commission that you were charged and 8% compensation on top.

Best of all, there is no deadline (like with PPI) and you can check your eligibility in less than 30 seconds through our partners from Claims Bible.


How To Make a Plevin Claim


Step 1: Make an initial enquiry with Claims Bible in less than 30 seconds – entering just some basic contact information

Step 2: You will hear back from our partners and they will request further information to be submitted via a law firm.

Step 3: You will get a response within a few weeks and receive your Plevin compensation paid to your bank account if successful!


Why Use TechRound To Make a Plevin Claim?


→ No win, no fee

→ Free to apply

→ Submit your interest in 30 seconds

→ Get feedback and your claim paid out in just a few weeks


Am I Eligible For a Plevin Claim?


  • You have never claimed PPI
  • You purchased a credit card through MBNA or Capital One (high success rate)
  • Your PPI claim was rejected (around 1.2 million people)
  • You had a PPI refund but did not include the Plevin commission
  • You bought PPI before 6th April 2007 and it is still ‘open’ after 6th April 2008
  • You bought PPI after 6th April 2007


What is Plevin and How Is It Related to PPI?

Back in 2019, you might remember the TV commercials run by Arnold Schwarzenegger reminding us that we had until August 29th to get a PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) claims in for a compensation claim. This resulted in a total of £36 billion which was paid out to those that were mi-sold the insurance policy since the 1980s.

This wasn’t the last time that the banks and courts would hear about PPI mis-selling. Many lenders added huge amounts of commission as part of the total PPI premiums without consumers knowing about it.

In 2009, the Competition and Markets Authority published a report that showed that the commission could be between 40 and 80 percent of the premiums paid by the consumer, when 50% commission should have been the absolute maximum. In fact, the average commission charged was around 67%.

A supreme court ruling was made in 2014 and was for a commission-only claim, thanks to someone called Susan Plevin who put her case forward. This became colloquially known as a Plevin claim.



What is Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)?

Payment protection insurance (PPI) was an insurance policy that was connected to products where you borrowed money – such as have personal loans, car finance, credit cards, or mortgages. The goal of PPI was to protect and cover your repayments if you lost your job or got sick and were unable to repay your debt.

It came under many different names: Account cover, loan care, credit protection, account cover, payment cover, and many other names.


How Was PPI Mis-sold?

A big issue was that staff were highly incentivised to sell PPI in order to get high commissions. This led to many policies being mis-sold because of the uneven power balance between the seller and consumer. Furthermore, there were many situations where they were unable to claim after they had bought the insurance, particularly amongst the retired and self-employed.

The industry for mis-sold PPI exploded, with a total of £36 billion being reclaimed by customers. Due to heavy advertising to help people reclaim, the FCA put a deadline in place which ended in 2019.

With Plevin, there is no deadline and the opportunity to claim is unlimited.


How is Plevin Different to PPI?

Plevin claims are only about the percentage commission that you might have paid to your broker or lender that wasn’t made clear when you first took out the protection. In the case of Plevin, it won’t look into whether the PPI was missold or not but will focus on the level of commission that was paid out. In this case, if the commission was 50% or more or the amount you paid then you might be eligible.

Lawyers have argued there is no deadline for Plevin claims because it is different to the scheme that was introduced in 2011. They claim that this falls under the Consumer Credit Act of 1974 as unfair treatment to customers.


plevin claims compensation

Do You Need a Plevin Claims Template?

If you are looking for a plevin claims template, our partners at Claims Bible have prepared one for you that you can complete and submit to your bank or provider in just a matter of minutes. Operating on a no-win, no-fee basis, the team of solicitors will submit your claim and you should hear back in a few weeks if your compensation was successful and you will receive a successful refund.


Need to Speak to Our Plevin Solicitors?

Our partners at Claims Bible are made up of a number of plevin solicitors who have been successfully processing claims for the last few months. The team can package your case so that it is in the best position to be refunded, with the average payout worth between £300 and £1,000. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.


What Information Do I Need To Apply For a Plevin Claim?

To apply for a Plevin claim with TechRound, you only need basic contact information and our legal team will be in touch to request further information, this includes:

  • Dates of the financial product and when it was purchased
  • Any supporting evidence or documentation


How Much Are Plevin Claim Compensation Payouts?

The payout for Plevin’s compensation depends on the level of commission that was charged in the first place. You can claim back any commission that was over 50%. For example, if you paid 70% commission then you could receive a 20% refund on the money that you paid. The typical claim ranges from £300 to £20,000.

For a typical personal loan of £10,000 over 5 years, a Plevin refund would be around £500 returned back to you.

Which Banks Can I Claim Plevin PPI Against?

A huge range of high-street lenders and banks are involved in Plevin. In total the number of PPI policies is estimated to be around 64 million and over £35 billion has already been paid out. If you have had a mortgage, loan, or credit card with any of the following financial institutions you could have a Plevin PPI claim.

  • Barclaycard
  • Barclays
  • Black Horse
  • Capital One
  • Co-operative Bank
  • EGG
  • Halifax
  • HSBC
  • Lloyds
  • M&S Bank
  • MBNA
  • Mint
  • Natwest
  • Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)
  • Santander
  • TSB


Frequently Asked Questions About Plevin Claims


Can I Still Make a Plevin Claim If I Didn’t Get a PPI Refund?

Yes – if your claim was unsuccessful then you can submit a compensation claim for Plevin. This is if your claim was rejected before August 29th 2019. You can also submit a Plevin claim if you won your PPI case but didn’t get any money back.


Can I Apply For Plevin Compensation Even Though I Did Get a PPI Refund?

Yes, with Plevin you can make a new complaint, even if you received a PPI refund already. The reason for this is that the complaint is based on the level of commission, not the product that was mis-sold. So if you had a successful PPI claim, you could claim again with Plevin.


How Long Will My Plevin Refund Take?

A successful Plevin claim can take a few weeks or a few months to be successfully approved and paid out. The more information you have to share, including clear documentation about the products purchased will only help to complete your claim as fast as possible.


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