Top 15 Office Removal Companies in London

Are you considering relocating your company but feeling uncertain about which removal service to trust? Moving can indeed be a source of stress, making it essential to select the right company to guarantee a seamless transition.

London stands out as an ideal destination for any business seeking to establish itself. Its leading economy, diverse talent pool, and strategic location make it a prime choice for companies looking to thrive.

Whether you’re considering relocating your business to this vibrant city or simply contemplating moving to a different district, let’s delve into essential qualities to seek in a reputable removal company and showcase some of the best options available on the London market right now.

How Do I Choose A Removal Company?

As London is such a popular place to move to and relocate within, there is now a huge number of removal companies. So, how do you know which removal company is best for your company relocation?

In this regard, there are a few factors to think about:

  • Consistently high reviews: Previous customers will be able to give in-depth details about their experience with the company, helping you to come to an informed decision.
  • Insurance and licensing: It will provide peace of mind knowing that your office assets are protected against any potential damage or loss during the moving process.
  • Additional services: Some removal companies will offer additional services. For example, they may provide packing and unpacking services or furniture disassembly and reassembly.
  • Cost: Of course, cost will be a big factor. Consider your company budget and obtain quotes from multiple removal companies to compare their pricing.
  • Customer service: Moving can be a stressful process, making effective communication is essential. Choose a removal company that responds promptly to your inquiries and provides clear instructions.
  • Contracts and terms: Double-check the terms and conditions outlined in the contract so you can get a clear understanding of cancellation policies, liability clauses, and any additional charges that may apply.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Removal Company UK?

Putting an exact number of a UK removal company is difficult. After all, this figure hinges on various factors including the size of the office, the number of employees, and the volume of items that need to be moved.

Unlike residential moves, commercial office relocations are a little different. They often involve specialised equipment, technology, and substantial furniture like storage cupboards and desks. Moreover, this all needs to be done quickly and efficiently to minimise the disruption to business operations.

According to Getamover, services for relocating an office spanning 3,000 square feet or more can range between £3,500 and £7,000. For offices exceeding 10,000 square feet, costs may escalate significantly, ranging from £6,100 to £23,000.

Furthermore, additional costs may arise, such as fit-out costs, property surveys, office alterations, and service charges.

All-in-all, office relocation is a complex and costly endeavour. Thus, it’s imperative to select a removal company that offers support, efficiency, and value for money. Let’s explore some of the top options available in the London market.


Top 15 Office Removal Companies in London


1. Moving Home Company


Moving Home Company


Don’t be fooled by the name of this one; Moving Home Company isn’t limited to residential moves; it also offers comprehensive office relocation services. With a four-decade-long tenure, Moving Home Company boasts a strong reputation in the removal industry.

This established company offers a range of commercial relocation packages that can be customised to suit your business needs, whether it’s internal office transitions or large-scale corporate moves, including global relocations.


2. Blue Sky Removals


Blue Sky Removals


Blue Sky Removals recognises the unique demands of commercial removals, particularly the need for efficient office relocations that minimise disruptions to company operations.

To accommodate these requirements, Blue Sky Removals deploys large, highly skilled teams capable of working discreetly and quietly. Moreover, understanding the urgency often associated with office moves, Blue Sky Removals offers flexibility by conducting removals outside of business hours, including weekends.


3. Apex Removals


Apex Removals


Apex Removals offers comprehensive office removals, storage, and packing services in London and beyond. Whether you need to transport a single item or the contents of a six-story office block, Apex is equipped to handle it all. With the ability to deploy a single van or a fleet of lorries, Apex prides itself on its flexibility to accommodate removals of any size.

Additionally, Apex Removals provides all the necessary packing equipment to streamline the relocation process. From decluttering to storage and even property sale assistance, Apex offers support throughout the entire relocation journey, seven days a week.

4. JP Removal Services Lt


JP Removal Services Lt


JP Removal Services takes pride in providing a seamless and hassle-free removal service, ideal for office relocations seeking minimal disruption. With a focus on offering a supportive and streamlined experience, JP Removal Services supplies all the necessary packing materials and storage facilities required for a smooth transition. Simply call for a quote or fill out the online form to get started.


5. The London Moving Company



The London Moving Company distinguishes itself by handling all the heavy lifting involved in the commercial moving process, literally. Just provide the company with all the necessary details, and it will devise a customised moving plan tailored to your needs. Throughout the process, the company maintains constant communication, ensuring you stay informed every step of the way.

In addition to its core services, The London Moving Company offers a comprehensive range of extras. This includes supplying storage materials, handling office packing, arranging parking permits, providing staff trained in health and safety to ensure a secure move, and sorting insurance coverage for delicate items.


