Specialist Medical Recruiters

If you want to work in any industry, it may be wise to go through a specialist recruiter to get the best results. Whilst networking and traditional application routes such as graduate schemes will always have their place, it is often worth casting your net that bit wider; going through specialist recruiters for the field you wish to work in. It is also important to understand that the recruiters will never charge an applicant a fee to get onto their books, as their revenue comes from their clients who accept the applicants.
As a business you may be looking for the best candidates in your business’ specific area of practice and expertise and therefore a specialist recruiter may well be a logical option as this will filter out applicants that are not specifically suited and attuned to your sector in particular.
In this piece, we are focusing on specialist head hunters and recruitment agencies who specialise specifically in the industries of psychology, the medical sector and sporting roles.

Psychology Job Recruiters

If you are pursuing work in the field of psychology, going through a specialist recruitment agency may get you where you want to go faster than simply going through a general head hunter or recruitment agency.
Psychology People is a recruitment agency in the field of psychology, and only deals with this industry. They specialise in placing Part Time and Permanent Educational Psychologists, as well as Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners into relevant work.  Each day they are dedicated to supplying workplaces such as the National Health Service, local authorities, the private sector, charities and the social services with suitable candidates, who have been vetted to see where they best fit and if they are genuine.
They also offer a ‘Quick Job Search’ by which you can chose via drop down boxes:

  • Your desired sector (e.g Counselling, CBT Therapist, Educational psychologist ect)
  • Type of work (i.e Full time, part time, temporary, permanent or locum ect).
  • Your location, or desired location by country, city or county. They have jobs outside of the UK, as well as plenty within.
  • Keywords (mental health, child ect)

On their website, they also have a quick link to unspecified current vacancies which are presented in a clear table which expresses; the job title, job type (full time, part time ect) and the location of the role.

Medical Job Recruiters

Similarly, if you are wanting to get a job in the medical industry but do not know where to start, save time and effort typically spent of sifting through general job agencies, and start with specific agencies.
Synergy Medical is a recruitment agency for those looking for jobs in the medical sector. They provide both international and national recruitment services. They offer work to fill permanent, temporary, fixed, long term positions, as well as ad-hoc shifts. They claim to have an extensive database full of qualified and vetted nurses and health care assistants that can fulfil any employers staffing needs, as well as finding YOU work. Think of it like a match-making sites for medical professionals.
Synergy Medical recruitment also offer a quick search box from which you can select (via drop down boxes):

  • Your sector (Nursing, Doctor, Allied Health Professionals)
  • Your location in terms of city or county, in a certain country
  • Type of work (Permanent full time, permanent part-time and Temporary or Contract)

They also have a quick link for employers who are looking for staff, for example qualified nurses, to take on. And a section on their latest jobs at present to quickly browse.

Sports Industry Recruiters

If your desired industry is the sports sector, it can be hard to find specific jobs in this field without the constant result of ‘PE Teacher at a local school’ popping up when using a general recruitment agency. A head-hunter/recruitment agency that we recommend for finding work in the sports industry is GlobalSportsJobs. They are a leading specialist in “digital media and talent acquisition platform for the international sports industry”.
GlobalSportsJobs offers job-seekers in the industry all the latest career opportunities from all over the world. They offer anything from entry-level roles to senior management positions, as well as permanent, temporary full time and part time work. Their quick search allows you to type in the kind of role you are after, for example a ‘marketing manager’ and where, for example Berkshire, England or more generally ‘Europe’. You can also subscribe for ‘Job alerts’ to get notified when new roles matching your requirements – which is a great feature.