Top 10 Reasons Why People Are Leaving Your Website

You have 59 seconds to capture the attention of your website visitors. As per research conducted by Nielsen Norman Group, people spend less than a minute surfing through a website. But, what makes them leave the website without fulfilling their goals, causing an increase bounce rate? Here is a list of 10 common reasons why your visitors don’t transform into your customers.

1. Obsolete design

Never judge a book by its cover, but it doesn’t stand try when browsing through a website. As per a study done by Dr. Elizabeth Silence, participants were asked to vote on the reliability of websites. It was seen that 94% of the respondents left the website if they found it uncomfortable to look at.

So, if your website has an outdated design, then it’s time you do it. People will leave your website if they don’t find it responsive. Google recently updated its mobile algorithm making the site unresponsive to mobile users lose organic search ranking.

2. Problems with content

Content drives people to your website, and it makes them leave a site too. If your site has content-related problems, it will not boost your conversions. If you use Comic Sans in your text, then make sure you change it instantly. Always use high-contrast color combinations using Serif Font.
According to Small Business Trends research, 70% of B2B websites lost their customers because they failed to offer a call-to-action. So, make sure you place a related CTA button where it should be sited.

Always try different types of content such as texts, pictures, videos, slideshows, blog posts, and podcasts to increase your credibility. Always include user-generated content and encourage your customers to share their experiences and feedback.

3. Irritating ads

For many websites, ads are the only income source, but it doesn’t mean that you can place them all over your website. According to Nielsen’s 2014 Trust in Advertising report, the least reliable advertisement form is online banner ads. Hence, make sure you limit your ads to avoid an increased bounce rate.



4. Your website has outdated plugins

If your website has Flash files, you will never get users as no one has the time or preference to install updated versions of these obsolete plugins. YouTube also removed the Flash object embeds and replaced them with a new HTML5 video player. To provide a better experience to your users, make sure your add-ons and plugins are updated.


5. Bad navigation structure

Digital marketing is all about offering the best user experience. People don’t have hours to spend on your website. Also, poor navigation affects your SEO ranking. Hence, if you want to know how to increase conversion rate, then arrange your content so that it can take the visitors to the products they need in a few simple steps.
Keep the “3-click rule” strategy in mind, which means that a buyer should purchase in just three clicks after reaching your website.

6. Your site loads slowly

According to the KISSMetrics report, loading time is important when detecting the performance of a website.

  • 40% of users leave a site because it takes more than three seconds to load, causing an increase bounce rate
  • 47% of the customers want a website to load in two seconds
  • Optimizing the load performance of your website can boost eCommerce sales.



7. Poor personality

People want to know who is behind a website. If it appears that anyone can design it, chances are they will leave your website leading to poor conversion rates. If you want to know how to increase conversion rate, then present your website smartly. For instance, if you have a clothing website, show other people wearing them or add a picture of your manager wearing them with whom they can get in touch.

8. Blatant requirements

Nowadays, people don’t want to share a lot of personal information online. Hence, please don’t force them. Rigid registration requisitions are conversion kills. Always keep your registration form easy and only ask for details that you need. A single data field removal allowed Expedia to generate additional revenue of $12 million.

9. Zero exit technology

Visitors hitting “Back” button is essential for conversions. What’s great here is that you can regain their attention and not let them leave. If someone is planning to bounce, you can boost eCommerce sales by presenting an exclusive last-ditch offer to make him continue browsing the page.

10. No SSL

46% of the visitors leave a website and brand if they don’t see SSL. As per a survey, it was found that if visitors see a non-secure warning, then they get skeptical and leave the website. Hence, it is important to keep your users safe. Websites running on HTTP connections are penalized by browsers and also excluded by Google.

Yes, the search engine prioritizes websites with an HTTPS connection and boosts their ranking. Thankfully, the switch from HTTP to HTTPS is simple and cheaper.
You can install an SSL certificate on your website by:

  • Get in touch with your hosting provider to know what your SSL options are. They may provide it for free, depending on your website type.
  • You can purchase SSL certificate from a reliable provider.

SSL certificates are data files that create an encrypted connection between a browser and a web server. This secure connection ensures that the data passed between the browser and server is confidential and can be decrypted only by the intended recipient.


secure privacy


If you are looking for a cost-effective SSL certificate, you may consider investing in a premium yet cheap RapidSSL certificate or Comodo SSL certificate that offers unmatched encryption at unbelievably low prices.

For instance, if a website lacks an SSL certificate, a hacker may intercept the website. And as soon as you enter your data, they will capture the information and use it for their foul intentions. But, when you visit an SSL-certified webpage, the browser links with a web server and no one other than you and the website can access anything you type.

This prevents any data from getting into wrong hands. The padlock in the address bar ensures safety of the website to the users. It gives the users peace of mind that their data is secure with the site.

If you address the above-given issues on your website, you will notice a major increment in your website’s performance. It will also boost eCommerce sale and search engine ranking. So, address the challenges that your website is facing and make sure you take every necessary step to rectify it and make things work in your favor.