Sky TV Flash Deal Could Cut Your Bill By Almost £200


If you love your Sky TV but are finding the cost a little hard to manage, you can reach out to Sky about their latest Flash deal – which is also available to existing customers. You can save almost £200 a year with a monthly reduction from £45 to £35 for their bestselling Entertainment and Sports package.

Monthly saving

Sky have cut the price of the joint Sports and Entertainment package by £10 a month which makes it just £35 and have also made the deal available to existing customers. You do need to sign up for a full 18 month contract when you take the deal but this £10 saving a month means you will save £180 over the length of the contract.

As it stands the Entertainment package costs £27 a month while the Sports package costs £30. Normally the two are combined for £45 a month. If you happen to just have one of the packages and want to add the other, you will see an increase, but it could be just as little as £5 if you have Sports and want to add Entertainment.

Getting the right package

It is always worth looking at the channels in the package to make sure you will get the use out of them – a deal’s only good if you use it. The package includes over 300 channels and among them is Sky Atlantic where the final season of Game of Thrones is being broadcast in April. It also includes the Premier League matches on Sky Sports for football fans.

The package includes a Sky Q box if you don’t already have one and this gets you access to a range of additional features such as recording shows and On-Demand services. It also lets you access separate subscription services such as Spotify and Netflix through your box – ideal if you don’t have an internet-enabled TV.

The deal is due to end this weekend, but it is worth ringing Sky to have a chat if you are an existing customer to see if you can make the most of the deal. Just call 0843 133 7000 and talk to customer services. Existing customers won’t be charged an early exit fee if they change contracts mid-term to take up the deal.

Other ways to cut your bill

While making use of the Flash sale is a good way to cut back your monthly costs for your Sky package, there are other ways to reduce that monthly bill.

1.Make sure you haven’t duplicated any services

Sky added Netflix to the Sky Q box in November for the first time and this means if you only watch programs on Netflix and not on Sky, you can look to cancel your Sky TV contract. The same applies if you have an Amazon Prime account that allows you to watch their streaming service and then only use Sky to watch on-demand TV.

2. Don’t be afraid to haggle

Sky is well known for being willing to haggle about the cost of their services to keep customers. If you find cancelling is too expensive due to cancellation charges, have a chat with them anyway about the monthly cost and see what can be done to reduce it. They do want to keep their customers and it means they are often willing to chat.

3. Switch to Freeview

If your Sky deal is at an end and you aren’t watching the channels but still want some basic TV access, then switching to a Freeview box might be a good option. There are still over 70 channels available through the package.