Top 5 Technology Research Services

What are Technology Research Services?

Technology Research Services provide information and data for those looking to to purchase software and hardware. These services may obtain data from analysts who collaborate with technology vendors in order to understand more about tools. Alternatively, data can be crowdsourced based on actual user feedback. In order to obtain more knowledge of the software and hardware, technology research firms can converse directly with customers alongside running surveys.

These services also create recommendations and reports surrounding the details presented to potential customers, offering detailed information surrounding upcoming spaces, comparison of products and recommendations for technology solutions.


Who uses Technology Research Services?

Technology Research Services are targeted at those researching software. In order to ensure they are making the right decision, users may decide to utilise multiple research services at any time.


Who qualifies for the Technology Research Services category?

In order to qualify for this category, services providers must:

  • Use market research reports to offer detailed information surrounding features of technology solutions
  • Provide comparisons of products, alongside rankings and recommendations
  • Provide information to help users make informed choices surrounding the purchase of software and hardware


Top 5 Technology Research Services

The experts at TechRound share their top Technology Research Services.

1. IDC




International Data Corporation is a long-established company specialising in market research. IDC helps clients to transform organisations into those which are ‘Digital Native’. IDC also runs 350,000 international user-end surveys per annum, optimising data-driven research. This enables organisations to optimise their decisions in IT and business, therefore helping them to achieve business outcomes. IDC is also a subsidiary of International Data Group, well-known for events and production of internationally recognised brands such as CIO and ComputerWorld.


2. Experts Exchange


Experts Exchange


Experts Exchange helps technology professionals all over the world to grow their organisations. With a database of over 4 million technology solutions, Experts Exchange offers informative articles and videos through an international network.


3. Peer Insights


Peer Insights


Peer Insights allows more than 23,000 similar enterprises to share their experiences and useful insights. All reviews have been overseen by Gartner and all reviews have come from genuine enterprise users. Users can read others’ reviews and ratings from each stage of the buying process alongside exploring alternative options.


4. SoftwarePundit




SoftwarePundit enables small businesses to locate the correct software. This organisation boasts a team of analysts working full-time to research software and share insights, alongside having a live-chat feature.


5. Nucleus Research


Nucleus Research


Nucleus Research provides technology research which is entirely case-based. Analysts at Nucleus Research provide advice and suggestions based on real outcomes, enabling clients to make informed choices surrounding technology.


Do I need Technology Research Services?

Technology research services are useful for anyone looking to buy software or hardware, from large corporations or small independent businesses. Technology research services can provide potential customers with all the necessary details to make an informed decision when purchasing new technology.


Are there free trials available?

The option to trial various services free of charge differs from platform to platform. Experts Exchange offer a free 7 day trial, allowing users to utilise the site before their subscription is auto-renewed.

It is important to check which features your company intends to use in order to avoid paying unnecessary charges.


How much does it cost?

Pricing of technology research services depends on the software and features involved.

Whilst none of the companies mentioned above offer free trials of their software, some are more expensive than others dependent on their specific features.