Sell iPhone 8 in 2020 Before Christmas Offers Start

Knock knock! It’s festivity.

Christmas and 2021 are just around the corner.

It’s time to bid goodbye to your current iPhone and welcome the new.

The thought of how to sell my iPhone 8 is hovering across your mind, and your eyes are set on one of the new and fascinating iPhone 12 or economic SE models.

Attempting to sell iPhone 8 before the discounts start pouring in is an excellent proposition to opt for.

This quick piece is intended to let you know about the best practices to sell your iPhone at the highest.


Selling to a Buy-back Company:

The easiest and quickest way to sell your iPhone is to get in touch with the used smartphone buy-back services. Though there’s some element of minor risk involved if your phone isn’t in the same condition that you claimed. You may not get the agreed price, and in some cases, the deal could also go for a toss. However, it does minimise the time and efforts when compared to selling it on B2C marketplaces like Craiglist, eBay etc.

There are traditional trade-ins offers from Apple and buy-and-sell marketplaces that you could consider researching. However, before you invest any time, it’s a good idea to visit websites that compare UK-trade in values at multiple online and brick-and-mortar stores.

There are marketplaces that show the price-lock duration, payment methods, and prices based on your iPhone’s condition. The store policies may vary from store to store.




Trade Your iPhone For Credit Towards a New One:

It’s like going back to the source while cutting the middleman out. It could either be Apple or the big-box retailer. Both offer services where you can actually barter for a new handset in lieu of the existing.

If you’re on time and lucky, you can actually grab a solid trade-in deal.

Apple’s iPhone trade-in platform offering Apple Store Credit makes owning a new iPhone easier and affordable. Though it has got a reputation of offering reasonably competitive prices, however, you must do your homework to spot the best for you.

The flip side of the Apple program is that it doesn’t factor your phone storage while buying back. It essentially means that an iPhone with 64 GB will have the same trade-in-value as another one with 256 GB as far as the storage is concerned. Shouldn‘t we call it ridiculous?


Sell It Yourself:

Finding your end customer by yourself will perhaps fetch you the best price. However, selling it at marketplaces like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craiglist has its fair share of risk and hassles.

The biggest challenge is that in a market of a mixed and cold audience, finding the buyer is a slightly hard nut to crack instantly. It needs patience in getting the prospects to show up. Be prepared for flakes.


When is the Correct Time to Sell Your Old iPhone:

The value of your existing iPhone is diminishing every day. Industry experts predict that within 24 hours of a new iPhone launch, the existing models lose up to 30% of their trade-in value.

A quick fact to remember is, if you immediately sell your iPhone 8, you’ll have to be phoneless until the new one reaches you. However, you need not worry though. Majority of the buy-back, trade- in, and companies into recycle of old mobile phones offer you a price-lock or a grace period up to 30 days of your selling. This is sufficient enough to plan in advance and have your new iPhone operational with all the data migrated over. We know you’ll not forget to change your sim card.

A quick checklist to adhere to before handing or dispatching your iPhone 8 would include backing it up on iCloud, turning off “Find My”, resetting factory settings, and removing the sim card.

No brownie points for guessing that an iPhone in tip-top condition will fetch the best price. However, what you may not know is the fact that even if it is in moderately good condition with no visible dents, no cracked screen, scratch-less casing, no water damage, and in a switched-on condition carries a decent value.

If you’re reading this, you already have gained a bird’s eye view about why and how to sell your iPhone 8 before the festivity ropes in, in few weeks. If you add a bit of research into this, you’re good to go to look for the best way that brings you the best resale value for your iPhone 8.