Reasons for Job Agencies to Use an Applicant Tracking System

Applicant tracking software is designed to help recruitment agencies do their job better. They enable recruiters to manage the wealth of applicants for a job or temporary position, which used to be tackled using index cards or later, ad hoc spreadsheets at a pinch. Thankfully, as technology has massively improved, it’s now possible to use special software for recruitment consultants who require improved tracking ability.

Allocate Time Where It’s Really Needed

Losing time trying to track everyone in your database and those applicants who have been referred to which open job listing is the bane of recruitment consultants. Beyond a basic few applicants, it can quickly become a balancing act that’s hard to maintain. Instead, by using an applicant tracking system by, who have a CRM designed specifically to meet this need, consultants and employed recruiters alike can stop feeling like they’re juggling endlessly. Lost time trying to keep up with all the moving pieces is regained back too. The linked blog outlines the benefits of such a system.

Cross-Platform Job Postings

Adding available job listings to several job listing platforms is something that a recruiter is responsible for. To do that, it’s usually necessary to access each platform individually, which is time-consuming. By using a CRM for recruiters, it’s possible to distribute across multiple online platforms in a time-efficient manner within the app itself. No more delays with posting a job listing because there is not enough time in the day.

Better Communication Between Colleagues

A CRM designed for agencies often includes digital tools for communicating between colleagues. This cuts down on unnecessary phone calls and emails. When recruiters are sharing the responsibility for filling an important job posting or one recruiter has someone who looks good for a job that another of the company’s recruiters is handling, they can discuss it through the CRM app. Communications are recorded for reference and notes can be included in the record too.

Speeds Up Decisions

Moving away from old systems and into newer, more efficient ones means recruiters can fill positions faster. Because of the avoidance of confusion, the high visibility of all open job roles, and who’s been put forward for each one, smart recruiters can act quicker and with greater clarity too. In a growing agency business, this allows high-performing recruiters to take on more job postings. Both the firm and the recruiters can financially benefit from the greater efficiency at this point.

Improved Reporting

Using an accurate CRM for recruitment provides greater oversight potential for managers to see how their recruiters are performing. Visually seeing the number of open job listings, how many applicants have been put forward, and the average time to fill a job are all useful statistics. Managers can better assess how well a recruiter is doing and where there are areas for improvement when armed with this type of reporting facility. Using an applicant tracking system is worth it for people working in the recruitment field. It’s also better for their clients and people who apply for positions too.