Top 11 Baby Startups to Watch in 2020

Gemma Bradley

Amongst the Coronavirus chaos, it is important that we try and focus on the good news we can find and the nuggets of happiness everyone needs. Thus, we are likely expecting quite some new life in the form of a ‘corona baby boom,’ who will inevitably become a new generation of ‘Quaranteens’ some years later, according to many experts. For this reason, we have picked our top 11 baby startup companies that you need to read about. From clothes, to weaning products, these companies are definitely worth reading about, and are some of the few companies that have benefited from the pandemic and have grown.


1 – Mamamade

Company Name: Mamamade

Founder: Sophie Baron

Product: Baby meals






In March 2019, Mamamade came to life when Sophie Baron struggled to find healthy and fresh options for her baby. Sophie set out to develop a product that would provide a bit of support for parents. Manmade does all the work for you, they deliver unprocessed, unrefined combinations of real ingredients cut perfectly for little fingers to handle, flash frozen to seal in peak nutrition and flavour, in packaging that fits easily in a freezer. Ready to be made by anyone, in 10 minutes or less.

Mamamade exists to improve the lives of every child by putting parents at the centre, continually developing tools that make raising little ones easier, faster, healthier, more social, more restful and more fulfilling.

Since the current pandemic, Mamamade has reported a massive increase in food orders and is continuing to grow.  The company offers 16 delicious plant-based meals for weaning across three product ranges, all with plant-based recipes. Since reporting a growth in business, the brand has recently started distributing from a larger dedicated facility for large scale growth, employing a team of chefs and nutritionists to deliver restaurant-standard food to the door.

The brand has responded to the increase in demand by developing a breakfast range designed for a parent and child to share, something that is a growing trend in weaning.  NPD includes Sweet Potato and Cinnamon Porridge and a Blueberry and Lemon Breakfast Bowl, with additional porridges and finger foods set to launch in June. The all-natural, allergen free meals are freshly flash frozen (so nutrients don’t escape) are available via a subscription service and can be ordered digitally via the Mamamade website, directly delivered door-to-door.



2 – Mia & Ben

Company Name: Mia & Ben

Founders: Daniel Auner and Karina Gentgen

Product: Baby and toddler food




Daniel Auner and Karina Gentgen Mia & Ben


In June, Mia & Ben was launched by Daniel Auner and Karina Gentgen to shake up and shape up the baby and toddler food scene. By using the latest food tech and the freshest, organic ingredients, Mia & Ben has created a puree with all the taste, texture, flavour and goodness of home cooked food.

The food lovers at Mia & Ben know it’s vital to introduce fresh new tastes and flavours from an early age to help encourage a healthy diet throughout life. But they saw how difficult it was for busy parents to feed babies real home-cooked food, or to find good quality, healthy snacks for toddlers when out and about. Their mission was to change that, and after years of research in the Mia & Ben lab, delicious pureed food, with all the homemade goodness that babies and children need, won’t be so hard to come by.

Mia & Ben want to create a movement that inspires parents to demand that their kids’ food is better. They do this by utilising cutting-edge food science and an in house team of nutritionists to keep all of the ingredients fresh, healthy and most importantly, delicious.





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3 – Omnia

Company Name: Omnia

Founder: Rosie Denardis

Product: Baby products




In June, Rosie Denardis started selling her baby products. Being a lover of modern minimalistic Scandinavian design, loving the clean simplistic styles and neutral and complimentary colour palettes, Rosie wanted to design functional baby’s accessories in simple shapes and neutral colours. Products range from a bowl and spoon set, to sensory teething balls, to silicone bibs and more!

Omnia products have been carefully designed and selected to be the best quality, beautifully simplistic, durable, long lasting and above all else extremely practical! Their products are not just beautiful but have been designed to ensure they help to reduce the ‘mess’ that comes with weaning. Omnia only uses 100% food-safe silicone in their products, without any fillers. Their products are BPA free, Phthalate free, and Lead free. More specifically, Omnia as a brand have created products that are tough enough for daily use and easy to wash and reuse multiple times. The reason for their products being long lasting is because silicone is extremely clean, and is stair and odour resistant. This means their products last, with the colour staying and not fading. Additionally, their appliances are safe to use, whether you want to warn, freeze or bake something. Allow your babies and toddlers to get hands on and messy with Omnia!






