Tech And Startups Revolutionising The Hospitality Industry

The hospitality sector, known for providing amazing experiences, is going through a tech transformation.

In fact, in recent years the hospitality industry has been revolutionised by tech and startups, designed to help these businesses grow without losing their personal touch.

From restaurants to hotels, travel and tourism, hospitality is certainly a sector that is ripe for change.

Here, we take a look at the tech and startups that is helping hospitality excel in its experiences.


The Tech That Is Helping Hospitality


Over the past few years, a number of tech advancements have helped revolutionise the world of hospitality – some of these include:


1. Remote Services

Remote services have become particularly popular in the world of hotel hospitality, allowing guests to manage their booking, check-in and even order room services, all through their phones.

In fact, a growing number of hotels are removing the need for concierge services altogether, instead allowing guests to receive a room code straight to their phone. This has allowed many hotels to streamline operations, helping boost revenue whilst still providing a good customer experience.


2. AI Powered Supply Chain Management

Managing a supply chain can be a time-consuming task for hotels and restaurants. Luckily, advancements in AI are helping to cut this down by generating automated orders for hospitality businesses.

Not only does this help businesses reduce food waste, it allows them to streamline ordering – ensuring they never run out of goods that they need.


3. New POS Systems

As businesses with a constant and steady cash flow, it’s no surprise that hospitality companies are looking for new ways to accept payments. The evolution of contactless technology has allowed them to accept payments in a number of ways, making it more inclusive for customers. In recent years, QR technology has even allowed customers to generate their own bill split, meaning servers can spend more time engaging with customers and less time with finance processing.


4.  Blockchain for Secure Transactions

Blockchain technology is being used to make payment processing more secure and reducing the risk of fraud for customers. By storing and processing data on the blockchain, instead of one single computer, it also means businesses themselves are less likely to be hacked.


5. Data-Powered Guest Feedback

Collecting and acting on guest feedback is an important element of hospitality. With the evolution of AI, companies are now able to analyse reviews more quickly and implement quick, data-driven changes. This not only allows hospitality businesses to better understand what their customers want, but also allows them to make quick changes that will boost their business.



5 Hospitality Startups


1. TrustYou – Guest Experience AI


TrustYou - Hospitality Technology Hub


TrustYou is a company that empowers hospitality businesses with data around guest sentiment.

The company collates sentiment through multiple guest surveys to present businesses with actionable ways to improve their hospitality experiences. Using insight-led data, the company is a game changer when it comes to building trust and enhancing guest experiences.


2. Cloudbeds – Hospitality Property Management




Cloudbeds provides businesses with an all-in-one database to run their properties. The database allows them to manage bookings, streamline operations and grow revenue.

The database acts as a 360 system that can help hospitality business owners manage inventory, housekeeping, finances and more, allowing them to spend more time enhancing the experience and less time on logistics.


3. Yoordi – Leveraging The Power Of QR


Yoordi is a startup that allows guests to order and pay online in restaurants. Using a simple QR code, guests can be their own server, all through one simple QR code.

As serving times and high staff costs can be a big drain on restaurants, Yoordi allows them to increase guest satisfaction with faster orders, provide quicker service and make payments easier all in one go.


4. – Connecting Restaurants And Customers



Tabsquare is a platform that connects customers to restaurants both in-store and online.

For restaurants, they offer ordering and payment solutions, to ensure customers have the best experience in-house. Additionally, they also allow restaurants to take deliveries online and track drivers and orders. By allowing restaurants to do everything in one place, Tabspace is revolutionising the world of food.


5. Duve – Self Check-In App


Duve - Guest Communication - Integrations - Support - OwnerRez


Duve is a self check-in app that allows guests to manage their entire stay from their phones. Not only that they can also upload necessary documents and sign any forms, meaning they arrive to the hotel and just need their key!

Given lengthy check-ins can be a point of contention for guests, apps like Duve allow hotels to run a more efficient and seamless operation.