6. Nifty Business Movers


Office Removals in London - Nifty Business Movers


Nifty Business Movers specialises in office relocations within London, making them the ideal choice for companies seeking professional commercial movers. With expertise in facilitating relocations across the city, Nifty Business Movers prioritises swift and efficient service to help offices save both time and money.

Offering a cost-effective solution, Nifty Business Movers provides complimentary perks such as free crate hire and free insurance coverage. Moreover, the company offers valuable advice on cost-saving strategies, including logistics optimisation, parking arrangements, and navigating access restrictions, all while maintaining the highest quality of service.

Nifty Business Movers also offers a free, no-obligation office removal survey with the possibility of a same-day quote.


7. Giant Removals


Giant Removals 


Giant Removals upholds a top-rated commercial removal service, adept at customising its offerings to fit your company’s budget. With rates starting at just £195 for a hire van, Giant Removals efficiently and cost-effectively relocates your office. It’s worth noting that relocations must be within a 20km radius, rendering this service ideal for offices planning short-distance moves.



8. Best London Removals

Best London Removals 

Best London Removals distinguishes itself with its personalised approach that leaves no detail overlooked. Offering a stress-free service capable of handling relocations of any distance, it’s well-suited for office moves of any size.

From packing to storage to relocation, Best London Removals assists throughout the entire process, providing some of the most competitive rates in the London removal market, making it ideal for companies operating on a budget.

Clients can benefit from flexible moving rates, comprehensive insurance coverage, supplied packing materials, and the option for an in-home or video survey, ensuring peace of mind throughout the relocation journey.


9. FA Removals


FA Removals


Operating nationwide in the UK, FA Removals provides a cost-effective solution for commercial relocations. Whether it’s a single office move or a large-scale multi-site relocation, FA Removals manages everything from initial planning to internal communications and staff relocation. This allows businesses to focus on their core activities while FA Removals operates outside of office hours to minimise disruptions and adhere to strict timelines.

With a strong reputation and positive reviews, 80% of FA Removals’ business comes from referrals, underscoring its exceptional customer service rating.


10. NRD Removals & Deliveries


NRD Removals & Deliveries


NRD Movers is a well-established commercial relocation and clearance company offering exceptional service across the UK. From meticulous relocation planning to comprehensive packing services and the provision of materials to handling store pickups and even dismantling and reassembling furniture, NRD Movers takes care of the entire relocation process.

Recognising the importance of minimising disruption, NRD Movers is flexible and willing to work outside of office hours. They are committed to accommodating business moves within specified timeframes, all at affordable rates.


11. Superb Moves


Superb Moves


Superb Moves delivers a premium five-star service, ensuring that all domestic and international drivers are highly qualified to facilitate commercial relocations, whether internal or international.

From furniture dismantling to meticulous packing, seamless moving, secure storage, and custom solutions tailored to your business’s unique requirements, Superb Moves handles every aspect of the relocation process.

This service is particularly well-suited for offices with specialised equipment or furniture featuring unusual shapes, as well as for transporting large-size items. Superb Moves boasts vehicles equipped with self-loading elevators and specialised transport equipment to meet diverse needs effectively.


12. One Removal


One Removal


No matter the size of your office, One Removal is dedicated to offering meticulous care and expert handling to assist with packing. Its bespoke commercial removal service ensures that your move is meticulously planned and swiftly executed. Its dedicated team goes the extra mile to meticulously pack every item, saving you valuable time and minimising any potential risk of damage.


13. Quick Trip Removals


Quick Trip Removals


Quick Trip Removals understands that every office has unique requirements, which is why they tailor their removal services to meet the specific needs of your business. With experienced and highly-trained staff, it offers removals that range from internal moves within London to international relocations.

The services prioritise quality and safety, ensuring a smooth and secure transition for your belongings. Plus, for added peace of mind, it guarantees 100% client satisfaction.


14. VP Smart Removals


VP Smart Removals


VP Smart Removals provides convenient removal and storage services tailored to meet all commercial moving needs. As a fully insured and licensed moving business with years of experience, it deploys a fleet of quality transport vans fully equipped to handle your moving requirements, all at affordable rates.

With their commitment to great customer service and clear communication, VP Smart Removals offers a simple solution to your moving needs. Simply book a time that works for you, provide VP Smart with all the necessary details, and it’ll create a removal process tailored to your specific requirements, allowing you to focus on your business with confidence.

15. The Move Team


The Move Team


The Move Team is adept at adapting to your commercial removal requirements. Offering a highly personalised and supportive service, we allocate a dedicated project manager to oversee your move. This manager collaborates with your management staff to develop a detailed relocation plan, which is executed as scheduled under the supervision of our project manager or foreman on the day.

Furthermore, The Move Team provides all the specialised moving equipment your office may require for relocation, including crates, trolleys, and lifting equipment, offering flexible scheduling, including weekend and overnight availability, to ensure minimal disruption to your business operations.