4 – Gus and Beau

Company Name: Gus and Beau

Founder: Liz Rawlinson

Product: Playmat




Liz Rawlinson


In March 2019, Gus and Beau was founded by Liz Rawlinson. After seeing a gap in the market when watching her son play safely and struggling to find a playmat that would blend in with her interiors, Liz took the time to design and manufacture her own playmat. She set out to design a premium playmat that was not only functional and safe, but also complemented a home’s style and aesthetic.

Her first two designs, Triangle and Circle, were made to blend in with someone’s living area, nursery, kitchen, or a place in the home that a parent wanted to create a safe space for their little one. After a year and eight months, Gus and Beau creates premium baby playmats in muted tones and modern patterns to fit in to your home. As a result, Gus and Beau has given playtime a grown-up twist and made tummy time fun and trendy.

More specifically, Gus and Beau use EVA foam mats which are BPA-free, phthalate-free, lead-free, and are waterproof meaning the mats are easy to wipe down. The mats are EU and US safety-certified, allowing parents to know their child is safe. All in all, the mats are easy to assemble, with the mat pieces popping together seamlessly in seconds and can be put away quickly whenever you want. Mats can expand or shrink to the size you need, with boxes coming with six mats, however you are able to order more for bigger spaces.


Gus and Beau


5 – Bonded By Babies

Company Name: Bonded By Babies

Founders: Talya Sinclair and Sophie Cobden

Products: Baby and toddler accessories


Instagram: and




Sister in laws, Talya Sinclair and Sophie Cobden, founded Bonded By Babies in November 2019. Both Talya and Sophie were passionate about motherhood, child development and keeping up to date with the market trends. This led them to setting up a Instagram page helping to inform, help and support anyone who is looking to give their little loved ones the most stylish products on the market. As well as this, they share their own product recommendations.

On a separate Instagram page and on their website, they have their Bonded By Babies Collection. This collection consists of a bowl, cutlery, a plate, tray, cup, bib, pacifier clip, teething accessories and hair bows.

Their blogs cover all topics from sleeping, weaning to raising self confidence and worth and more!


Bonded By Babies



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6 – Mama + Max

Company Name: Mama + Max

Founder: Emma Chamberlain

Products: Baby essentials and nursery decor




Emma Chamberlain


Mama + Max was founded in 2018 by Emma Chamberlain. Mama + Max is a contemporary online store for first time mums and growing families.  The idea came from a love of simple, beautiful, modern nursery and home décor, clothing and baby essentials. Being a parent herself, Emma was uninspired by what the high street had to offer and instead went searching on social media for cool, independent brands from across the globe that excited her.

Mama + Max includes everything needed for bedtime, bath time, playtime, feeding, clothing and travel, as well as treats for ‘Mama’. Offering a bespoke gift box service, creating a personalised ‘Mama Box’​ by adding in any item from the site for ‘Baby Showers’, ‘New Arrivals’, ‘Mums to be’, ‘Birthdays’, ‘Celebrations’ as well as ordering any of the pre-made gift boxes if short of time. This carefully curated design-led store, offers a source of inspiration and information.

Mama + Max also offers a space where parents can come and source advice and tips, whilst feeling part of a community when they need it the most, whether it’s in the early hours of the morning during the night feed, when you’re stuck on the sofa during the 4pm-6pm cluster feed or when your toddler is having a meltdown.


Mama + Max


Mama + Max


Mama + Max


7 – Pio Pio London

Company Name: Pio Pio London

Founder: Hollie Straker-Taylor

Products: Luxury gifting for babies




Hollie Straker-Taylor


Pio Pio London was founded by luxury children’s fashion merchandiser Hollie Straker-Taylor in August 2018. Having worked at the iconic British brand Burberry for many years, Hollie aims to deliver beautiful, luxurious gifts, created to bring happiness to the giver as much as those who open it.

Pio Pio London is a luxury baby gifting site. Simple, clean designs crafted from the world’s finest fabrics, a Pio Pio London gift is one any new parent would be thrilled to receive. Hollie aims to deliver exciting and emotional gifts that new parents wouldn’t purchase themselves with Pio Pio London.

Gifts from Pio Pio London are high in quality and are presented in the most luxurious fashion. People can choose from cashmere blankets to organic blankets, for example. Products range from onesies, socks, coats, bibs and much, much more!


