The Top 10 Wine Subscription Services


Boozy subscription services have become a popular way for enthusiasts to explore new and exciting versions of their favourite tipple, especially during this period of lockdown.

TechRound have listed the top 10 wine subscription services to explore in 2021.


Our Top 10 Wine Subscriptions:


  • Port.Club – Quarterly Membership (£70 per quarter), Annual Membership (£240 per year)
  • Virgin Wines Discovery Club – From £131
  • Savage Vines – Monthly Wine Subscription (from £29.95 per month), Gift Wine Subscription (from £99.95).
  • The Wine Society – Wine Rack Essentials (up to £85 per case), Discovery (up to £99 per case), Lighter Wines (up to £110 per case), Worldwide Wonders (up to £119 per case) & French Classics (up to £149 per case)
  • Naked Wines – £99.99 per quarter
  • Averys Wine Merchants – Averys Signature Collection (£162.88 – now on sale for £83.88), Averys Claret Club Collection (£172.38 – now on sale for £95.88) & Averys Cellar Collection (£139.99 – now on sale for £77.94)
  • Laithwaite’s Wine – ranges from £80 to £180
  • The LITTLEWINE Club – Backstage Pass (£24 for 12 months), Wine & Backstage Pass (£50 for Roots, £90 for Grower & £180 for Cosmos)
  • Princess Prosecco – 1 Bottle Box (£33 per month), 2 Bottle Box (£42.50 per month)
  • Wine List – from £39 per month






Cost: Quarterly Membership (£70 per quarter), Annual Membership (£240 per year).

Port.Club is a boozy subscription service all about port (unsurprisingly).

Port Club is a digital-first, direct-to-consumer subscription scheme targeted at the younger generation of port drinkers. The service claim their mission is to “share the fun of port […] by making Churchill’s award-winning hand-crafted ports easy to purchase, learn about and make your own.”

Members of Port.Club will receive a “Port Pack” every quarter. These Port.Club packs include three different ports, each with a different style and complexity, themed as follows:

  • 1 Anytime Port (75cl)“Hardworking ports for everyday drinking.”
  • 1 The Right Time Port (50cl)“Ports that makes a moment and command attention.”
  • 1 One Time Port (75cl)“Unique Club Ports bottled only for member shipment.”

Members will also get special discounts in Port.Club’s shop, annual members offered “exclusive Port fun” experiences in Douro Valley and Porto.


Virgin Wines Discovery Club




Cost: From £131.

Two-time winner of the Drinks Retailing Awards “Online Drinks Retailer of the Year”, Virgin Wines Discovery Club offers up a superb service for wine enthusiasts. In the club, members get access to incredible craft wines, handpicked from some of the top independent wine makers in the world.

When applying for the subscription service, prospective members will firstly have to choose their taster case – being either all red, all white, or a mix. Every quarter, the Virgin Wines Discovery Club will then send over a special selection of 12 top-class wines.

This special selection also comes with a booklet of tasting notes on each of the wines, and “handy wine tips” for members to explore.

Club memberships can be flexible, with delivery dates and the selection of wines in the quarter case able to be changed easily. Members can also skip a delivery altogether.


Savage Vines




Cost: Monthly Wine Subscription (from £29.95 per month), Gift Wine Subscription (from £99.95).

Independent wine merchant Savage Vines imports bio-dynamic, organic wines globally from family-run wineries. They offer both a gift subscription and a monthly subscription, and are on a mission to “get you out of the supermarket and introduce you to new wine regions and grape varieties.”

When subscribing, customers can choose how many bottles of wine they want (2,3,6 or 12) and the type of wine they want (red, white or a mixture or both). Each month, Savage Vines will then select bottles from independent wine makers, and deliver straight to subscribers’ doors.

All wines included in the subscription service are hand-picked, focused on both organic and bio-dynamic wines made by independent winemakers.

Alongside the bottles of wine, Savage Vines’ monthly subscription service will also include a wine map of where each bottle has come from, tasking notes and suggestions for food pairings, and a podcast which talks subscribers through each of the wines selected for that month.

Delivery across the U.K. is free, monthly subscribers given 25% off on any and all repurchases of wine.


The Wine Society




Cost: Wine Rack Essentials (up to £85 per case), Discovery (up to £99 per case), Lighter Wines (up to £110 per case), Worldwide Wonders (up to £119 per case) & French Classics (up to £149 per case).

The Wine Society’s Wine Without Fuss delivery scheme is the perfect wine subscription service for those wanting to try high-quality, great-tasting wines effortlessly.

Wine Without Fuss offers five plans for customers to choose from, created to“fulfil every possible wine wish”, and includes the following:

  • Wine Rack Essentials – keeping wine racks topped up for the any day bottles.
  • Discovery – helping users to explore wines from across the world, with exciting stories behind each bottle.
  • Lighter Wines – offering up wines with less alcohol in them, never being over 12.5% for whites and 13% for reds.
  • Worldwide Wonders – showcasing classic wines from across the world, helping users to explore bottles from various different regions.
  • French Classics – introducing users to wines from some of the most iconic regions in France.

When signing up to Wine Without Fuss, customers will simply have to select the plan they’d prefer and how often they’d like it delivered (ranging from monthly to annually), before filling out their payment details.

