Top Bedding Companies in the UK

Your bedding might be more important than you realise for both your physical and mental health. If you are looking to buy new bedding then you might be looking for which company sells the best and most affordable bedding around.

Having comfortable and bedding that suits your style of sleep can help you get the sleep you need which will allow you to become more productive throughout the day and feel well rested when you wake up.

Whether you are a fan of more luxurious bedding such as goose down bedding or are looking for traditional feather bedding, there are options for everyone in the companies listed below.

The importance of your bedding and sleep cannot be understated and that is why TechRound has come up with this list of the top 6 bedding companies in the UK right now. These are a mixture of online stores and real life stores and can provide you with all the bedding you might need.

Discover the company that does the bedding most suited to you today, here are the top bedding companies in the UK:





Cuddledown continues to be the best bedding company out there right now. With Cuddledown’s online store you can afford some of the best and most luxurious bedding for the most affordable of prices.

They stock the best bedding around such as Goose Down and Silk Duvets and Hungarian Goose Down Pillows.

These products from Cuddledown are guaranteed to help you sleep better at night and allow you to wake up in the morning feeling fully refreshed.

Cuddledown is the place to buy sleep products – duvets, pillows, bedding, and more – for a perfect nights sleep.

They pride themselves in the knowledge they have gained over the decades, and use this to craft some of the finest bed and bath products, all at remarkably fair prices.

The White Company




The White Company’s range is mostly white, as you would expect, at various levels of luxury but all of excellent quality.

There’s a reason The White Company has been an affordable favourite for a long time. Subtle patterns and detailing add variety to the collection of plain cottons.

The White Company has got something for everyone (and every budget). They have worked with the world’s most skilled craftspeople in Portugal, Italy and Vietnam to create the very best bedding.

The White Company are renowned for producing the softest-feeling sheets in the finest fabrics, and pride ourselves on our attention to detail in crafting beautiful, unique designs that are made to last for years to come.

The Duvet Store



With thousands of product options, the Duvet Store is a great choice if you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy online retailer for your bedding.

The Duvet Store only sources directly from manufacturers, unlike many online retailers, Duvet Store products are not supplied via third party importers.

Uniquely, every product you buy from The Duvet Store is manufactured in Europe with a high percentage made in Scotland.

Product lifetime, comfort and precise specification are at the heart of the selection process, translating into genuine value for money in every aspect. For example, many Duvet Store pillows and mattress toppers contain 30% more filling than would be considered standard.




Exclusively online, Dusk does not have expensive stores so they can supply luxury high quality bedding at low prices. With a stylish selection of designs and affordable prices that belie the great quality of the linen, Dusk is a great destination for simple white bedding.
Dusk is another great example of a bedding company that you can buy online for affordable prices what you would find for a lot more if you want into the shops on the high-street.
Whether you are looking for toppers, protectors, duvets or pillows, Dusk can provide you with the bedding that you need to get a good night’s sleep.


John Lewis




John Lewis is a go-to for house essentials and their plain bedding sets are reliably good value and they also offer bedding like weighted blankets and much more.

Handily, their sheets come in an enormous range of sizes, from single to king size to super king, so if you fall for a style or pattern you’ll undoubtedly find it in the right size.

John Lewis is where many people in the UK have been buying their bedding for a number of years and there is a reason for that!

Always good quality and the ability to try and feel in store means that John Lewis remains one of the top bedding companies in the UK even if the prices are not always as cheap as some of the other companies listed on here.

Soak and Sleep




Lastly, Soak and Sleep is another great option if you are looking for a top quality bedding company in the UK for your new bedding collection.

With a wide range of options at good and affordable prices, Soak and Sleep will deliver to your door and help you make your bed a paradise.

Soak and Sleep’s website plays host to a huge range of bedding, from pure mulberry silk, French linen, chalk pure hemp, Egyptian cotton and more.

As a result, you could kit out your entire household’s bedrooms in one fell swoop, whilst catering for everyone’s different wishes and needs.

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