Best Privacy Impact Assessment Software

What is Privacy Impact Assessment Software?


Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Software helps companies to track, assess, evaluate, report, and track the privacy implications of their data. It facilitates the operationalisation of the PIA process in order to reduce the amount of time taken conducting PIAs. The tools also assist companies in complying with regulation such as GDPR.

PIA software helps businesses create privacy-by-design through detecting privacy risks like the exposure of personally identifying or sensitive data. PIAs are comprehensive evaluations of a company’s privacy risks.


In order to be included as a Privacy Impact Assessment Software, a product must:

  • Have built-in workflows allowing cross-organisational collaboration
  • Include reporting functionality
  • Offer templated and customisable PIA questionnaires
  • Provide a dashboard to view PIAs in progress


Compare Top 5 Privacy Impact Assessment Software:


TechRound has curated a list of the top Privacy Impact Assessment Software available for your company in 2021.


1. Smartsheet



Smartsheet is a leading cloud-based platform that empowers teams to actively plan, execute, and report on work at scale. Starting at $14 per month, Smartsheet gives users a solution that is flexible. Over 90% of Fortune Top 100 companies use Smartsheet.


2. OneTrust



OneTrust is the fastest-growing company on Inc. 500 with over 10,000 users. It has over 150 patents and starts at $500 per month.


3. TrustArc




TrustArc delivers privacy frameworks, intelligence, operations, insights, and knowledge. Starting at no cost for users, TrustArc provides the depth of continuous privacy intelligence as well as a fully-automated platform for end-to-end privacy management.


4. Tugboat Logic


tugboat logic


Tugboat Logic removes the misery and mystery from security and compliance. Starting at $400 per month, Tugboat Logic provides a flexible, reliable, and holistic InfoSec solution.


5. Ethyca




Ethyca makes compliance with privacy laws such as GDPR scalable, complete, and simple. It helps to free up your compliance team to focus on your larger privacy picture.


Why Does My Business Need Privacy Impact Assessment Software?


PIA Software offers a systematic assessment that helps to identify the potential privacy implications of a project on individuals. It then sets out recommendations for minimising/eliminating and managing said impact. Using a PIA Software product can help to ensure that your business remains compliant with regulation such as GDPR, and that you are always using the best practices.


How Much Does Privacy Impact Assessment Software Cost?


As with all types of software, the cost of PIA Software varies quite drastically. For example, in our Top 5 list, TrustArc starts at no cost for users, whereas OneTrust starts at $500 per month.


Can I Get A Free Trial Of Privacy Impact Assessment Software?


Many PIA Software packages offer free trials to users so they can test out the functionality of the software and suitability for their business before committing to payment.