The Importance of Music Choices in Advertisements

For most people, music is a hugely important part of everyday life. Although people tend to have differences when it comes to music style and taste, music has a unique ability to connect people and has the power to make us feel something. Similar to the sense of smell, music can also trigger memories that may not be at the forefront of your mind. This is one of the reasons why music is so important when it comes to advertising and branding.

In movies and TV shows, the soundtracks or pieces of music used tend to relate directly to how the viewers will feel when watching. The music helps to catapult an emotional connection that is distinct from anything else the viewer sees. Consider a favourite film – how did you feel during the ending? Do you remember the song or music that was playing when it happened? You probably wouldn’t feel quite the same way if there were no music playing at the time.

Selecting the Right Music in Advertising:

Music is important in advertising, but choosing the right track is even more crucial. Marketers need to have a clear understanding of their message and ensure that the soundtrack conveys the same or similar. For example, a sad song about heartbreak in an advertisement for McDonald’s probably wouldn’t be an ideal choice as it would confuse the viewers, whilst an upbeat song in the Samsung advert for the Galaxy or Note 10, for example, is a good fit. You might remember some of the most iconic choices like ‘Trust in Me’ by Etta James. Just like Samsung’s advert music, the rhythm of both the tune and the advertisement need to be in sync.

Choosing the Right Music:

Songs give commercials life and when the music consistently stays with the theme of the message and at the correct pace, it can stand out in such a way that makes the advertisement more popular, even if you choose a compelling song that is not exactly popular at the moment. The type of music doesn’t always matter; in fact, it’s more important that advertisers choose music that is in line with the message that they want to be conveyed. In fact, unpopular and little-heard-of songs can have the best effect, with top forty songs overplayed on the radio these days, making them annoying and forgettable. Fresh, gripping, and relevant music that the viewer is unlikely to have heard before now can help to keep the advertisement fresh and memorable.

The Importance of Music in Life:

Studies by neuroscientist Daniel Levitin, who teamed up with Apple Music, looked at just how important music is in daily life. And the answer was quite a lot! In fact, they found that couples who listen to music together tend to spend three or more hours together at home when music is playing, compared to those who don’t. And, whilst this report applies to personal relationships, it’s important for brands to understand that the music they choose for advertisements can be what helps them to build that important relationship with their consumers.

What’s your favourite advertisement music right now? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.