Simple Ways to Reduce the Costs of a Small Retail Unit

Cutting costs and maximising profits are priorities for any successful retail businesses that have physical stores, but it isn’t always clear on how you can do this without compromising on the customer experience, and the safety of your employees.

Use Space Efficiently

Rather than renting or purchasing a retail unit based upon its floor space size, check the walls and ceilings to plan how you can use these areas to display products or show how you can offer your services. By making use of all the space that a retail unit offers, you won’t have to fork out extra money for a bigger retail unit if your business expands, as you can use fixtures and fittings that won’t take up any more floor space.

Be Energy Efficient

Not only will making your business energy efficient help out the environment, but it will save cash in your wallet too. Simply ensuring that all machines, lights and devices are switched off at the end of the day can mean that no energy is wasted powering something that isn’t going to be used. Before furnishing your retail unit, check that all windows are double-glazed, and their frames or panes are sealed. This will help reduce the amount of energy that is wasted when heating your retail unit.

Finally, consider the lighting system of your retail unit, and whether you can make use of the natural light that enters through the window and doors. You can also save money by using a G9 LED bulb which will reduce your energy usage, but still retain the desired light quality. These bulbs offered by Any-Lamp also come in dimmable lightbulb options, which is ideal if you need less light in summer, and more in winter.

Purchase Second Hand

When looking for ways to furnish your retail unit, try sourcing furniture from auctions and online marketplace websites. You could even try contacting other similar businesses to see if they are getting rid of any furniture that you can make use of.

Even items of poor condition could be revamped and upcycled, getting your creative juices flowing. Some items may just need a fresh coat of paint. Whilst this will take up more of your time, it could save you a significant amount of money because you won’t have to purchase the items brand new. A bonus to this method of furnishing your retail unit is that it means you have something to talk to customers about, and boosts the sustainability of your business by helping the environment.

With these simple tips, we have proved that it is possible to cut down on your expenditure when running a small retail unit to boost your profits and reduce the environmental impacts that your business has on the environment. This is good news for the planet, your wallet and for your customers.