Top 5 Electric Point of Sale (EPOS) Systems

Lightspeed EPOS system

What is an EPOS System?

Electric Point of Sale (EPOS) is a computerised system used by retailers of all sizes to process their customer transactions electronically and track stock, producing detailed reports in response to the input data. An EPOS includes the till used to take payment and any software that runs on it. Businesses use these systems to help run and manage their business more effectively by managing inventory, payments, records and sales, as well as many more reasons. They are fast and save you time and money, from improved customer experience to faster checkout.

Because EPOS Systems help businesses perform many different functions, bringing many benefits to a business, we decided to gather our top 5 EPOS systems.


1) Vend

  • £49+ per month
  • For all businesses
  • Track all cash movements
  • Split payment option
  • First cloud-based ePos 
  • Create individual staff accounts  
  • Add discounts to items at any time

Vend Logo

Vend’s EPOS system is built for retail and is compatible on an iPad, Mac and Widows PC. The system is fast to use and easy to learn, minimising training time, and even has an offline mode if needed. Data can be accessed from anywhere as it is synced to the cloud allowing businesses to manage inventory across multiple outlets, for example editing products in bulk, automatically reorder stock or print labels and barcodes. By using this system, it makes it easy for businesses to add new outlets and registers as your business grows.

On the whole, Vend helps businesses get the job done faster where there is 24/7 support if needed to deal with any issues. The system accepts contactless payment, as well as split method payment through integrated payments including paymentsense, square, iZettle and Klarna. Receipts can be customised with your businesses logo and website making your customers aware of all branding as well as making it easier to become a returning customer by knowing your businesses website. Receipts can be emailed or printed, and returns, refunds and store credit is available. 

Vend EPOS System


2) Square

  • Software is free with no setup fees or monthly fees
  • POS hardware starts at £19+ VAT
  • For all businesses
  • Start selling in minutes: no bank visits or merchant account required 
  • All synched to one account allowing you t0 see what is happening everywhere, from anywhere 
  • Accepts contactless payments 

Square logo

Square is built for businesses in retail, hospitality and professional services. The system is easy to set up and use, allowing for fast checkout and happy customers. The POS system is compatible on iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and smartphones and connects third-party apps your business already use. 

The system has many features needed to run your business. For example, it automatically creates customer profiles, connect with customers online through social or through your POS Dashboard, get paid remotely with invoices or get paid in person or accept cards right from your computer. Additionally, the software allows you to take orders for your store and integrate your business with Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Just Eat and other delivery options within a couple of steps. With no extra fees, (set up, monthly minimum, compliance, hardware rental), the system provides real-time reports to help see what is selling best, what your busiest hours are and which employee is working best, for example. 

Square POS software


3) Lightspeed

  • Offline mode available in restaurants
  • For small-large businesses
  • Manage all transactions from one place and increase security  
  • Accepts contactless payments 

Lightspeed logo

Lightspeed is built for retail, restaurants and businesses in the food and drink industry. The software makes selling easy, giving customers a reason to come back. It is compatible on an iPad, Mac and Windows PC  and has many features of businesses in retail and the restaurant industry. 

The retail plan starts at £69 per month for the basic plan. Features include:

    • Manage your inventory 
    • Keep track of stock levels  
    • Track employee performance 
    • Check on sales 
    • Accept gift cards  
    • Transfer items from one location to another to accommodate customers and optimize your sales 
    • Easy refunds 

The restaurant plan starts at £59 per month which is the most popular plan. Features include:

    • Manage your inventory 
    • Create your menu in minutes and add or remove items at will: add photos and descriptions 
    • Add allergens information 
    • Staff profile: allow them to see what they need  
    • Measure exactly how much you sell 
    • Send orders to the kitchen or bar by iPad, iPhone or iTouch 
    • Process takeout and delivery orders  
    • Bill splitting accepted  
    • Allow staff to clock in and out, see how teams are doing, employee permissions to be able to see more in the system such as sale numbers 
    • Send receipts by email  

