Top Coworking Spaces In Nottingham

Nottingham, a vibrant city known for its rich history and thriving modern culture, attracts professionals from diverse industries who call it their base. With its convenient location and dynamic atmosphere, many seek coworking spaces to collaborate and work efficiently.

Fortunately, Nottingham offers a range of coworking facilities catering to varied budgets and preferences. Whether looking for a cost-effective option or a high-end workspace, individuals can find a suitable space aligning with their needs and desired ambiance.

This variety ensures professionals have the flexibility to choose an environment that aligns with their productivity and networking goals.


Coworking Spaces Vs. Home Office: Which Is Best?


Choosing between a coworking space and a home office can significantly impact your productivity and work-life balance. Here, we look at the benefits and challenges of each option to help you make an informed decision that suits your professional needs and personal lifestyle.


Understanding Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces have revolutionised traditional office setups, providing flexible and collaborative environments. These spaces cater to freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers by offering amenities like hot desks, private meeting rooms, and high-speed internet.

The collaborative atmosphere encourages networking and community building, which can be beneficial for professional growth and innovation.

However, coworking spaces come with costs, and choosing the right one requires evaluating how well it aligns with your work style and professional needs. They can invigorate your workday with social interactions and structured routines, but they also demand a financial investment and might require commuting.


Benefits and Challenges of Home Offices

A home office offers the convenience of eliminating daily commutes, saving both time and money. The comfort of working in a familiar environment and the flexibility to dress casually and set your own work hours can enhance your work-life balance. For those who thrive in solitude, a home office can provide the ideal setting for focused and uninterrupted work.

Nevertheless, home offices come with their own set of challenges. Distractions from household chores and the lack of a clear boundary between work and personal life can affect productivity. Feelings of isolation might arise, impacting mental wellness.

Additionally, not all homes are equipped with adequate office setups, potentially leading to makeshift arrangements that are not conducive to long-term productivity.


Deciding Factors

When deciding between a coworking space and a home office, it’s important to consider your work environment needs. Reflect on questions such as whether you need the energy and interaction of others to stay motivated, if you can maintain a healthy work-life balance at home, and what professional amenities you require daily.

Additionally, consider how important it is to have a workspace separate from your home life, if networking opportunities are crucial for your professional growth, if you feel isolated working from home, and how commuting affects your productivity and well-being.

Your answers to these questions will help guide you in choosing the best work environment for your needs. If social connections and a structured environment enhance your productivity, a coworking space might be the better option.

On the other hand, if avoiding a commute and staying close to family are priorities, a home office might be more suitable for you.


Practical Considerations

Financial aspects are critical when choosing between a coworking space and a home office. Compare the costs of renting a coworking space with setting up and maintaining a home office. Factor in commuting costs and the potential need for childcare or pet care.

Examine your work routine—whether it has fixed hours or is flexible. Coworking spaces often offer 24/7 access, which may suit unconventional work schedules. A home office provides convenience but may blur the lines between work and personal time.

Consider the resources you need for work. While a home office requires an investment in equipment, coworking spaces typically provide essential amenities. Also, think about your personal preferences and how a change of scenery might affect your creativity and productivity.



Top Coworking Spaces In Nottingham






MinorOak is a coworking space located in Nottingham, offering a dynamic community and flexible workspace solutions. They provide both collaborative and quiet work areas, along with amenities like private phone rooms, a meeting room, and essential office tools.

MinorOak caters to professionals from various industries, allowing them to work productively in an environment tailored to their needs. With month-to-month memberships and daily pass options, they offer coworking spaces accessible for every budget and preference.


Works Social


Works Social is a coworking and event space located in the heart of Nottingham, offering flexible solutions for independent professionals, micro-businesses, and small teams.

They provide contemporary workspaces tailored to diverse needs, from virtual office addresses to dedicated desks and team memberships. Additionally, Works Social has event facilities available for hire, including a meeting room, a studio space for workshops, and an informal area for social gatherings or business events.

With a focus on community, they aim to create connections and collaboration within an inspiring environment.


Cobden Place




Cobden Place is an independent creative hub situated within the urban courtyard of Cobden Chambers in Nottingham city centre. Housed in a sympathetically restored historic lace factory building spread across four floors, it offers coworking studios, independent shops, and a café.

The coworking spaces provide vibrant and creative shared environments with flexible, all-inclusive memberships catered to different working styles, fostering a sense of community among creative individuals.

Additionally, Cobden Place’s sister site, Hopkinson’s, is a renowned vintage, antique, and art haven, offering a unique shopping experience along with a delightful café called Station Street Kitchen serving homemade treats and locally-sourced food.






Antenna is a creative co-working space located in Nottingham’s Creative Quarter. They offer a range of flexible workspace solutions, including various membership options for individuals, such as day passes, monthly/annual memberships, virtual tenancy, and special alumni rates for recent graduates.

In addition to the coworking facilities, Antenna has meeting rooms and event spaces available for hire, supported by in-house hospitality and technical teams.

Antenna aims to foster a creative community by bringing together professionals from diverse fields like design, animation, film, and esports under one collaborative environment.


The Carousel




The Carousel is a community-focused organisation based in Nottingham that provides coworking spaces, event venues, and public art projects. Their co-working memberships offer a city centre location with amenities like lockers, Wi-Fi, printing facilities, and bookable spaces for creative professionals.

The Carousel also hosts its own art workshops, live performances, exhibitions, and private events within their licensed venue space. Additionally, they produce public art initiatives such as murals and creative workshops, aiming to bring the community together through collaborative artistic expressions.

The Carousel strives to build a supportive and inspiring environment for creativity and community engagement.


The Dryden Enterprise Centre




The Dryden Enterprise Centre is a vibrant co-working hub in Nottingham City Centre, part of Nottingham Trent University’s innovation initiatives. It offers flexible workspace solutions ranging from hot desks to private serviced offices, catering to entrepreneurs, SMEs, and startups.

DEC provides an environment that fosters collaboration, networking, and business growth through its community of professionals and access to university resources like research opportunities and training.

With high-speed internet, dedicated business support services, and a range of membership options, DEC aims to empower enterprises by providing the ideal workspace paired with valuable expertise and connections.


Arc Space




Arc Space is a creative co-working community and design studio located in Nottingham’s Hockley area. They offer a collaborative workspace tailored for small creative businesses, freelancers, designers, and professionals.

Arc Space offers various membership options, including virtual memberships, day passes for guests, open studio residencies with dedicated workspaces, private lockable studios, and an all-access co-working membership.

Arc Space aims to foster a friendly and social environment through networking events, socials, and games nights. Their facilities span two floors, providing flexible coworking areas, dedicated desks, private studios, and ample storage space.