Top 10 Cybersecurity Courses Online & eLearning

With the mass adoption of remote and hybrid working in recent years, cybersecurity has become a top priority for businesses everywhere. With employees working from various, potentially less secured, locations employees and businesses could be vulnerable to attacks from opportunistic hackers.

Cybersecurity courses provide an excellent opportunity to learn the best practices in keeping your devices safe and secured. Here, we list our top 10 cybersecurity courses, exploring what each include and why they’re so important to invest in.


TechRound’s Top 10 Online Cybersecurity Courses 


  • RQC Group – Cyber Security Courses
  • Future Learn – Introduction to Cyber Security
  • Codecademy – Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • Udemy – Cyber Security Course for Beginners
  • Zero To Mastery – Web Security & Bug Bounty: Learn Penetration Testing in 2022
  • Cybrary – Introduction to IT & Cybersecurity
  • NexGenT – Basic Training & Security Specialisation
  • Coursera – Introduction to Cybersecurity Specialisation
  • edX – Essentials of Cybersecurity
  • Oxford – Cyber Security for Business Leaders


RQC Group – Cyber Security Courses




  • Price: £20-£35 per session (dependant on the course).
  • What it covers: Courses available for all industries as well as UK & US financial institutions.

RQC Group offer a range of excellent cybersecurity courses. There are five different courses to explore, including an introductory session for all industries, as well as intro and comprehensive sessions for both UK and US financial institutions.

Each course covers a range of cybersecurity insights and must-knows, tailored to the session and the audience it’s catering to. For example, their Introductory Cyber Security Training for All Industries helps users understand the key concepts to cybersecurity, as well as the tools cybercriminals use to access their victims’ systems and how to both detect and avoid attacks. Courses range from 45 – 90 minutes long, and some offer CPD points.


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Future Learn – Introduction to Cyber Security




  • Price: £19.99/month (subscription-based).
  • What it covers: A comprehensive guide into cyber security essentials.

Future Learn offer an extensive course into the world of cyber security, and how users can protect their digital self. The course is taught over 8 weeks, each week focusing on a different key component to cyber security – including one week on Malware, one on Cryptography and another on Authentication.

The course requires 3 hours of study for each week, and is based 100% online. Not only is the course supported by the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Programme, but it’s also accredited by the Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP).


Codecademy – Introduction to Cybersecurity




  • Price: £15.99/month (subscription-based).
  • What it covers: Covers the fundamentals of how to identify common cyber threats and protect yourself from these.

Codecademy’s Introduction to Cybersecurity course is an excellent all-rounder for those looking to build a solid cyber security knowledge. Through this course, users will learn the basics in how to identify and protect themselves from cyber threats, as well as network security fundamentals and much more.

There are no prerequisites for the course, which is 6 hours in length. Lessons focus on the history of cyber security, cyber threats, cryptography, securing personal devices and more.


Udemy – Cyber Security Course for Beginners




  • Price: Free.
  • What it covers: The basics in cybersecurity and how to protect themselves.

Udemy offer a fantastic Cyber Security Course for Beginners, going over some of the most essential, fundamental concepts for protecting users’ online presence.

The course covers cyber security’s basic concepts, as well as how users can protect themselves from hackers going over internet security, identity theft, securing your emails, shopping securely online and much more. The course is 1 hour and 8 minutes long, and is great for anyone with an interest in cyber security wanting to learn more about it.


Zero To Mastery – Web Security & Bug Bounty: Learn Penetration Testing in 2022




  • Price: From $39/month (subscription-based).
  • What it covers: Penetration testing, how to hack and attack vulnerable systems and more.

Zero To Mastery offer one of the most up-to-date and comprehensive penetration testing courses currently on the market to grow your knowledge from absolute beginner to web security expert.

Through the course, users will learn penetration testing from scratch, learning how to exploit vulnerable systems as well as how to monetise from bug bounty hunting and much more. The course offers 10 hours of video with over 10 bonus resources and users don’t need to have any previous pentesting or programming experience.


Cybrary – Introduction to IT & Cybersecurity




  • Price: From $39/month (subscription-based).
  • What it covers: Provides an overview to cyber security and IT, and the various roles within these industries.

This IT & Cybersecurity course from Cybrary is perfect for anyone want to learn more about these industries and the roles available within them.

Through the course, Cybrary explore roles such as Network Administrator, Incident Responder, Penetration Tester, Cloud Engineer, Privacy Analyst and Cybersecurity Manager. The course takes 1 hour and 41 minutes, and is intended for those at beginner lever.



NexGenT – Basic Training & Security Specialisation




  • Price: Base tuition $12,500 upfront for Cyber Security Program.
  • What it covers: Prepares students for both Full-Stack Network Associate (FSNA) and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certificates.

NexGenT’s cyber security courses offer extensive, specialised training. The course was created by two US Air Force veterans, both with a wealth of experience in teaching cyber security.

