Top 10 Cocktail Kits – Our Favourite DIY Cocktails Kits Revealed!

There is something magical about the idea of cocktails arriving directly to your doorstep. They promise glamour and fun, all wrapped up in a neat little box. Cocktail kits can brighten the dullest of weeknights or help mark a celebration, all from the comfort of your home.

It is hardly surprising that the events of 2020 were directly correlated with an increased urge for alcohol consumption. What was originally days stuck at home became months indoors with people finding new and creative ways to stay entertained, learn new skills or connect with friends and family. As a consequence, cocktail kits surged in popularity.

Making cocktails at home either alone or virtually with family and friends is a perfect window into a pre-pandemic life of bar-hopping and sipping on your favourite drinks. These Top 10 home cocktail kits bring the drinks straight to your door and help you become a pro-bartender from your very own kitchen.


1. Taste Cocktails


Taste Cocktails


Taste Cocktails is one of the leading monthly cocktail subscription services promising bar-quality cocktails, made by you. They send you a box of premium ingredients, beautifully wrapped. Each box contains perfectly sized ingredients along with a booklet with different cocktail recipes – a classic recipe and a modern twist, with the option for even more recipes online. The kits can be sold as a monthly subscription so that you have the chance to learn and enjoy a brand new cocktail every month. Not only do Taste Cocktails provide the recipes, they give you some story-telling surrounding the cocktails and their history.


Taste Cocktails


  • Prices start from £29.17 for individual cocktail kits or a range of subscriptions including one-off, 3 months and 6 months from around £33 monthly.
  • Cocktail kits include mojitos, espresso martinis, old fashioned and margaritas, among many others.


2. World of Zing Prosecco Cocktail Kit


Swift Irish Coffee Cocktail Kit


There is always a reason to celebrate and what does celebration call for? Prosecco. At least that is the philosophy of Sunday Brunch cocktail expert Pritesh Mody. World of Zing helps you upgrade your prosecco to turn them into fully-fledged prosecco cocktails. After making their fame selling premixed cocktails created by professional mixologists, the company now offers sets which let you unleash your inner bartender. Their Prosecco mini collection includes 3 50ml bottles of different flavours, all designed to be topped up and spruced up by prosecco. The kit also comes with a bottle of Prosecco so all you need to do is pour and enjoy.



  • Price: £20 for Prosecco mini collection
  • The mini prosecco collection includes a 200ml bottle of Prosecco and 3 50 ml bottles (Passionfruit Spritz, Negroni, Grapefruit & Thyme Spritz)


3. Rémy Martin’s Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit



If you have ever dreamed of drinking an Old Fashioned and embracing your inner Don Draper, you are not the only one. Luckily, Rémy Martin’s Old Fashioned kit has got you covered. Providing all the ingredients necessary for this classic cocktail, they also equip you with a number of syrups, bitters and garnishes so that you can put your own twist on it. They take the cocktail kit one step further with a virtual masterclass to really hone your skills and two glasses to drink with!


  • Price: £44.95
  • The Rémy Martin Old Fashioned cocktail kit includes:
    – 4 x 50ml Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal Cognac
    – 1 x 50ml for neat sampling
    – 4 x 20ml syrups (Chocolate & Coconut; Honey & Orange; Demerara & Angostura; Fig & Plum)
    – Garnishes (Dried Orange Wheel, Dark Chocolate, Dried Fig, Candied Ginger)
    – 2 x Crystal Tumbler Glasses


4. Swift Irish Coffee Cocktail Kit


Swift believes that Irish coffee is for life, not just for St Paddy’s Day, which is why they offer their Irish Coffee Cocktail Kit. These cocktails also go to show that you need not wait till after dinner to enjoy a cocktail – why not start with a boozy breakfast? After winning multiple awards for their two London-based bars, Swift is now bringing the cocktail action to you at home. Inspired by continental drinking culture, Swift offers classic cocktails that you can make without leaving your couch for a stylish night in.


