Reliable Ways to Send Money to Australia from the UK

With countless options of how to send money to Australia, it is not always easy to know where or how to start. Online banking allows for quick, hassle-free methods to send money smoothly from the UK to Australia in a matter of minutes.


How To Send Money to Australia from the UK

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) estimates that there are approximately 138,00 Australian-born citizens residing in the UK. The UK is a popular choice for Australians choosing to locate within Europe, offering state-funded healthcare, top universities and a great job market. As such, there is a a high demand for sending money to Australia from the UK.

There are numerous ways in which you can send money to Australia to from the UK – reasons range widely can from sending money, making overseas mortgage payments, to family to paying remote employees. Whether you are looking for the best exchange rate, no-fee transfers, or high-speed transfers, there are countless services to choose from to match your needs as well as budget.


ProviderTransfer AmountFeeSpeedVisit Site
OFX£100£0.501-4 Business DaysGet a Quote >>
TransferWise£100£0.92Instantly - One DayGet a Quote >>
XE£100£0Same dayGet a Quote >>


Methods of Sending Money to Australia from the UK


Sending Money to Australia via Net Banking

One of the most common ways to send money to Australia from the UK is net banking. You can initiate the transfer of a fund directly from your personal bank account through the website of the money transfer company. Banks however charge a service free for this kind of transaction, which can be particularly costly if you are sending a large sum.


Sending Money to Australia via Mobile Payment Services

Mobile payment services are gaining popularity, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.


Sending Money to Australia via PayPal

PayPal has launched an international money transfer service, known as Xoom. You can send money through a PayPal transfer to another account or for cash pickup or in the form of a bank deposit. It must be remembered however that this is not a free service and does incur an interest rate cost. It can initiate and fulfil a transfer within minutes.


Sending Money to Australia via Online Transfer

Online transfers from the UK to Australia can be made through the website of countless money transfer companies such as TransferWise. This allows you to initiate an online transfer from your personal bank account any time of the day and directly connect to the money transfer company’s account. Typically, these transfer sites exist in the form of apps too, so that you can easily transfer while on the go.


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Sending Money to Australia via Western Union

Western Union is a widely-used transfer method when sending money overseas, completing more than 800 million transactions in 2018. Western Union offers flexible solutions giving you the three options; to send money online, via mobile payment or in person. The recipient can either choose receive the money directly into their bank account or can collect the cash from a choice of 5200 locations.


Can I Send Money to Australia via Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency may one day offer a simple and affordable way to transfer money overseas to Australia. However, it is not currently the safest way to transfer money internationally and is advised against.



You can send money to Australia instantly with services such as TransferWise


Can You Transfer Money to Australia For Free?

The majority of services charge a fee per transfer. Depending on how much you want to spend and the speed in which you would like it to arrive, the service charge can vary. TransferWise, OFX and Xoom all offer cheap service fees but interest rates and currency rates do apply.


How Long Does It Take to Send Money to Australia?

A main concern of those wanting to send money is reliability – how long will it take to reach the recipient? The average transfer time from the UK to Australia via online bank transfer is 0-2 business days. Considering the two countries are situated at opposite ends of the world – this is a pretty good compromise! Some sites, like TransferWise promise instant transfer.


What Do You Need to Transfer Money to Australia?

Typically, when sending cash abroad, you will be asked some questions by the transfer service provider. This includes asking if you’re sending money to friends or family, or as part of a business transaction. Further details that you must provide include name, bank details and photo ID. Most transfers also require some details regarding the recipient including their contact and bank details.


Is it Safe to Send Money from the UK to Australia?

Services such as the ones mentioned above are a safe way to send money from the UK to Australia. These sites are FCA regulated and approved. This means that the law requires them to keep your money safe by storing it in a low-risk financial institution. Whichever service you choose, always check that you have a record of their FCA enrolment number. Be sure to avoid any services that cannot provide this.

It should always be remembered that there is always an element of risk when sending money abroad. However, FCA-approved services pride themselves on ensuring the safe transition of funds. Experts recommend to never send your password or security information over email. If something seems suspicious, please report it and check with the FCA if in any doubt.