Top Craft Businesses Which Began as Side Hustles

It’s the month of the side hustle here at TechRound, and we have been offering expert advice on how to set up your own if you’re considering it, alongside featuring some individuals who have been successful in running their own whilst still working alternative jobs. Here, TechRound has featured some startups and businesses which began as side hustles and specialise in crafts, from handmade soaps to jewellery shaped like Colin the Caterpillar!


Companies featured include:

    • Mojo and Muse
    • QueerFindingsArt
    • And Hope Designs
    • Le Weekend
    • Kleensoaps
    • Fat Stitch Embroidery
    • Fairy Crafty Creations
    • Nonbeenary Designs
    • Wicked Finch Farm


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Mojo and Muse

mojo and muse


Founder(s): Manoela Grigorova


Manoela Grigorova is the founder of Mojo and Muse. Her small artist side hustle started two years ago at the start of the pandemic, whilst on furlough. She would call herself a mixed media artist because it encompasses everything that she does and the mediums used. Mostly working on canvas, Manoela can paint, collage and embroider fantastically colourful and bold pieces full of delicious and contradicting textures. She loves to tell stories through the layering of the various textures, mediums and materials. But mostly, she likes to create pieces that bring joy and a sense of escapism to the viewer.


mojo and muse


Originally from Bulgaria, her family emigrated in 1991, after the fall of Communism. As a child, she was always creating, drawing, painting and making. She later went on to study Fashion Design, at college and university but became disillusioned with the industry. She is now happily working for an animal welfare organisation. Her side hustle has been a sanctuary, escape and she has found it’s given her a great sense of balance in a double life. It helped her survive very difficult times in 2020, when both her parents became very ill with Covid. It still helps her to this day, to deal with anxiety in our ever-changing world.

Finding a creative output has been important for Manoela and she can see that it has helped many others. For example, one of her Instagram followers recently reached out for advice. A Ukrainian, she had escaped a horrific warzone, with her two children and was now looking for a mental escape, a sanctuary. She was given an embroidery hoop, some threads and basic needles and wanted advice on how to get started. Art, craft, embroidery, whatever it is, get your creative juices flowing, your mind will thank you later!





Founder(s): Quinn Lee Phillips


Quinn Lee Phillips is the founder of craft business QueerFindingsArt. The small business/side-hustle was established during lockdown in 2020. Before setting up Queer Findings, Quinn was making special earrings due to only having one ear pierced and couldn’t find any single earrings that they liked, before an online friend asked for a pair and they thought it’d be a good idea to set up a small shop to sell them.

Quinn first started making basic dangle earrings in various small shapes and a few different stud pairs too. These earrings were mostly made from polymer clay, which was baked in the oven and glazed to give them a glossy look. At first the earrings Quinn made were pretty basic and so there was not many sales but then Quinn started a Tiktok account and posted packing videos and videos of my work processes on there.




Quinn also started to take up embroidery and got good pretty fast, so could start offering embroidery pieces and patches through the shop, which got a bit of attention. Packing videos on Tiktok started getting more views, which ultimately meant more sales.

Ever since then Quinn has grown a lot, and gained over 10k followers on Tiktok and 19.2k followers on Instagram. The business has also grown to sell other items like keyrings, stickers, 3D printed toys and clay cutters. Quinn is also getting more into miniatures, to eventually make more of and offer through the shop. Quinn hopes to grow more in the future and possibly take it full time, but for now is pretty happy with it being a side-hustle.


And Hope Designs

anna hamill


Founder(s): Anna Hamill


If you’re looking to start a small business including craft or something creative, you need to consider three things. What are you good at? What do you enjoy? What do people want or need?

Starting with low ticket items is a good idea, as people will want more social proof or need a bigger name to trust before they put more money into something. Think about it – if you see an Etsy shop with 0 sales and 0 reviews, you’re not likely to trust them to send you a gorgeous quality knitted cardigan just as much as the shop with 3,000 sales and countless 5-star reviews.




Build up to that. When you’re starting out, make sure you have a lot of low-cost items for people to choose from, get high quality photos of your high-quality items and soon you will receive sales and reviews building trust.

Anna started with birthday cards as they aren’t difficult to make, she had a few good ideas I hadn’t seen others make before, and they don’t require a lot of social proof and trust for someone to give you a chance, as they cost £3-4. She began selling on Etsy and as she gained more sales, she began to also sell larger items and products that people will require more trust and proof to buy like journals, letterbox gifts and candles.


Le Weekend

le weekend


Founder(s): Nicolette Lafonseca


Already the host of a podcast that discusses slow intentional living and explores alternative paths to achieving a happy home and sustainable lifestyle, Nicolette Lafonseca is passionate about two things: intentional living and creativity. A Channel 4 TV crafter and chef, and beloved blogger on Archie And The Rug, Lafonseca shares her recipes, thoughts and tips to millions, combining her love of crafts and cookery with another of her passions, writing. Opening a store was the natural next step for Lafonseca, who always wanted to bring a smile to a person’s face when they find the one thing that sparks true joy – the treat they are giving themselves, or the perfect gift they have found for someone.


le weekend


Le Weekend was inspired by Lafonseca’s time living in Paris, France, where she discovered the French approach to life, and the preciousness of those 48 hours as a time that is supposed to be a reset, a time where you get to nurture yourself and your mind. Le Weekend is therefore an online space that will grow organically, as Lafonseca finds or develops new beautiful sustainable and ethical products that invite the customer to reclaim their free time and enrich their weekend. The store also operates on a strong brand ethos, inspired by Lafonseca’s values as a queer, mixed race Indian woman, mother and activist – such as Waste Reduction, People Before Profits, Environmentally Aware, and Inclusivity. Le Weekend also endeavours to be accountable for all of the elements of being a retail brand.