  • Prices start from from £35.00 depending on the size of the kit
  • The cocktail kit includes Jameson Whiskey, Swift blend filter coffee from Send Coffee, Irish Coffee glasses and Nutmeg


5. Dishoom Permit Room Cocktail Kit


Dishoom is one of the nation’s favourites for Bombay-style cuisine. Now, not only can you make their iconic bacon naan rolls with an at-home kit, they also bring their legendary cocktails straight to your door with their bottled cocktail kit. Create the atmosphere of one of the UK’s favourite restaurants with their three-serve kit complete with negronis, gimlets and old fashioned. The Permit Room refers to a legal loophole to bypass Bombay’s prohibition laws – the room is where liquor can be consumed with the understanding that it is for the good of one’s health.



  • Price: £38 for the Permit Room Collection Cocktail Kit
  • Includes: The Permit Room Old-Fashioned, Sonia’s Negroni, India Gimlet


6. The Cocktail Man


Who is The Cocktail Man, you ask? James Vyse is the man behind the brand, an award-winning mixologist with an extensive and impressive career portfolio. He put his expertise to good use by creating these home cocktail kits and sharing his wisdom. The Cocktail Man offers readymade cocktails which includes slight twists on the classics such as a Chocolate Espresso Martini or a Ginger Negroni. The service also offers subscription boxes on a monthly basis.


  • Price: From £29.99
  • Includes: premium spirits, garnishes, signature bottled mixer and a recipe card.


7. Kocktail


Kocktail is a monthly subscription of classy cocktail kits which is the brainchild of two best friends drinking together in a bar. Wanting to bring the best of the bars to people at home, they collaborated with Neil Donachie, award-winning former bartender at the Savy’s Beaufort Bar, to help design their cocktails. Each month, you receive four different serves based on your preferences along with unique garnishes so that you are constantly broadening your cocktail horizons.




  • Price is £29 per month, for four cocktails
  • Includes ingredients for four cocktails plus garnishes


8. Not Another Bill Emergency Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit


There are some emergencies that only a well-made cocktail kit can fix. Luckily, Not Another Bill has prepared their emergency Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit. The perfect blend of glamour and novelty, this cocktail kit comes in a red medical tin ready to remedy even the most severe hangovers. Inside the tin, you will find all the key ingredients of a Bloody Mary along with other emergency supplies such as Berroca and Alca-seltzers.


  • Price £80
  • Includes a pair of LSA glass tumblers, two cans of spicy big tom, a bottle of Absolut vodka, Tabasco along with Alca-seltzer and Berroca.


9. Mr Black Espresso Martini Kit


The Mr Black Espresso Martini Kits mean serious business. These cocktail purists define themselves as “the coffee liqueur people”, so there is no messing around. As such, this coffee liqueur forms the basis of all the cocktail making kits. Each kit contains a bottle of Solo coffee concentrate for the serious coffee fanatics along with two shaking jars. Sure to add a jolt of adrenaline to your week, these cocktails are the perfect addition to any evening. Each kit will make around 11 cocktails.


  • The cocktail kits include 700m of Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, 1L of Solo Coffee Concentrate and a 350ml cocktail shaker.
  • Price £39.99


10 . The Umbrella Project Quarantini Cocktail Kit




The Umbrella Project Quarantini Cocktail Kit hails from the creators of London-based speakeasies the Sun Tavern and Discount Suit Company. Aiming to inject a dose of debauchery into your lives, these bartenders vow to bring you proper cocktails straight to your door. With a range of Quarantini Cocktail Kits available, you can choose your tipple with anything from a classic rob roy to a delicious banana daiquiri to a spicy Toreador.



  • Prices of kits start from £28
  • The Cocktail kits include 2 bottles with 4 cocktail serves per bottle and a total of 240ml


What is a DIY Cocktail Kit?