With a Wine Without Fuss plan, users are never tied down to a long subscription, able to change orders, and cancel the plan entirely, at any time.

All wines are also backed by “The Society’s Promise”, meaning if you don’t like a particular wine sent over in the plan, The Wine Society will offer credit, a refund, or replace the bottle with another wine.


Naked Wines




Cost: £99.99 per quarter.

Naked Wines helps to fund talented independent winemakers, their Fine Wine Club offering exclusive access to some of their most “seriously special” bottles.

Naked Wine’s Director, Ray, has been a sommelier for Gordon Ramsay, having served both celebrities and royalty. His Fine Wine Club includes 6 fantastic wines delivered straight to recipients’ doors every quarter, alongside tasting notes for each of the bottles.

Members will also have access to exclusive virtual tasting events, hosted by Ray. Memberships can be cancelled at any time, with a 100% “no quibble” refund guarantee.


Averys Wine Merchants




Cost: Averys Signature Collection (£162.88 – now on sale for £83.88), Averys Claret Club Collection (£172.38 – now on sale for £95.88) & Averys Cellar Collection (£139.99 – now on sale for £77.94).

Averys Wine Merchants has offered wine plans for more than 20 years – beginning as a way for Brand Ambassador Mimi Avery’s father to share his own personal recommendations with adventurous customers.

Mimi has since carried on her father’s tradition, Averys now offering three plans to choose from, each with their own unique theme of wines to accommodate for a range of different preferences. These three plans are:

  • Averys Signature Collection – exploring Mimi’s favourite seasonal wines
  • Claret Club – introducing members to some fantastic Bordeaux buys.
  • The Cellar Collection – helping members to build up a cellar of wines for special occasions and fine dining events.

Subscribing to an Averys plan is easy – customers simply have to choose their preferred plan and wait for Mimi and the team to carefully select the best wines for each case.

Members receive cases every 12 weeks along with tasting notes. The introductory case comes with free delivery, after which will cost £7.99. Members also have the option to both skip and swap cases, push delivery back and cancel their plan entirely.


Laithwaite’s  Wine




Cost: Ranges from £80 to £180.

With over 100,000 U.K. members, Laithwaite’s Wine Plan helps you to explore some of the season’s top wines. Subscribers can choose between three plans – Season’s Favourites, Season’s Reds and Season’s Whites.

Each plan offers 12 bottles a case, delivered every 12 weeks – however, you can opt to have cases delivered less often than this, the frequency being entirely up to the member. Each case will also include tasting notes for each selected bottle, helping members to learn in-depth about the taste of their selection.

Whilst you can’t pause or cancel these particular wine plans, you can change them, delay delivery, or cancel any time.






Cost: Backstage Pass (£24 for 12 months), Wine & Backstage Pass (£50 for Roots, £90 for Grower & £180 for Cosmos).

Launched during the first lockdown in April 2020, LITTLEWINE has become an online destination for organic and naturally made wines.

The founders, Daniela Pillhofer (wine importer and co-founder of Dalston’s Newcomer Wines) and wine writer Christina Rasmussen, curate an ever-changing and evolving selection of what they deem to be the most exciting wines in the world.

LITTLEWINE Club offers two subscription types to choose from – “Backstage Pass (Worldwide)” and “Wine & Backstage Pass (UK Only)”. Backstage Pass is a 12 month digital subscription “bringing together the world’s most inspiring voices in the natural wine movement.” The pass offers content on some of the most exciting winemakers out there, including both well known names and those yet to be discovered.

The Wine & Backstage Pass has three options to choose from – either their “Roots – For the Curious” with 2 bottles per month, the “Grower – For the Adventurous” including 4 bottles per month and the “Cosmos – For the Infatuated” which comes with 6 bottles per month. All of these options also include full access to the digital backstage pass content, and help members to explore wonderful wines from ground-breaking winemakers.


Princess Prosecco




Cost: 1 Bottle + Box (£33 per month), 2 Bottle + Box (£42.50 per month).

Self-proclaimed as the “UK Favourite destination for Fizz, Sparkles and Celebration Gifts” Princess Prosecco’s subscription service is perfect for lovers of bubbles and self-care.

Each month, members will receive a prosecco box filled with 1 – 2 full-size bottles of Italian Prosecco, 1 cocktail, 2 snacks, 1 treat for pampering and 1 surprise aligning with the theme for that month.

Princess Prosecco’s subscription boxes also cater to various different dietary requirements, with vegan and gluten free options available, and all types of allergies considered – simply get in touch with their Wine Angel team to find out more.


Wine List




Cost: From £39 per month.  

Wine List offer a flexible, easy to follow plan for their wine subscription service – members simply having to choose how many bottles they’d like a month (2,6 or 12).

Through the plan, members are given the tools to learn about the fundamentals behind wine tasting and gain a deeper understanding into their grapes, varieties and more – ultimately helping to create more confident wine-lovers.

Members will also have access to special events hosted by the Wine List wine experts, alongside exclusive discounts.

All wines included in the plan are sourced from small, independent vineyards. Delivery is free and subscription plans can be cancelled at any time.