Top Tips For Website Branding

Improving your website branding is vital for business development. Why? Because the effect of having a fully-established brand can have a dramatic impact on sales as well as repeat business for your company. But how can you improve digital branding for your company? We spoke to Nineteen5, a branding agency in South West London to get some top tips.

Limit your files

If feasible, you should endeavour to keep all branding elements to a limited number of files and reuse them wherever possible on your website. But why is this important for website branding? One of the reasons is that when you rebrand, changing things will be far more straightforward and the second main reason, is that the site will take a shorter amount of time to load for visitors, which increases the likelihood of repeat business.

Think carefully about cross-branding

If your site happens to contain logos of other firms you are partners with, you should try to make their logos less prominent on your website, as you want to make sure your firm is attracting the most attention.

Remain consistent

Not only should you make sure that you use the same logo on every page of your site and products you sell, but you should also use a colour scheme throughout, and keep to an overall theme.

Think about visual scanning

It is important when thinking about branding for your website the way in which the average users reads a website. For example, a person’s eyes starts viewing the site from the top-left, then moves right and then down. This is why you should try to put the logo at the top-left, and thinking about the kind of things which you want to attract your visitors’ attention the most.

Think about potential social media restrictions

These days, most companies will feature their brands on social media channels, but whilst recommended you should keep in mind potential limitations regarding graphics, and take them into consideration. For example, it may be worth investing your time on using logos that are specific to social media.

Choose PNG for logos

Using PNG for company logos is beneficial for your firm. This is because this format supports transparency and it can be placed over backgrounds far more easily,  unlike the generally preferred file format for websites, JPG.