Le Weekend offers a collection of books, gifts, greeting cards & stationery, vintage finds, prints, craft kits, and more original artwork by Nicolette Lafonseca. The line includes Giclée prints, handmade wall hangings, eco knitting kits and original paintings all printed on recycled cards – true to the founder’s ethos to create and source heirloom products, reduce waste, encourage others to reuse and repurpose, and combat cultural appropriation.


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jutta klee


Founder(s): Jutta Klee


After working as a Beauty and Portrait Photographer since arriving in London 30 years ago, Jutta came across a business opportunity when she could not find a natural vegan Soap on the Rope.

Jutta had been shooting a series on female entrepreneurs for WRAPLONDON and was just so impressed with the motivated young women she met.




The experience made her realise that it’s all about actually doing it. Most people have an idea of a business they would like to start but just never give it a go. Jutta decided to give it a go, and booked onto a soap-making course and was instantly hooked. Kleensoaps was born.

Soap making is a great side hustle as you can start out just experimenting in your kitchen with very little equipment. Even though Jutta completed a course, most of the learning happened on youtube. There is so much useful information out there. Once you have created your recipes, you do have to get them profesionally assessed before you can sell. It is not an easy journey but Kleensoaps is 3 years old now and Jutta still loves making soap.


Fat Stitch Embroidery

Kate Bernyk


Founder(s): Kate Bernyk


As someone who suffers from pretty severe anxiety-induced insomnia, Kate struggled in 2020 to find a way to keep the brain occupied that didn’t include a glowing screen in the face. Kate discovered hand embroidery was something she could do from the couch or in bed, instead of doomscrolling. You’d be surprised how much you can get done between the hours of 12-3am.

It turned out needlework and sewing, while a relatively new hobby for her having started. in the last year or so, isn’t entirely new to her life. My late grandmother, Lillian, was a factory seamstress in NJ before she retired sometime in the 1980s. Kate lost her over a decade ago, but embroidering, in its own small way, helps her feel close to her.


fat stitch


Now, Kate uses her practice (and etsy shop Fat Stitch Embroidery) as a small attempt to use the art of embroidery to reject deep-seated fatphobia in our culture and encourage as many people as possible to join her in accepting fat bodies as worthy and wonderful. Kate also does custom work and recently wrapped a Kickstarter project where folks backed for bespoke embroidered pieces based only on a few words they would send over to her.


Fairy Crafty Creations


Instagram: @fairycraftycreations

Founder(s): Becky Farris


Becky Farris started crafting as a hobby. Now, her crafting room is filled not only with specialty papers, fabrics, and bits and bobs, but also the tools of her trade: her 15-needle embroidery machine, a sublimation set-up, and her Cricket workhorse. Through her California-based company, Fairy Crafty Creations, she creates hundreds of custom t-shirts, hats, and custom apparel every year, party decorations, and even gifts such as custom coffee tumblers and home décor.

Her popularity within her community led her to teach classes for children and adults—often donating both time and materials. “It’s just so much fun to share how to create and craft. I love watching parents get involved with their kids’ creations, and seeing adults get that ‘a-ha!’ moment and have fun with creativity.”

What started as a fun hobby has evolved into a true side hustle. While she still works full-time as a project manager, Becky aspires to grow Fairy Crafty Creations into her full-time business. She launches her first Shopify site in April 2022 and is excited to be able to take online custom orders and offer class sign-ups.


Nonbeenary Designs

sam davis


Founder(s): Sam Davis


Nonbeenary Designs brings the joys of progressive, queer, and trash-related art to your life in sticker form! They don’t take themselves too seriously (though some might wish they did). They want this world to be a little less serious and a lot more trashy.

A relentless creative, founder Sam pursues projects at the intersection between technology, environment, and art in fun and exciting ways. Sam’s skills are focused in environmental science, content development and marketing, design, and search engine optimisation. Sam enjoys writing, drawing, and cycling; and manages a household with many rescue cats and dogs.




A Rochester, NY, native, Sam earned a B.S. in Biology as a first generation college student at Daemen College in Buffalo, NY. Sam continued on to earn a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences from Wright State University in Dayton, OH in 2015. After a brief postdoctoral scholar posting in Merced, CA, Sam has been working as a Conservation Scientist at Dogwood Alliance since 2016. Sam focuses on primary and secondary research, content development, and content optimisation in their current role.


Wicked Finch Farm

mariana leung


Founder(s): Mariana Leung

Mariana Leung is the founder of side hustle Wicked Finch Farm which sells products through Etsy. Mariana makes boozy jam, tipsy marshmallows, greeting cards, art merchandise and more.

Mariana also works in corporate fashion as a day job. Having a side hustle allows Mariana to work with their hands and get instant gratification for all creative urges.

Mariana also sells products in person at craft and farmers markets. Etsy has been Mariana’s go-to for having an e-commerce presence online as their APIs made it easy for them to integrate it into the site. They also market your work via paid SEO which has made a noticeable difference in sales.


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