Top Gifts For Secret Santa This Christmas

Deciding what to get your co-worker, friend or family member for a secret Santa present is a conundrum every year! You want to buy them something that they will actually use, not the gift that you see still on the packet on their windowsill when you go round the next year. Or maybe just like every other year you get the one person in the office you do not like or do not know. Or yet again you have to buy for your cousin who is so hard to buy for because he already has everything.

Of course, budgets vary but there options for £5 budgets and also £50 budgets. From the bedroom the kitchen, there are so many different options that you could choose from this year.

That is why TechRound has made this handy guide to show you some of the best options for secret Santa gifts all around the house.

For The Bedroom

As the winter months threaten to loom large, buying a gift for the bedroom to allow your secret Santa recipient to feel warm and cosy could be exactly what they always wanted. There are many options that could be perfect for the bedroom, whether this is new bedding like goose down duvets and bedding which can help keep them warm and comfortable during the coldest nights of the year.

Or maybe a weighted blanket, to help them sleep better after a stressful winter day where they have not seen the sun once! New pillows, duvets or bedroom accessories such as duvet storage bags or a new lamp are great ways to gift your secret Santa something useful this year.

For The Bathroom

The bathroom is another area where secret Santa presents will actually be used. Instead of a gimmick toy, buy your secret Santa a new toothbrush holder, a new toothbrush or an electric razor.

Another great idea is for books to read whilst on the toilet or artwork for the bathroom itself. Very popular but great secret Santa presents are bath bombs, shampoos and shower gel sets that smell nice. Although we joke about the wash sets that we receive every single year, they are always used and are a great option for a cheaper secret Santa present for the bathroom.

For The Kitchen

There are so many kitchen gadgets that people do not realise exist or did not realise they needed. That makes these gadgets the perfect secret Santa gifts for the kitchen. A doughnut maker, an avocado peeler or an egg poacher are just 3 kitchen gadgets that can truly save people time and are fun to use! If you are looking for something more upmarket, coffee machines or hot chocolate velvetisers are great ideas for more expensive gifts.

Other House Accessories

There are many other house accessories that could be great secret Santa gifts this year. You can provide your secret Santa with nice smelling candles or some new plants for the house. Another useful gadget that could be used as a secret Santa present is smart gadgets. Whether that be a new smart speaker, lightbulb or even kettle, smart gadgets are becoming the future and providing your secret Santa with one this year is a top gift.

Personalised Gifts

Although a more common secret Santa gift, personalised items are always nice to receive. When something you use all the time has your name on it, it feels more personal and more exciting. Great ideas of things to personalise include makeup bags, cooking utensils, aprons, socks, mugs and much much more. The range of personalised gifts is bigger than ever and you can even put your secret Santa’s face on a pillow so that they can rest their head at night on themselves!