Things You Need To Know About Taking A Graduate Certificate in Data Science

Data science is a hot topic currently. There is a huge demand for individuals with the talent to identify raw, unorganised data trends. You don’t need to go into full-time studies for this, but for those looking to pursue a career in data science, getting your graduate certificate online can boost you in the right direction. Are you ready for this step?

This article aims to help you learn all you need to know about doing a graduate certificate in data science.

What is a Graduate Certificate?


First off, you need to understand that getting your graduate certificate is a brilliant way to buffer your resume. However, a graduate certificate requires a prerequisite degree and is not designed to replace a full bachelor’s degree.

Graduate certificates are shorter than your typical undergraduate or bachelor’s degree program but are designed to be more rigorous to give students a specialised skill set.

What is Data Science?


Data science is a relatively broad field that enables individuals to capture and work with raw data to reveal actionable information. Data scientists use a range of strategies and tools to uncover raw data on specific subject matter.

What Are The Responsibilities of Data Scientists?

To decide whether doing a graduate certificate in data science is the right route for you, it’s best to understand the responsibilities of a data scientist. Here are the common responsibilities:

  • Define clear objectives

  • Data collection

  • Data cleaning and preprocessing

  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

  • Feature selection and engineering

  • Model selection and building

  • Model training and evaluation

  • Hyperparameter tuning

  • Deployment

  • Monitoring and maintenance

  • Communication and reporting


What Can a Graduate Certificate in Data Science Do For You?


A graduate certificate in data science will help give graduates essential data analytics skills to enhance their value as key members of any team. It prepares them with the essential knowledge and skills to help tackle and solve real-world challenges in virtually any business setting.

A graduate certificate allows students to:

  • Gain practical data science knowledge

  • Grow their data organisation skills

  • Enhance their data visualisation skills

  • Build their data analytics skills

  • Give them hands-on experience with data mining

  • Improve their machine learning.

What Are The Requirements?

As a graduate certificate, there are a few prerequisites for individuals who wish to further their studies in data science. Here are some entry requirements you should be aware of:

  • A Bachelor’s degree

  • High school intermediate-level mathematics or five years of relevant work experience (high numeracy skills)

  • Non-English speaking applicants must meet the university’s English language proficiency requirements

What Subjects Are Covered?

While the names of the subjects may vary from university to university, students will usually cover four subjects throughout the data science graduate certificate course.

When studying at JCU, the graduate certificate subjects for data science include:

  • Foundations for Data Science

  • Statistical Methods for Data Science

  • Data Visualisation

  • Database Systems

This course follows an interdisciplinary approach. Graduates will gain relevant knowledge across information technology, mathematics, and business domains, all delivered by academics with extensive experience in business and research.


How Much Does a Graduate Certificate in Data Science Cost?


The cost of taking a graduate certificate in data science course will differ depending on the university you enrol at. At James Cook University for example, each subject costs $3,774.

What Career Options Do You Have?

The field of data science is broadening as the world continues to develop, which means more job opportunities become available. For those studying for a graduate certificate in data science, you won’t just be able to become a data scientist. This certification gives you an edge in the industry, and you will have the skills and expertise to become a:

  • Data Scientist

  • Business Analyst

  • Data Analyst

For those who want to study further, successfully completing a graduate certificate in data science allows them to continue studying by completing either a master of science or a graduate diploma.

Can You Study Online?

Most graduate certificates in data science can be completed online. To learn more about taking a graduate certificate in data science online, you can enquire at James Cook University Australia. Their course can be completed 100% online or part-time, so you can fast-track your career through studies and balance your personal life, too.

When pursuing a career in data science, completing a graduate certificate online is a brilliant way to get your foot in the door while balancing work and life.