Top 10 Online Workouts to Watch

Gymshark example

Is your gym shut? Are you struggling to stay active and healthy at home? Online workouts have exploded during quarantine. Instead of costly gym memberships, people are taking advantage of free or affordable pay-as-you-go options to keep themselves fit as well as busy whilst stuck at home.

Gyms, personal trainers and influencers are holding free live sessions or cheaper memberships through social media led exercises at home. This type of workout is becoming the new style of staying fit as people have more time on their hands than they have had in a while.

Through this interactive experience, you are able to watch workouts along with other viewers, when they are live or after they are finished. Will this new way of working out change the fitness industry? Will people go back to paying for gym memberships? This piece explores who you should be following during your time at home in order to stay active after being stuck in a chair all day.



  • 4.6 million followers on Instagram
  • HomeShark Train Instagram account dedicated to home workouts

Before the current pandemic, Gymshark was known for their gym clothing. However, because people were stuck indoors during lockdown, Gymshark took the opportunity to support personal trainers by allowing them to host daily online workouts on their Instagram accounts (@gymsharktrain and @gymshark) or on their Facebook page. By using minimal equipment, people have been able to workout whether it is live or later on, and also have the opportunity to repeat the workout by re-watching an Instagram video. As well as this, there is the opportunity to download their Gymshark | Gym Workout Planner app where you can access free videos or more when you go premium. 


Megan Roup – The Sculpt Society

  • 225 K followers on Instagram
  • Adjustable workouts for everyone who wants to join

Megan Roup‘s workout method helps strengthen and sculpt your entire body where she posts workout videos which are all under an hour long, from five to fifty minutes. The Sculpt Society videos can be accessed on their Instagram or on their website where you can complete a 14-day free trial before paying for full access of saved videos and extra live workouts which are not posted on their Instagram. If you want to try an upbeat enjoyable workout then you will love Megan Roup’s workout method. She is a favourite among celebrities, influences and supermodels where workouts consist of dance cardio to quickie ab to full body workouts and even a 30 minute coffee chat after a live video on her website.



  • 112 K followers on Instagram
  • Connecting with their community through social channels

Psycle, known for their spinning classes, has also joined in on taking their workouts online. With four to five classes a day, instructors are leading a large amount of classes on their Instagram by uploading live videos which can be accessed after on their IGTV. Anyone can join their free classes where you can enjoy their studio digital workouts by following their live schedule showing which classes are taking place, at what time, and who is leading the class. Psycle is holding workouts ranging from HIIT to meditation to spinning, allowing you to take part in something that you already love or a workout you will soon love.


Ciara Madden – Body By Ciara

Known as @bodybyciara , Ciara Madden has grown on social media during lockdown where she has been holding free workouts on her Instagram which are available for 24 hours. By completing a workout in time with Ciara in your living room, you are able to feel like you are back in the gym or that you are working out with someone. Ciara also has the opportunity to pay £15 a month to become a member which will gain members access to her private Instagram, giving you access to additional videos on her website as well as additional workout videos on her Instagram.



  • 259 K followers on Instagram
  • Access to live stream and pre-recorded classes once you sign up on their website

ClassPass was originally used to gain access to gyms and classes that was restricted to members, however, since gyms are closed ClassPass have given people the opportunity to workout to livestreams and on-demand workout videos for free. These workout videos can be accessed on their app and YouTube where people are able to join top gym classes such as Barry’s. By signing up you can join free live classes, and have unlimited access to 4000 on demand workouts, whether it is audio or video workouts. By taking advantage of their on-demand classes and open library, you are able to find new studios and classes which you might want to attend after lockdown, when it becomes an option.



  • 288K followers on Instagram
  • Outdoor workouts in Regents Park, London

F45 have been keeping people increasingly active throughout lockdown starting with live workouts which are available for 24 hours to free live Zoom classes at 9am and have began outdoor workouts in Regents Park, London. These outdoor classes cost £15 but can be bought in a pack of 5 classes for £50. However, if you do not want to pay, the free live workouts are a great way to stay fit and take part in a workout which you should expect to sweat in.



  • 147 K followers on Instagram
  • Taking physical gyms online during lockdown

PureGym had to shut their doors to all their gyms during lockdown meaning they were determined to find a way to keep their members fit. By opening their doors to the public, even non-members, PureGym has been posting Instagram live workouts everyday as well as Facebook videos. These videos allow social media users to watch the workout during and after it is uploaded. By following weekly workout timetables which are released every Sunday, followers are able to see what is in store for the coming week and anyone is able to access the workout they would like to complete whether it be yoga, HIIT or a tone class. Additionally, PureGym have videos on their website to help burn fat and build your fitness as well as strength which again can be accessed by anyone.


Core Collective

  • 42.4 K followers on Instagram
  • Workout on Instagram or through CCTV

Core Collective have also been taking advantage of the move to online workouts by posting workouts on their Instagram and by holding Zoom classes. By completing Instagram live workouts or by attending a live classes on Zoom which can be accessed via their website, where there is a 5 day free trial, there is a workout for everyone from pilates to HIIT. Core Collective is constantly adding new 30-45 minute classes where their weekly schedule shows what is in store and this can be accessed on their Instagram highlights.



  • 25.1 K followers on Instagram
  • Fitness and immersive yoga

Fly LDN have been streaming classes on their Instagram and YouTube.With a choice between barre, pilates and yoga, anyone is able to access their free 45 minute classes. Their Instagram live videos take place at 8 am, 12:30 pm and 5:45 pm which are then saved on their IGTV channel. Keep yourself fit and active whether it be during the live or after.


Joe Wicks – The Body Coach

  • Online work sensation during covid-19
  • 2.49 million Youtube subscribers

Last but not least, this list would not be complete without Joe Wicks (@thebodycoach) who has not only been keeping children active during quarantine with morning PE sessions at 9 am, he has also been posting a range of different workout sessions from HIIT to dumbbell workouts on his YouTube channel. With 2.49 million subscribers on YouTube, Joe Wicks has been keeping the nation fit during lockdown where he began posting videos Monday – Friday and is now posting videos Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. These videos allow children, as well as adults, to take part in live workouts and catch up on any missed sessions on his YouTube channel.