The Best PC Cleaner Tools for 2021


PC cleaner tools can help give a small performance boost to your computer. While small, this boost is however still noticeable, and can be great for when your device is starting to feel slow, but not slow enough for a hardware upgrade.

Within the world of PC cleaners and optimisers, many lay claim to the fact they can provide computers with a noticeably faster performance. However, it’s important to know that not all live up to these claims.

So, what are the best PC cleaner tools for 2021? Through this guide, TechRound explores just that! Without further ado, here are our top PC cleaner tools for 2021…


TechRound’s Top PC Cleaner Tools for 2021:


  • PrivaZer
  • IObit
  • Iolo System Mechanic
  • CleanMyPC






PrivaZer is a fantastic PC cleaner tool, filled with utilities to help users do the following:

  • Clean privacy files.
  • Remove system junks.
  • Remove temporary files.

On its interface, PrivaZer offers a whole host of features. The sheer abundance of features may seem intimidating at first, however, the service is straightforward and fairly easy for users to get comfortable with.

PrivaZer offers a free PC cleaner and privacy tool, their Privacy Policy states that “We will always protect your privacy. When you use our tools:

  • We will never collect informations about you.
  • We will never collect informations about your use of our tools.
  • We will never use telemetry.
  • We will never attempt to install adware, spyware, or anything that can be identified as malware.
  • We will never change these rules.”






IObit is another PC cleaning tool provider, it’s IObit Advanced SystemCare coming in both a free edition and a “Pro” edition. It’s free version offers the basic house cleaning, while the Pro version offers the following features:

  • Privacy protection.
  • Real-time optimization.
  • Deep registry cleaning.
  • 24/7 technical support.
  • Internet speed-boosting.

IObit, cleans up the files that users don’t need, clears user’s privacy traces and blocks suspicious programs’ access to sensitive user data, all via its easy-to-use platform.



Iolo System Mechanic




Another top addition for this list is Iolo System Mechanic, the tool helping to remove unwanted apps and junk files while cleaning out RAM, logs, caches and browser histories – this all helps to clear browsing activity traces, enhancing your privacy protection.

Iolo System Mechanic offers a free version as well as two premium editions, these being:

  • System Mechanic.
  • System Mechanic Pro.

The System Mechanic package deletes sluggishness-causing junk files, boosts performance in real time, frees up trapped memory, defragments drives, identifies and fixes Windows security vulnerabilities and goes to work automatically when PC is idle.

The System Mechanic Pro find the latest malware threats through advanced AI technology, recycles old PCs safely using military-grade drive-wiping technology. This product can also be used to recover irreplaceable photos and videos, removes the system-hogging bloatware slowing user’s down, all the while decluttering drives, freeing up trapped memory, and boosting performance in real time.






MacPaw’s CleanMyPC offers excellent PC cleaning software, helping PC users to keep their devices running well. The provider claims that “CleanMyPC is more than a PC cleaner – it’s an essential tool that cares for your computer.”

CleanMyPC scans the whole computer, cleaning up any junk files, speeding up the PC and boosting its performance.

With CleanMyPC, PC users can erase their files securely, shredding them and making them unrecoverable – helping to ensure sensitive data is well and truly deleted. This tool also helps users to get rid of gigabyte-hogging hibernation files in a hassle-free way.

With its paid-for service, CleanMyPC also offers 24/7 technical and sales support, instant activation and a 30-day money back guarantee.


! It’s important to note that much of what’s offered with PC cleaner and optimiser tools can be done by Windows users themselves. However this can be a hassle, and what many of these tools then provide is a convenient way to declutter devices.