Top 5 Secrets that You Didn’t Know About Online Casino Gaming

Gambling in the UK has changed tremendously over the last couple of decades, with the al-but inevitable trend towards online platforms continuing to this day. However, as the industry has become more online-based, it has evolved alongside the increasing power of the internet, introducing new games, mechanics, and ways to play.

Many of these changes and features aren’t well publicised, so we’ve compiled a handful of the secrets about online casino gaming that you should know.


The real way to strategise for slots




While casino gaming often conjures up images of roulette, poker, blackjack, or craps, the undisputed kings of online casino gaming are the slots. It used to be that people would seek the RTP value on slots to gauge if they’re worth playing, due to it representing total payout over time.

However, as an industry standard has been forged, the importance of RTP has been all-but nullified. Now, gamers who want to know how to win at slots start with the volatility value. Also known as variance, this rating from low to high tells the gamer how much and how often, on average, the game will payout. Knowing this allows you to strategise your payroll to help you win a session of spinning the reels.


Popularity is essential for players

Gambling is a colossal industry in the UK, with the Gambling Commission’s most recent report marking a £14.2 billion gross gambling yield in 2019/20. Of the combined sectors within the industry, though, online is the largest, making up 39.9 per cent of the market, with online casino gaming dominating the sector.

This is very important for the players because popularity results in more competitors. More competitors leads to more appealing practices among platforms. So, with the popularity fuelling the need to compete, online casino platforms continue to strive to be the best to attract more players and get to the top of the game.


With roulette, always head east: never head west



There are three main forms of roulette: American, European, and French. European is the most popular in the UK and is effectively the middle lane option. It offers far better house edge compared to American roulette, but it isn’t quite as player-friendly as French roulette.

American roulette’s double-zero, or even the triple-zero that they introduced in Las Vegas, should be avoided by any roulette player seeking the best odds. For a smaller house edge than even European roulette – which is already low – seek French roulette tables with the La Partage or En Prison rule, which offer ways for you to keep your bet if a zero lands.


Live casino is more like live game shows now

The advent of live casino gaming – playing in real-time alongside human croupiers streamed from a casino table – focussed on the classics. Roulette, baccarat, and blackjack made up most of the offering, along with their variants.

Now, with a few years to perfect their system and identify trends, live casino developers have introduced live game shows to live casino sections. Still a form of betting, these game shows range from Adventures Beyond Wonderland, Live Hi-Lo, and Live Age of the Gods: God of Storms.


Jackpot games are all competitive multiplayer titles

Competitive online gaming is all the rage right now, which is one of the reasons why there’s such an affinity for the progressive jackpot games. These titles see their top prize continually tick upwards, which is the result of each spin on the game having a small percentage put towards the pot. All jackpot drops are completely random, so everyone playing is competing against the others to be the one that triggers the big win.

There you have it: you now know five of the secrets of the online casino sector to help you navigate the increasingly popular space of entertainment.