Startup Ideas

Some Startup Ideas

Selling through virtual stores: Selling items or goods through an online store such as Shopify or Etsy

Online coaching: Can you sell your services through Fivrr, Upwork or Udemy?

Affiliate sites: Write about and sell products online, earning referral commission for every sale. Examples including fashion, make up, books and clothes.

Something sustainable? Plastic is out and alternatives are in. Straws, cups, bottles, recycled products, fashion to name a few.

New food ideas: Vegan, coconut, lactose free, gluten free meals, snacks or drinks. See our top 10 vegan startups

Become an influencer: Fitness and gym, fashion, parenting, travel or beauty

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Is it your dream to set up your own business and be your own boss? Well, what is stopping you? For many, the desire to set up their own firm is much-longed for, however, they lack a fundamental idea that helps them get the startup off the ground. When the market is getting ever-more competitive, this can pose a bigger challenge than ever before. If this sounds a little bit like you, don’t worry! We’ve anticipated this potential issue you may have, and have put together a guide on potential startup ideas and opportunities for you so you can get the ball rolling.


Sell Things Through Virtual Stores

Are you great at art and design? Then why don’t you take a look at setting up your own virtual stores, such as through Etsy or Shopify? The great thing about both these sites is you essentially have your very own e-commerce site without having to deal with the hassle (if you do not have the expertise) of having to do coding in order to set up an online shop.

Thinking up an idea for a startup is no easy feat. However, our list may help you get your business off the ground.

Wondering what sort of art or crafts-based business you could set up? Why not think about macramé items?  This has become a growing trend in the last couple of years, and there is definitely a demand for these kinds of products online, especially with millennials. In fact, you could look at creating plant hangers out of macramé, mixing two hot trends in 2019!


Online Coaching

Ever thought about getting into online coaching and consultancy work? It could well be your next startup. With consumers becoming ever more reliant on online, on-demand services, the rise for online coaching has risen dramatically, with people wanting to gain access to services they may have traditionally gotten face-to-face.

Find online coaching jobs through selling course on Udemy, People Per Hour or Upwork.


Affiliate Sites

Wondering what affiliate monetisation is? This refers to when a business pays you money if a user ends up clicking on your website, and then having done so buys a product, so you then end up receiving a commission of the sale. You could profit by setting up your own e-commerce site, and link buys buttons to the firm paying you, or linking through an online blog and receiving affiliate revenue as a result. You could earn a commission upon a sale on a huge variety of different products, such as:

  • Fashion
  • Makeup
  • Books
  • Holidays


Sustainability Startup

People are becoming more and more environmentally aware, understanding that we need to do everything we can to protect our planet. Therefore, tapping into this trend (but also creating a firm with a long-term, worthwhile purpose) you could create a sustainability startup. For example, why not create a firm that focuses on inventive plastic alternatives that could appeal to a broad market?


New Food Ideas

We’ve seen the gradual rise of plant-based foods in the last few years, and in 2019 this is something that is definitely going to continue. Veganism is absolutely going mainstream, so why not make the most of it? Perhaps you can think of the next big plant-based protein trend that everyone is going to go crazy for! Or, maybe you will decide to open a cafe or restaurant that is aimed at providing a particular service, such as only dairy-free food, vegan, or organic food.


Instagram Influencer

Perhaps you might decide to make money by becoming an Instagram Influencer. After all, there is serious money to be made if you are successful at turning social media into a business! You might get sponsored for products per post, worth the equivalent to £500,000 in some cases with major celebrities! However, this is the main caveat: becoming successful as an Instagram influencer may prove to be particularly difficult. You will usually need an established following first before big brands will be willing to sponsor you for posts.


Digital Detox Products

Whilst we all tend to be glued to our smartphones, we are getting more and more aware that it is an addiction that needs to be curbed. In the past year, we have seen the rise in popularity in digital detox apps and technology. Therefore, we believe that there are a number of opportunities for new start-ups to find their feet and come up with a new digital detox product.


Personal Health Apps

Self-care is the words on everybody’s lips these days. As a result, why not look at perhaps creating a smartphone app that is based in healthcare?

Ever thought about creating your very own smartphone application as a startup idea? Research the market and see what you could come up with.

With every obsessed with self-development and their health these days, it could be very successful.


Luxury Pet Care

A growing sector is still very much the pet care industry. After all, it is estimated almost half of UK households own a pet. Furthermore, it was recently revealed that in 2017 alone, over £4.62 billion was spent on pet-related products across the country! One of the great things about the pet care industry is there so many potential avenues you could go down. For example, you could set up a dog-walking company, or perhaps help people pamper their pets! The options are endless.



Another potential startup option could also be looking at setting at a tutoring business. You could create an app that helps you to monetise your skills, and it is definitely considered to be a booming industry.


Proofreading Services

There is a growing demand for proofreading services across the country. You can help to build a loyal clientele if you manage to be able to have a quick reading speed, as well as having excellent attention to detail.



Starting your own photography startup could be another potential startup company avenue. With so many events that you could be a photographer for:  such as events, weddings or even nightclubs the options are endless! You could decide to specialise in a particular field of photography to help you stand out from the crowd.