Protecting Your Business – What are the Options?

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, providing all nature of services, products and solutions. Some businesses have large, dedicated premises of operation whilst others use smaller, more bespoke premises. However, no matter the nature of the business and the premises or offices used, security is one of the most important aspects to consider when setting up and subsequently running it.
Cyber security and cyber insurance are increasingly important with high profile and high-level hacks causing millions of pounds of damage to businesses every year. Traditional and physical security solutions though also remain important and ensuring your business, assets and premises are as secure as they can be is more important than ever before.

It is paramount that the company you use to secure each aspect of your business is accredited, trusted and reputable in the security industry. For example, if your business is located on large industrial premises where there may be various access points for potential intruders to use, you may require heavy steel security doors for your premises to make sure unauthorised entry is as difficult as possible.
Or, if the business is based purely online, you will likely need to invest in state of the art cyber insurance and security solutions to keep you safe and protected at all times and from all necessary threats.

Electronic Security

This encompasses a large number of options for your business, all of which have their merits and pitfalls. Moreover, some are better suited to specific premises or business types and will therefore be preferable in some cases over other options:
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras – CCTV cameras are one of the most tried and tested security solutions for properties. With many options of camera types available, CCTV can be monitored remotely or may be monitored on site or centrally by a security guard or central company. the major benefit to CCTV is that it captures everything on film which can be used as evidence to secure stronger prosecutions should any crime or anything untoward occur. Furthermore, the sight of a camera is usually enough to put off any opportunistic trespassers or burglars as they are instantly picked up on camera.

CCTV is a great security option

Intruder Alarms – Used widely both commercially and residentially, intruder alarms are one of the best deterrents available. These alarm systems come in various forms and may be monitored or unmonitored. Monitored intruder alarm systems will be managed by a central alarm company which will be able to alert the police should the intruder alarm system be triggered. They are also able to contact any dedicated point of contact such as a keyholder or dedicated security personnel to alert them to the alarm activation.
With regards to intruders, alarms draw a lot of attention to the breached premises should they enter and trigger the sensors. Additionally, the sheer sight of the company’s alarm box on the property will often put off opportunists who will favour easier, less protected properties over those with alarm systems.

Access Control Systems –This includes entry systems and ‘swipe’ systems often seen in large corporate premises and places that are open 24 hours a day. By only allowing entry to those with valid credentials; a code, fingerprint or key card, there is very limited access. Furthermore, those who do enter and exit can be monitored via the capturing of data from their method of entry (for example their code).

Physical Security

The oldest methods around, physical security literally puts barriers between potential intruders and trespassers in order to prevent entry and to make any trespassing as difficult as possible:
Fences and Doors – Specialised security doors and protective measures for windows, doors and access points such as grilles are hugely effective in staving off intruders. This is particularly true for vacant properties such as a commercial premise left empty whilst awaiting panning permission or new tenants. The entire perimeter can be easily and quite cheaply secured by putting high and strong wooden or metal fencing in place. This makes entry very difficult from the outset.
Security Guards and Dogs – Arguably the most effective method in preventing intruders and in removing unauthorised people from the premises having trained security guards and/ or dogs is a deterrent in itself. These measures though also allow the swift and efficient removal of anyone who does make it into the premises when unauthorised to do so.

SIA accreditation is important for security

Security guards, particularly those licensed by the UK Home Office via the Security Industry Authority (SIA) will be trained to an accredited level. SIA accreditation and training provides them with vital security skills such as conflict management and a degree of self-defence to protect the premises.
Likewise, guard dogs are a deterrent to intruders and they are able and trained to not only detect, but also chase away and detain any unauthorised intruders and trespassers.