Pio Pio London


8 – Little Tummy

Company Name: Little Tummy

Founders: Dr Sophie Niedrrmaier-Patramani and Nadine Hellmann

Products: Fresh organic baby food




Dr Sophie Niedrrmaier-Patramani and Nadine Hellmann


Little Tummy was founded in 2017 by Dr Sophie Niedrrmaier-Patramani and Nadine Hellmann. Little Tummy makes parents’ lives easier and babies’ lives healthier by delivering cold-pressed meals directly to their doorsteps. Their meals are cold-pressed to retain micronutrients and authentic flavour and texture – an important ingredient for a child’s sensory development in the first year of life. All recipes are developed by Dr Sophie Niedrrmaier-Patramani, a paediatrician with more than 10 years’ clinical experience, and are made to meet the nutritional needs of their customers.

With 95% of baby foods (organic or not) highly processed and low in nutritional benefits, Sophie and Nadine felt it was time for change. Working with their in-house paediatrician, they empower parents to introduce their babies to fresh, nutritious foods and support babies to set up healthy habits for a lifetime. By cold-pressing their organic ingredients, Little Tummy locks in the freshness, natural flavour, nutrients and colour. Unlike ‘normal’ baby food, they never use extreme heat as that destroys the goodness.

All their ingredients come from trusted partner farms who are EU certified organic and adhere to the highest food standards. Their pots are made from plastic that’s completely free of BPA and harmful toxins and all our packaging is 100% recyclable!


Little Tummy



9 – Daisies and Dinosaurs

Company Name: Daisies and Dinosaurs

Founder: Gemma Bradley

Products: Lifestyle store




Gemma Bradley


Daisies & Dinosaurs was founded in 2016 by Gemma Bradley, a London mum who was a keen small shop campaigner. Gemma has a passion of working to build an umbrella of beautiful brands, all made with love by fellow mamas – mostly found through the amazing world of Instagram.

Daisies & Dinosaurs aims to build a one stop virtual store so parents are able to buy a variety of products from the comfort of their own home and also fit into their own style. Gemma wanted to build a one-stop virtual store for parents, and has done that successfully. Parents have been able to shop, picking a variety of products to decorating their nursery or playroom, through an easy experience.

This online boutique is a treasure trove of modern nursery and playroom decor with plenty of  toys and accessories, for parents to buy for their own child or as a gift for someone else’s little one, with prices that run from luxe to affordable.


Daisies and Dinosaurs


Daisies and Dinosaurs


10 – Scandiborn

Company Name: Scandiborn

Founder: Grace Tindall

Products: Nursery decor, furniture and baby clothing






Scandibørn was born from a passion of Scandinavian inspired design. In early 2016, the hunt began for Scandinavian nursery decor and other Nordic inspired baby accessories. The company is a family-run company who are always looking to support independent businesses and introduce new designers to the UK.

Scandibørn has a range of luxury furniture made especially for young children. These include highchairs, tables, changing tables, cot beds, book shelves and dressers, which are all made by top manufacturers. As well as this, the company offers so much more, from clothing to meal time accessories and so much more!

All their prices are highly original and reflect their passion for a different style of furniture. From gifts to buying for your own child, you are able to buy from Scandiborn to create a beautiful, playful and stylish space for children that fits with a contemporary home.






11 – MiniMeis

Company Name: MiniMeis

Founders: Julius Winger, Tarjei Espolin Johnson and Marcus

Products: Baby and child shoulder carrier






Set up in 2014, three Norwegian dads (Julius Winger, Tarjei Espolin Johnson and Marcus) decided to make a product that encourages parents to be more active with their kids. With backgrounds in design and product development, they set out to create the world’s best carrier. The result? MiniMeis! The company was founded, developed and tested in Norway, with the invention being the first of its kind.

The MiniMeis is developed together with experienced partners that share the founders values and work ethic, and they pride themselves on the fact that the entire process is based on principles of quality and sustainability.

MiniMeis established a new way of carrying children, globally, giving children a perfect view of the world, from the safety of an adults shoulders. Providing comfort and free hands for both the child and the carrier!

With a goal to make both children and parents happy, MiniMeis has been named Innovation of the year, delivering a Norwegian carrier to more than 130 countries.  The carries gives children from 6 months to 5 years the best view, while they sit in the most natural position, close to their parents – on safe shoulders. FUN, SAFE, EASY.


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