The programme includes two courses, these being Basic Training and Cyber Security Specialisation. While the Basic Training prepares students for the aforementioned FSNA and CCNA certificates, the Cyber Security Specialisation course teaches students everything needed to protect a business from cyber threats. This section of the program takes 22 weeks with access to a careers service at the end to help students enter the workforce once they’ve completed the course.


Coursera – Introduction to Cybersecurity Specialisation




Coursera’s Introduction to Cybersecurity Specialisation offers a fantastic overview into cyber security as a discipline, helping its users to develop a learning plan for potential cyber security careers.

This course is intended for beginners with some awareness of IT management and concepts. The programme is 100% online, and takes approximately 4 months to complete at the suggested pace of 4 hours a week. A certificate is provided to students upon completion and users can work through the course at a schedule that works best for them.


edX – Essentials of Cybersecurity



  • Price: £572.
  • What it covers: Explores a range of different roles in cyber security.

Another great course for those looking to enter the cyber security industry is edX’s Essentials of Cybersecurity. This course helps introduce students to a range of different roles and sectors within the industry.

In addition to giving an overview of potential careers in cyber security, the course also provides an insight into the relationship between tech and management within cybersecurity protection. Essentially, it’s an overview of the industry and the career opportunities that could be available to you within it.

The course takes 6 months, with taking 2-5 hours each week, and costs £572 for the full program.


Oxford – Cyber Security for Business Leaders




  • Price: £2,350
  • What it covers: Explores how cyber security could be impacting business leasers and their businesses.

The University of Oxford offer an online cyber security course, perfect for business leaders wanting to develop their knowledge on cyber security and how it’s impacting their business.

Through the course, users will earn the skills needed to develop a cyber resilient business model, as well as a knowledge of recent changes in a number of different cyber security domains and much more. This program is 100% online and is done over the course of 6 weeks.


What is Included in a Cyber Security Course?


You can often find the following areas included in a cyber security course:

  • An overview of cyber security.
  • The trends and issues the industry is currently experiencing.
  • The roles available in cyber security.
  • What you’ll need to get certain roles in cyber security.

While you may find these areas are touched on in cyber security courses, these programs can vary significantly depending on the type of course you’re taking. For example, although some of the courses listed in our top 10 list provide more of an introduction into cyber security and the possible ways you can get involved with the industry, others will offer a guide into certain cyber specialities – e.g. penetration testing. It all really just depends on the type of course you’re after and your current level of cyber security experience and know-how.


Can I Do a Cyber Security eLearning Course Online?


Yes! There are a range of different cyber security eLearning courses you can do 100% online. These types of course can be great for those who are far away and aren’t able to commute to the training courses, or those with busy schedules who aren’t able to spare the time to travel back and forth from a physical class.

A lot of these online courses can offer flexible time schedules as well. For example, the RQC Group’s cyber security sessions are pre-recorded and can be taken whenever best suits the user.

With the COVID-19 pandemic having shifted much of the way we interact with the world, much of how we operate has moved online. As the world emerges from COVID-related restrictions, interestingly, the way we do things has still remained, at least partially, online. If this has taught us anything, it’s that many prefer to work and study online. eLearning cyber security courses provide a perfect way for people to study when they want, how they want, from wherever they want!


How Much Will a Cyber Security Course Cost Me?


As we’ve seen on this list, cyber security courses and programs can range from £20 to thousands. The amount you’ll pay for a cybersecurity course will depend on the course you’ve chosen and what it offers. Below, we’ve listed the cost for some of the cyber security courses on our top 10 list:

  • RQC Group’s Introductory Cyber Security Training for All Industries (45 minutes) – £20
  • Udemy’s Cyber Security Course for Beginners (1 hour 8 minutes) – Free
  • edX’s Essentials of Cybersecurity (6 months, 2-5 hours/week) – £572

It’s all about finding the course that best suits your needs at a good price. You may find that the more in-depth and specialised the course the higher the price of it. This price can also correlate with the duration of the course, which as we’ve seen can vary drastically from a 45-minute session to 22 weeks long.

Another important factor to consider in terms of pricing is what you get from the course. Does the course come with any accredited certifications? How can you use what you’ve learnt from the course in your personal and professional life? When exploring cyber security courses, you can help yourself make a more informed decision by evaluating what the course will bring to your life once complete.


What is Cyber Security eLearning Courses?


eLearning allows you to complete any courses and material from a remote location, which is perfect for any staff members running the courses in the office or working from home. With all the information available online, you can stop, start, pause and continue at your own pace – with some providers able to offer an FAQs or test at the end of the course and receive a certificate or accreditation upon completion!



Why is Cyber Security eLearning Important?


Learning about cyber security is vital in this day and age, with much of our life operated online and potentially vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Cyber security helps to protect our sensitive data from damage or theft. It’s an essential tool in helping to preserve our digital lives, and operate online safely and securely. eLearning courses help make it more accessible to learn safe cyber security practices. It helps offer users valuable insights on how to stay protected from hackers online from wherever they are at a time that best suits them.

By making this training easier, more accessible, and therefore more attractive to prospective students, eLearning courses are helping to encourage a valuable awareness of cyber security.