A DIY cocktail kit lets you become a pro bartender at home. It lets you embrace your inner mixologist with the tools, spirits and recipes necessary to make your favourite cocktails without going to a bar. Whether you are recreating one of the classics, or prefer to try something more experimental, these kits let you mix together different ingredients to create a delicious cocktail.


What Are The Most Popular Cocktail Kits?

There are some clear favourites when it comes to cocktail kits.



Carrie Bradshaw and friends were keen advocates of the Cosmopolitan making the pink drink synonymous with glamour and a night out with friends. It is no surprise, then, that the Cosmopolitan is recognised as one of the world’s most popular cocktails, with more and more people looking to create them at home.


Sip on a mojito and be immediately transported to watching the sunset on the beach in a hot country. It is no wonder that many have turned to mojitos on a cold lockdown night to recreate some holiday magic. The combination of rum, mint and lime is a winning combo for some much-needed escapism.


A margarita is a must-have accessory for any fiesta. The sour taste of the lime and the tequila, with the sweetness of the agave or sugar syrup, is a classic. Often presented in a salt-rimmed glass for an extra surprise for your tastebuds, you can get creative with margaritas opting for flavours such as strawberry and raspberry, or serving frozen.

Mai Tai

The Mai Tai was first created in Tahiti but has since been enjoyed worldwide. Promising tropical sunshine in a glass, this mixture of rums, syrup, lime juice and orange curaçao can turn a dreary night into a Polynesian party.

Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned experienced a resurgence in popularity after Mad Men made its TV debut, with everybody looking to embrace their inner Don Draper and adopt the sophisticated 1960s style depicted in the show. Nothing says “classy night in” like a well-made Old Fashioned.

Espresso Martini

The espresso martini is beloved by coffee-lovers all over the world. Give your freshly brewed coffee a grown-up makeover by combining it with coffee liqueur and serving in a martini glass. Espresso martini cocktail kits inspire you to get creative with your combinations, often using different liqueurs and syrups for a twist on the classic.

Bloody Mary

A Bloody Mary is a brunch staple and a favourite hangover cure for those looking to continue drinking the next day. The key to a Bloody Mary is balancing the tart flavour of the tomato juice, the spice of the Worcestershire sauce and the Tabasco, and the alcoholic kick of the vodka. Not for the faint-hearted, a Bloody Mary is sure to kickstart your day!


The classic negroni has just three key ingredients: gin, vermouth and campari. Many cocktail kits allow you to put your own experimental twist on this classic cocktail with combinations such as prosecco-topped negronis, ginger negroni or fruity flavours such as orange.

Pina Colada

Who doesn’t love Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain? This tropical cocktail is a classic for a reason. Offering the texture and flavour of a smoothie, with a grown-up twist, this coconut and pineapple based cocktail has been a household favourite for decades.


What is Included in a Cocktail Kit?

What is included in a cocktail kit will depend largely on the brand and the type of cocktail you want to make. Typically, cocktail kits will include the spirit, or spirits, needed to provide the base of the cocktail kit along with a mixer or a selection of mixers. Some cocktail kits will also include syrups, recipe cards and often the equipment needed to create the cocktail such as a stirrer, the cocktail shaker or even glass tumblers.

How Much Does a Cocktail Kit Cost?

Cocktail kits vary in price depending on what they include. The most basic kits (for example, ones that contain just the spirit and the mixer) can begin at around £20. If you are looking for a more complex kit, such as one which includes cocktail shakers or glass tumblers, the price will reflect this. Monthly subscription cocktail kits tend to be priced at around £29.99 per month depending on the subscription chosen.


Does a DIY Cocktail Kit Include All The Ingredients?

To know exactly what your chosen DIY cocktail kit includes, it is worth checking the specific website and labels. Whilst some include everything you need to make the cocktail, some will require you to buy soft drink mixers or the fresh produce needed as garnish such as lemons, limes and mint.