Top 10 UK Residential Solar Companies

The landscape of sustainable energy in the UK is undergoing a transformative shift, powered by innovative companies committed to making solar power accessible and affordable to all. Keep reading as we take a look at TechRound’s top 10 residential solar companies in the UK right now.


1. HomeSun


Founded in 2010, HomeSun is dedicated to making sustainable energy accessible to all households in the UK. With a mission to illuminate rooftops with solar power, HomeSun simplifies the process of solar ownership, making it affordable and hassle-free for homeowners. Their SolarService solution streamlines the transition to solar, offering clean energy and financial savings while reducing reliance on polluting energy sources.

HomeSun collaborates with leading property companies to develop sustainable solar solutions, demonstrating a commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability. With a focus on excellence and a team of top talent, HomeSun is driving towards a more sustainable future for everyone.


2. Project Solar UK


Project Solar UK, established in 2011, stands as a seasoned player in the UK’s solar industry, boasting an impressive track record of over 45,000 successful installations. With offices in the Northwest and Midlands regions, the company offers a variety of purchasing options including cash purchases and finance plans.

Their repertoire includes renowned solar panel brands like SunPower Maxeon and Evolution Super Max Series, each accompanied by substantial warranties ranging from 40 years to a lifetime. In addition to solar panels, Project Solar UK provides a suite of complementary products and services such as energy storage systems, smart home solutions, and EV charging stations.


3. Diamond Green Energy


Diamond Green Energy, established in 2011, originated as a family-run business focusing on gas installations before expanding into solar panels and other renewable energy solutions.

Operating primarily in Fareham and surrounding areas, Diamond Green Energy installs LONGi solar panels and SolaX Power inverters, backed by competitive financing options and warranties. Despite its humble beginnings, the company has grown to serve multiple regions and diversify its product offerings.

4. Effective Home


Effective Home, founded in 2008, distinguishes itself by providing comprehensive home energy solutions, including solar panels, energy storage systems, and heating equipment. With headquarters in Doncaster and branches in Hampshire and Leicester, Effective Home offers extensive financing options and emphasises energy efficiency alongside solar panel installations. The company’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in its numerous accreditations and substantial energy savings achieved for customers.


5. A Shade Greener


A Shade Greener, established in 2010, operates primarily in Tankersley and offers solar panel systems and biomass heaters. While lacking specifics on panel and battery brands, the company boasts a strong track record of installations and positive customer reviews. Accredited by MCS, A Shade Greener enables customers to participate in the Smart Export Guarantee program, further incentivising renewable energy adoption.


6. Greener Energy Group


Greener Energy Group, founded in 2014 and headquartered in Paisley, specialises in solar panel installations and other energy-efficient solutions across Scotland and northern England. With offerings including solar panels and Puredrive batteries, the company focuses on maximising energy savings and offers incentives for customer referrals. Accredited by industry bodies, Greener Energy Group ensures quality installations and customer satisfaction.


7. Efficient Home Energy Ltd


Efficient Home Energy Ltd, established in 2015 and based in Bromley, offers a wide array of energy products and services, including solar panels and electrical and plumbing solutions. With installations featuring Sharp and AEG solar panels, the company prioritises energy performance and customer convenience, evidenced by its numerous accreditations and service offerings.


8. HomeSmart Installations Ltd


HomeSmart Installations Ltd, founded in 2018 and operating out of Southampton, specialises in home improvements including solar panel installations. While specific panel brands remain undisclosed, HomeSmart emphasises quality and reliability, supported by a range of industry accreditations and internal certifications for installers. With a focus on customer satisfaction, the company offers financing options and substantial warranties on installations.


9. Solar Fast


Solar Fast, established in 2001, boasts a considerable presence across the UK with offices in multiple cities. With a customer base exceeding 15,000, Solar Fast installs high-quality monocrystalline panels and Hanchu ESS and LuxPower batteries, ensuring long-term reliability and energy savings. Accredited by industry bodies, Solar Fast offers competitive financing options and guarantees customer satisfaction through efficient installations and comprehensive warranties.


10. Infinity Renewables


Infinity Renewables, founded in 2018 and based in Crawley, has completed over 3,000 solar installations nationwide. Partnering with reputable brands like Suntech and LG NeON, the company offers diverse solar solutions backed by extensive warranties.

Infinity Renewables prioritises customer transparency and satisfaction, offering free consultations and performance guarantees to ensure optimal system performance and energy savings. Accredited by industry bodies, the company participates in initiatives like Solar Together to make solar installations more accessible to domestic consumers.