Top Platforms To Sell A Website

There are various reasons why an individual may want to sell their website – whether pursuing a new opportunity, changing direction as a strategic move or simply wanting to cash in on their digital assets.

There are also quite a few factors to consider and preparations one must make to ensure a fair and simplified transaction.

Thankfully, there are platforms that can help sellers get the best out of your digital asset in terms of getting the right buyer to the sale.


Understanding Your Audience


It’s crucial to know who might be interested in buying your website. Potential buyers, such as entrepreneurs, bloggers, or investors, have diverse motivations and needs.

By identifying your target audience through market research, you can customise your website to meet their interests. This may include refining design layouts, optimising content distribution channels, and ensuring functionality aligns with buyer expectations.

Active participation in forums and social media can also provide insights into what buyers are looking for, helping you make necessary adjustments to attract a wider audience.


Determining Your Website’s Value


Accurately pricing your website is essential to avoid undervaluing it. Typically, a website can sell for 20-30 times its monthly profit.

To determine its worth, compare it with similar sites, consider variables like daily visitors and SEO standings, and use pricing calculators.

Additionally, understanding applicable taxes is important to ensure you don’t face unexpected costs. Consulting a tax professional can provide clarity on the financial aspects of your sale.


Minimising Your Involvement


A website that operates with minimal input from the owner is more attractive to buyers. To achieve this, automate routine tasks and delegate responsibilities to virtual assistants or third-party services.

Automating updates, backups, and performance reports, and outsourcing content creation and SEO tasks can streamline operations. Ensure all credentials are safely handed over to the buyer to facilitate a smooth transition.

Websites that require less hands-on management are particularly appealing to investors who look for passive income streams.


Choosing The Right Marketplace


Selecting the appropriate platform to list your website can significantly impact your sale. Various marketplaces cater to different types of websites and offer varying commission rates and services.

Understanding each platform’s strengths and fee structures is crucial to make an informed choice. Additionally, leveraging word-of-mouth, social media, and networking within industry-specific groups can also help find potential buyers.

Each marketplace has its perks, so researching and selecting the one that best fits your website’s profile is essential for a successful sale.


Top Platforms To Sell Your Website On


There are many platforms that serve as marketplaces for websites and other digital assets. These platforms are valuable resources as they help sellers list their websites and simplify the transaction process with the help of dedicated systems and brokers.

Here are some of the best platforms to sell your website on.






Flippa is one of the most popular online platforms that is aimed at the sale of websites and internet businesses. It also targets different business sizes that range from start-up companies to large scale companies.

Established in 2009, Flippa is a platform that includes various listings, including content websites, online stores, SaaS businesses, and apps. The platform has an auction style sale section for businesses and therefore is ideal for those who want to venture into the online business industry or those willing to exit the industry.


Empire Flippers




Empire Flippers is a platform that is trusted for buying and selling already profitable online businesses. They ensure quality buyers and sellers are on the platform through strict conditions that only allows businesses with a monthly net profit of £800-£1200.

Empire Flippers provide extensive research on each of the listings and provide sellers with a very hands-on experience throughout the process of valuation, marketing, and selling. They also connect the sellers with the buyers most appropriate for this type of business.


FE International


FE International targets mid-market digital businesses that operate in high growth industries. They specialise in mid-market M&A for software as a service (SaaS), e-commerce, and content companies.

FE International offers personal service, with the consultants who work for the firm offering sellers direct support in terms of valuation, marketing, and negotiation. They many pre-qualified international investors that ensure that the business is sold at the highest possible price and to the right buyer.


Shopify Exchange


Shopify Exchange


Shopify Exchange is a platform for buying and selling stores based on the Shopify platform. It interfaces directly with Shopify where it draws data such as revenues and traffic to generate clear and concise listings.

It targets buyers with knowledge about Shopify and is, therefore, likely to attract relevant traffic. Shopify Exchange provides accurate information and safe payment methods in the form of an escrow service for stores that have been operating for only a few weeks and for large companies.






BizBuySell is a large platform for buying and selling websites and other businesses. It has a wide classification of listings that include websites, physical stores and other franchises.

BizBuySell has various listing plans to fit the needs of every seller and budget; the site has many potential buyers with its large database.




WebsiteBroker is a company that deals with the sale of websites and online businesses and offers individual services to the sellers.

Sellers are paired with a dedicated broker who is responsible for managing the sales process and often has significant knowledge of the valuation, marketing, and negotiation process.

WebsiteBroker is dedicated to finding the interested party with sellers who have pre-qualified buyers and has confidentiality features. This makes the task easier for the seller and the sale price may be higher for professional advice.