Lightspeed EPOS system

4) EPOS Now

  • £25+ per month
  • Offline mode available 
  • For small-medium businesses 
  • High definition touch screen point of sale 
  • Integrated with major payment providers 
  • Secure cash drawer 
  • High speed printer 
  • Take stock in minutes 


EPOS Now is built for the retail and hospitality industry. The software is compatible on iPad, Android tablets, Mac and PC touchscreen and can be accessed from anywhere. It is Wifi and ethernet enabled and is online, delivery, collection and multi-channel ready. 

Restaurant features:

    • Table & kitchen management 
    • Real-time analytics and reports 
    • Online ordering and delivery 
    • Staff management 
    • Stock control  
    • Speed up service with tableside ordering and payment 
    • Manage stock between multiple locations 
    • Track sales, for example best-sellers and non-sellers 

Retail features:

    • Real-time inventory management  
    • Flexible payment options 
    • Multiple store capability 
    • Ecommerce integrations 
    • Train staff in minutes 
    • Track single item performance  
    • Receive stock alerts 
    • Barcode management  

EPOS NOW system

5) TouchBistro

  • £45+ per month + VAT
  • Offline mode available 
  • For small-medium businesses
  • Get training 24/7 
  • Accepts all payment types 
  • Split bill option 
  • Eliminate paper costs with digital receipts 

TouchBistro logo

TouchBistro is built for restaurants and people in the food and drink industry. The software is compatible on iPad’s allowing businesses to increase sales, analyse data, monitor staff performance, and more. More specifically, it allows businesses to turn tables faster with an iPad table side or smart self-ordering Kiosk, design floor plans, move parties around freely and manage multiple sections of the restaurant with ease. Additionally, the software allows businesses to assign waiters to sections and tables, add or remove seats to a table, as well as edit the menu through the menu management software.  

The EPOS system gives restaurants and people in the food and drink industry freedom to choose a payment processor that is right for your business. As well as this, there is the option to adjust taxes and gratuity to automatically apply at checkout and personalize receipts with branding and tip guides. TouchBistro accepts gift cards, major card providers and contactless payment.

Top features:

    • Email daily summary reports to employees 
    • Inventory management
    • Customer relations management (CRM)
    • Staff management
    • Menu management
    • Unlimited users and logins for staff and management

TouchBistro EPOS System


6 Benefits of an EPOS System

  • Take payments: Most systems include a cash till and a card reader. Using EPOS software will help to keep track of all sales as well as different payment methods used.
  • Inventory Management: Keep track of available stock, making it easier to manage stock before it sells out, as well as highlighting what stock is not selling ensuring you are not loosing money.
  • Staff Management: See what staff are bringing in what sales, at what time, ensuring all payments are accounted for.
  • Customer satisfaction: EPOS technology makes checkout fast and simple. Additionally, in the food industry, EPOS systems help to put an order in straight to the kitchen through a handheld device, as well as add or remove ingredients customers do not wish to eat.
  • Sales Analysis Reports: After every transaction, EPOS systems hold transaction details to identify trends helping to tailor your business accordingly, and make predictions for the future. This allows businesses to plan ahead, putting in orders in time and ensuring money is not lost.
  • Accounting integration: EPOS systems are linked to accountancy software which allow businesses to manage invoices, pay bills, payroll, tax, expenses, and more.

The Costs of an EPOS System

It is important to know exactly what you need before buying an EPOS system as buying it is a big investment and will likely last you several years. The right system will therefore depend on the specifics of your business.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Does my business want to rent or buy an EPOS System?
  • What system works best with the technology my business already has?
  • Does my business need a receipt printer?
  • Does my business need a touchscreen system?
  • Which would work best for the size of my business?
  • Does my business require a cash drawer?
  • Does my business require a barcode scanner?