Low-Cost Ways to Send Money to Poland

There have never been safer, more efficient and more cost-effective ways available to send money to Poland from the United Kingdom.


How To Send Money to Poland from the UK

Polish is one of the most common non-British nationalities in the UK making up a total of around 1.4 million in 2019. Conversely, there are around 2,500 Brits living and working in Poland. This figure is estimated to be much higher due to unregistered incomers. Subsequently, there is plenty of demand for sending money from the UK to Poland.


ProviderTransfer AmountFeeSpeedVisit Site
OFX£100£0.501-4 Business DaysGet a Quote >>
TransferWise£100£1.11Instantly - One DayGet a Quote >>
XE£100£0Same dayGet a Quote >>


Methods to Send Money to Poland from the UK


Sending Money to Poland via Online Money Transfer

There are many online services available for transferring funds to Poland. These tend to offer the best exchange rates. Services such as TransferWise are widely recognised for low transfer fees and the best exchange rate between the British Pound and the Polish zloty. In addition to TransferWise, Azimo and Remitly are also known for their fast and cost-effective methods.


Sending Money to Poland via PayPal

PayPal payments to Poland are supported by Xoom. However, Xoom makes money when converting the payment meaning that it is not the best exchange rate on the market. Additionally, you will incur a transaction fee.


Sending Money to Poland via Bank Transfer

Sending money to Poland directly via a bank transfer from a UK bank account is not generally advisable as it works out as less cost-effective. This is due to the comparatively low exchange rates offered. Also, the transfer charges tend to be very costly.


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Sending Money to Poland via Western Union

Western Union is one of the most widely-used methods for international transfers. They offer the option of sending money online, via mobile payment or in person. The recipient can, in turn, receive the money directly into their bank account or can collect the cash.


Can I Send Money to Poland via Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is technically legal in Poland, despite not being considered a currency unit.



Send money to Poland for as little as 0.37 GBP per transaction


Can You Send Money to Poland For Free?

Money transfer services are never completely free as they always involve some form of transaction fee or exchange rate. However, many of these are extremely low. Sending money via TransferWise is one of the cheapest methods on the market. Per transaction, there is a flat fee of 0.37 GBP + 0.45% of the amount that is converted. Thus, the more money sent, the higher the transfer fee. Remitly also offers cheap services but with a flat fee of around 2.90 GBP.


How Long Does It Take to Send Money to Poland?

Depending on the service provider that you choose to transfer money to Poland, funds can arrive into the specified account instantaneously. Remitly offers an express service, for an extra fee, which means funds can arrive to the recipient instantaneously. Bank transfers tend to take longer at around 1-3 business days.


What Do You Need to Send Money to Poland?

For any online payments, you will need all relevant login details and possibly a card reader. Bank transfers often require a form of photo ID as well as a valid payment method (debit or credit card).


Is it Safe to Send Money to Poland from the UK?

You should always be careful when sending money internationally. One of the most important factors is FCA approval as it ensures that the accounts are safeguarded. With any legitimate company, you should be able to find their FCA details on their website. Be extra careful when sharing any confidential information such as passwords, especially in phone and email correspondence.