Best Sensitive Data Discovery Software

What is Sensitive Data Discovery Software?


This software enables businesses to locate sensitive data such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI), Intellectual Property (IP), Payment Card Industry (PCI) data, and other important business data. This helps businesses to uncover the location of their important data, and comply with industry regulatory standards such as GDPR. The software is usually used and managed by information security teams in a business.

The software solutions search structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data stored in on-premises databases, email servers, applications, websites, cloud storage, and more. This can be achieved several ways: manual surveys (managed through workflows), or via automated discovery tools. The software shares similarities with several other tools such as DLP software, database security software , privacy software, and data-centric security software. This software is usually offered as a native function of these tools.


In order for a product to be classed as Sensitive Data Discovery Software, it must:

  • Facilitate compliance ti common industry regulatory standards such as GDPR
  • Monitor data stores in real-time to search for newly created sensitive data
  • Offer contextual search functions
  • Provide automated data discovery tools.


Compare Top 5 Sensitive Data Discovery Software:


TechRound has compiled a list of the top Sensitive Data Discovery Software available for your business in 2021.


1. Egnyte




Egnyte provides the only unified cloud content governance platform for $10 per employee per month. It is unified across apps, devices, and repositories, and powered by a combination of human and machine-generated metadata. Egnyte helps more than 17,000 businesses to gain a 360-degree insight into content.


2. OneTrust




OneTrust is the top fastest-growing company on Inc. 500. Over 10,000 customers use OneTrust, and it is backed by 150 patents. Prices start at $500 per month.


3. DataGrail




DataGrail untangles the complexity of data privacy and helps brands build privacy programs. It includes over 900 pre-built connections with popular apps. DataGrail is backed by leading VCs and strategic investors such as Operator Collective.


4. Nightfall




Nightfall utilises machine learning to identify business-critical data, and integrates with cloud apps such as GitHub and Slack. It supports data security and compliance to regulation such as GDPR. Nightfall saves you time and keeps your business safe. Free trials and demos are available.


5. IBM Security Guardium Data Protection




IBM Security Guardium Data Protection enables security teams to protect and monitor their data. It provides automated sensitive data discovery and classification to help improve security and compliance with regulation.


Why Does My Business Need Sensitive Data Discovery Software?


This software will help your business to ensure you are adhering to all relevant regulatory rules such as GDPR by locating your business’ sensitive data.


How Much Does Sensitive Data Discovery Software Cost?


As with all types of software, cost can vary massively. From our top 5 list, OneTrust starts at $500 per month, whereas Egnyte starts at $10 per user per month.


Can I Get A Free Trial Of Sensitive Data Discovery Software?


Many companies offer free trials of their products to enable users to test out their functionality before committing to payment. From our Top 5 list, Nightfall offers a free trial.