The marketing benefits of pillow boxes

Enterprising start-ups and small businesses have a lot to gain from employing often overlooked offline marketing methods. One such example is the humble pillow box, which while seemingly forgettable actually has a number of different benefits to offer businesses when used creatively.

Spend a few minutes browsing a specialist website and you’ll find a number of different options available for pillow boxes. Not only in terms of the boxes themselves but a variety of customisation options to make them a truly unique part of your marketing programs and business operations.

How to use pillow boxes

The first use that comes to mind for using a pillow box is a relatively obvious one – for sending your products. If you sell items to customers you want to make sure they arrive in good condition and in packaging that offers professional presentation. A pillow box is a perfect option for a number of different small to medium sized items. Everything from sunglasses and usb-sticks to jewellery can be send in a pillow box. Another consideration should be to the amount of packaging you send. More and more customers are becoming aware of the wasteful practices of many businesses, sending relatively small products swamped in unnecessary amounts of packaging. It’s wasteful, and if you do it you’ll engender nothing but a negative brand perception in the minds of your customers.

Pillow boxes for corporate gifts

A pillow box also makes a great vehicle through which to deliver promotional items, corporate gifts and competition products. Everyone loves something for nothing, particularly if that item happens to have a practical application. Consider investing in some branded promotional merchandise that’s high-quality and genuinely useful, delivered to customers through pillow boxes, and you’ll have rewards to reap.

Putting your brand up front

The traditional light brown and off-white colours many businesses use do nothing but inspire apathy from their recipients. Fortunately, thanks to the rise of online printing, you can avoid this by taking advantage of the wide range of customisation options available to you. Try experimenting with different eye-catching colour schemes, and make sure your brand identity is visible at a glance.

A pillow box has a lot to offer a business that understands how to properly use it – for comparatively little investment you have a highly practical and reliable tool to grow your business. The options are there, so browse them today.